Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sneak Peek: UK Upload

Alarming Swiftly SS

Tranquil Blue Swiftly SS

Roll Out Tank

Pleat To Street Skirt

Narrow Stripe Wunder Under Crops


  1. Love the Alarming and White Tie Die Swiftly Short Sleeve Scoop! Hope we get this one in Canada!

  2. http://www.lululemon.co.uk/products/clothes-accessories/women-crops/Wunder-Under-Crop-II-Roll-Down-Full-On-Luon?cc=18822&skuId=uk_3617366&catId=women-crops

    you missed the new printed roll down WUC

  3. Oop! We had to rush out of he hotel for breakfast so I was getting hurried along. Thanks for posting the link.

  4. Pleat to street in alarming...love this combo, tho not sure i could work out in that skirt without feeling like I should be on the tennis court instead. Thanks for the update LLM

    1. You are welcome!

      Yes the alarming pleat to street skirt is beautiful.

  5. omg need those striped WUC! already have my bali Breeze CRB, and gingham/tranquil blue straps energy bra on hold at my store (ontario) - and alarming red WUC - forgot to ask if they got picnic dress in - they said they got "cotton" line - not sure what they meant by that.

  6. Has anyone spotted the striped WUC in any of the Canadian Stores? :)

  7. I'm def getting the striped WUCs and the Bali Breeze CRB if it uploads tonight. The pleat to streets are so cute, but I can't picture myself running or working out in them. LOL.

  8. can anyone compare alarming and juicy boom ?

  9. alarming is orangey red and boom juice is pinky red --- i don't like the orange tones in alarming but I do l love boom juice - its a dark coral/fushia/red colour - hard to describe, but no orange tones in it!