Monday, November 16, 2015

Sneak Peek: Australia Upload

Vent It Tank

Vent It Bra

Water Racer Tankini

Heathered Jungle Swiftly Tech SL

Just Chillin' Dress

Water Strappy Back One Piece

Just Chillin' Short

Dragonfly CRB


  1. I'm going to need something in jungle green and kayak blue along with those dresses. Too bad we're heading into Winter in Chicago!

  2. Jungle green is so cute...and the Vent it out tank looks interesting. Is that a running top Lulumum?

  3. What are those pants in the Vent it Tank pics????

  4. Love the jungle green and looking forward to that cool racerback top too.

  5. Same as Alyssa, would take the Dragonfly CRB and the jungle green swiftly except in a ls or ss. Preferably ls.

    The one piece swimsuit and the water bra are nice.

    Just chillin shorts are just unattractive.

  6. Oops meant the vent it bra is nice, don't care for the water tankini in that pattern anyway