Monday, October 3, 2016

Guest Store Photos: New Prints, Conduit Singlet, Conduit Crops, Military Green Align Crops

Thanks so much to Ms. M for sharing her store finds today!! This is from a US store. She looks fantastic in everything!

Conduit Crops

I'm really liking the look of the Conduit Crops. It doesn't seem to have mesh inserts and I really like the subtle striped pattern. 

Ms. M loved the feel of the Like Nothing 7/8 Tights!


  1. Ms. M, thanks for sharing! Your body is goals!

  2. I really like that camouflage green but those crops look more like the pants on her, on me they're practically up to my knees. Those prints are pretty awful except the print on the upper left. I bought two pairs of the like nothings and they're amazing. My only gripe is that they are extremely high.

  3. It all looks awesome on her!! I am crossing my fingers we get the Chilled Grape Aligns here this week too. UK and Aus both have them and I'm drooling... All the black and white stuff is getting to be too much. I do love B/W, but when there's more white in the print I get concerned for them getting dirty in crossfit and so no thanks.

  4. Oh gee.. I thought the print on upper left was the carpet pants were on....yikes....Looks like hotel carpet. I have a bit of b/w prints so this wil help save money.....gawd they must be so overstocked...must be?!

    1. omg I thought it was the carpet too! I only saw 3 prints until you guys mentioned the upper left one and I was like, what upper left? it's the carpet. or is it not? hahaha

  5. What is the price point on the new conduit crops/tights? They are the first new tights to look promising!

  6. I don't like the Conduit bottoms. At first I thought it was because of mesh inserts and seaming, or colour blocking and seaming, but whatever it is it just isn't my thing. Eww. The rest of the prints here are all just as bad, do not like anything here at all. Pass.

  7. Ms. M! How tall are you? I am wondering because the align crops look great on you but almost like 7/8 pants I am wondering if they might look the same on me. I am 5'3