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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Heathered Regal Plum Wunder Under Crops

Looks like Canada got a new item added to the website this morning. I'm pretty sure these Heathered Regal Plum Wunder Under Crops *Cotton Roll Downs where not uploaded on Tuesday but are a new add which sometimes happens on Thursdays. Thanks to a reader for pointing them out to me. Now I'm digging around to see what else was added.



  1. I only have luon and luxtreme crops. Do the cotton ones show sweat marks and do they have compression? I ask because an ed described them to me as for lounging and not a work out pant. Any feedback is appreciated.

    1. They are a really nice thick and compressive cotton but I wouldn't wear them to an extremely sweaty workout. I would definitely wear them for weight lifting or light workouts, and casually.

  2. I believe they also added the On the daily Jacket in heathered speckled medium gray/black/heathered speckled black (gray with black sleeves)

  3. These were uploaded as regular luon they must have rectified the mistake. I have a tattoo on my bum and can't wear cotton wuc they are too sheer on me so it shows through. I have so many issues with even luon because of this though .


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