Monday, May 30, 2016

Australia Upload!!!

City Sky Run By 17" Crop

Pace Rival Crop

Heathered Desert Olive Swiftly Racerback

Pink Shell Cool Racerback

All Sport Bra III

Tight Stuff Tight

Heathered Hero Blue Swiftly Short Sleeve

Inspire Tight II

Speed Tight IV


  1. I don't like pink very much but I like the pink shell color. I always get intrigued by new pinks but don't end up purchasing any.
    I like the shirring on the back waistband of the city sky run drops.

  2. So wish it was vintage pink!!! LLM, do you know if the shell pink is close to vintage pink? Thanks!

    1. I'm pretty sure I have Shell Pink and a Studio Racerback in Vintage. Those are my favourite tones of pink. Vintage is much cooler toned pale pink while shell is much warmer.

  3. Be present jacket coming back!!!

  4. Shell pink is my favorite colors. Hope it come in a swiftly!!