Monday, November 30, 2015

Lululemon Warehouse Sale 2015 - Seattle

News on another Lululemon Warehouse Sale! According to Lulu Addict, she's heard that Vancouver will be getting one too. I hope to learn soon if that is true because otherwise I need to plan a day trip to Seattle for this one. 
Lululemon Warehouse Sale


  1. Do you think the items will be worth the 30% currency disparity? I absolutely love Seattle and would love a reason to go, but this darn CAD makes it impossible :(

    1. Honestly no. I'd have a hard time justifying it unless the prices are lower than 30% off which is unlikely. We have the Burlington outlet which is pretty close (an hour and a half or so?) and the items are never super enticing to me.

  2. Yes, an Ed at my store said Seattle and Vancouver were getting warehouse sales

  3. They should do one in Oregon!!! Close enough and no sales tax.

  4. Edmonton is a confirmed warehouse sale in January

  5. Edmonton & Seattle are the only two