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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Scoop Back Tank, Brushed Animal Inspire Crops, Run For Days Tank, Run For Days Shorts, Run For Days Crops, Var-City Track Pants

Do any of you remember if the Tracker III's in Pigment Multi that uploaded (and quickly sold out) on Tuesday came in size 12? I hadn't seen any 12's in any of the stores I frequent for the past several weeks since they first started appearing in stores, but then when I was at Oakridge on Friday I found a lone pair. I assumed it only ran sizes 2-10. I like sizing up in shorts for a relaxed fit so I definitely snatched those puppies up but I wonder if they did upload and I just didn't notice it. Perhaps these where an online return.

Var-City Track Pants, In The Flow Tank



  1. I tried on the animal inspire crops a couple days ago, and thought they were super tight compared to my other inspires. And the print is backed in white, making it worse when they are so tight. I like the print a lot, but these were an easy pass. Ended up getting the run times shorts in this print, and I love those!

  2. They do come in a 12! That's what I ordered :)

    They're supposed to be here tomorrow and I am very excited!!!


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