by lulumum

Friday, April 10, 2015

Heat Wave White Black Hot To Street Tank, Regal Plum Hot To Street Crops, Ghost Weave White Black Hot To Street Jacket

I didn't do my What We Love post yesterday because we were travelling home from a mini vacation to Las Vegas. If I've been unresponsive to comments over the past week, that is why. We were actually an hour outside of Las Vegas with minimal WIFI coverage so I did my best to keep up with the blogging but I know I missed a few things this past week - sorry 'bout that! Here are a few of the new items featured on yesterday's What We Love.;whats-new



  1. That Ghost Weave Jacket reminds me of my Noir jackets (black and inkwell) from last year. I love those jackets for every day use.

  2. Thanks for all the hard work you do with your blog! I hope you guys had a great vacation :)


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