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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Run For Days Crops, Tank and Long Sleeve, Pigment Multi Sculpt Tank, Electric Coral Speed Shorts and More

Really loving the look of the Deep Camo Crops. Hope they are as nice in person.

Deep Camo Long Sleeve is sold out already on the Canada side. I went to my store to see if I could try one on today but they aren't in yet.

Apparently Richmond (the new store) in BC is the only Canadian store that got this Pigment Multi Sculpt Tank so far, and it's almost sold out. They also got Pigment Multi High Times Crops.

Scoop Back Tank and Var-City Track Pants



  1. I debated the Run for days LS in Camo, but ended up getting the crops instead. I didn't want 2 items in the same color nor did I feel like dropping 2 x $98. I still think the LS is overpriced.

  2. Looks like it's sold out in Camo on US side as well


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