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Monday, May 4, 2015

Australia Sneak Peek Upload

Tons of new sneak peeks in this upload. This is Australia winter wear so we will probably see some of the more wintery items show up in our fall which starts in August. I think some of these pieces we may see this month though such as the What The Sport Singlet and hopefully the CRB. I'm super excited about the new gold treatment on the What The Sport Singlet, and I'm definitely going to need the Heathered Blue Poseidon Cool Racerback. Gator Green is really nice too but I need to see it in different items. 



  1. I am not liking much of this - other than LS Swiftly in jewelled magenta - which is a fall/winter colour but given lack of colour in Canada, that is probably as good as it gets for now. I think I will be keeping my Heat Wave WUC and Pigment Multi High Times (I really like them) and the regal plum Crop (with the mesh, forget the name). The heathered posedion colour does nothing for me and the shiny Sport Singlet is not really what I want to be wearing to gym, maybe to a night out! Well here's hoping we get summer colours in CRB or SRB!

    1. Good point on the sport singlet. Although I really like it, the sport singlet doesn't lend itself well to casual wear or gym wear. I'll have to see it in person I guess.

  2. Heathered Posidon CRB looks good to me, I don't like shiny singlets , looks cheap IMO. I'm glad there's not much exciting in their upload, hopefully ours will be blah too!! I just got Inspures in pigment wave, WUC in Heatwave, Butter pink CRB, Magenta Define All sports singlet , Light Speed crops and a pair of Speed tights thst were on sale. Seriously need a week or two break or I'll be in a poor house!!

  3. I actually really like a lot of the pieces in their upload. I love the vest colors. And I too will be getting that heathered poseidon crb--especially if it's silky soft.

  4. Meh to the shiny singlets but yay to the vests! Love those colors and the shine on the puffers seem to work fine.


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