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Monday, May 11, 2015

Product Drop Monday: Store Photo Survey

Thanks so much to Ms. R for sharing her store finds today in Vancouver!

This jacket is gorgeous in person in this color. I'd not been interested in the Flux Jacket until I saw it in this color. Now I must try it. 

I might be very interested in these. They are funky but they'd look cute with a black tank and dressy sandals.



  1. Hi there what is your opinion on the Om pant for sizing? Would I take my true to size in these? They look comfy!

    1. Hi, I take TTS and I think most people do as well although some people like to size up for a looser fit with more of a genie style pant.

  2. Normally, I only wear black because I am boring. However, I do like the new print on the Om pants - which I have and love in black. I hope the print comes out in a loose tank.

  3. I love the in flux jacket!! Thinking of exchanging the jewelled magenta define for it. Not really a fan of the heathered look anyway


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