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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lots Of The Latest: Pigment Multi Sculpt Tank, High Times, Inspire Crops, Lots Of Jet Crop Pictures and More

 Run All Day Crops

More Jet Crop  with cute outfit ideas




  1. Sea spray CRB looks refreshing with that print.

  2. I got my high times multi and the sculpt multi - I couldn't decide which to keep. I did size down on sculpt and it was still a bit loose on tummy but I like how it looked on you so I sized down. The chest was still OK, fabric has stretch so I have no concerns. It is really cute, just not sure I want both items in same print. I love the high times...I thought they would look really busy but its in a good way - some of the panels have solid magenta or black so it is neat looking. Of course they were all sold out so I could not compare others to see if the pattern placement was better. The butt has the big blothches of the blackish greenish colour so no issue with see-thru white butt.

    1. Honestly, if you like both, keep both. You can pair the sculpt tank with every solid bottom you have and do the opposite with the high times (pair it with virtually every solid top you have).


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