by lulumum

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

UK Upload Sneak Peek

Wow! This is a huge upload for UK and many of these items should be uploaded to North America tonight as they've already been spotted in stores. 

My store had these yesterday but I didn't get a chance to try them on. 

Love these! I picked these up yesterday. 

Oh!! So pretty!!!

I really hope both Canada and the US gets this one. 

More Stuff Your Bras!!

I love the OM Pant but have never gotten a pair. I think I'd like the Cadet Blue ones.


  1. lulumum, I love the look of the OM pant as well! Are they luxtreme or if not, do you know what material they are and what price they will be going for? I am looking for more street to studio colours but these might be a nice change too! Did you see them in Canadian stores already? Thanks!

    1. They are swift, so sort of similar to the material in the Miss Misty Jacket but thinner and lighter. They are really nice on and very lightweight. I missed out on them twice and then realized how amazing they were when friends of mine where hunting for them all over ebay.
      I haven't seen this round in Canadian stores yet, probably Thursday.

  2. OMG.. I love the OM pant..I have 2 pairs..a black and a grey geometric print from 2 years ago? I think..Have been waiting for there return!! Love them and they are super comfy plus flattering!!!

  3. Square one mississauga said they had the OM pant - new today.


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