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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dancing Warrior Tank, Jewelled Magenta Define Jacket, Black Define Jacket

One of you had mentioned in my last Dancing Warrior Tank post that last years tank straps twisted on you while working out and you wondered if they'd corrected that issue in this years version by securing the straps. I think this picture shows what you were talking about and that it has not been updated. Boo to that.


  1. I need that swiftly. Need.

  2. Yup thx for confirming. Straps on warrior tank have not been fixed. And beware of rugby stripe swiftlys as they snag super easy. I wore my boom juice rugby or Tonka stripe yesterday with the runaway jacket over top and it got all snagged where the venting zippers are and at hips where pockets are and down back where seams run down back of jacket. This was first time wearing the swiftly. So so sad. The runaway jacket is not lined so that probably contributed. I do have other non rugby stripe swiftlys that I have not had a problem with

  3. Both the pink and black jackets are way too small on the women wearing them. One deep breath and those seams are gonna blow. Go up a size, ladies.

  4. I could never get the straps on the warrior tank to work on me. I don't think it's made for shoulder muscle :(. It is a shame since it's such a pretty tank.


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