by lulumum

Monday, April 20, 2015

Australia Upload Sneak Peek

I'm off to the store shortly to do some returns so hopefully I'll see some of these awesome Pigment Wave items. I definitely love the Inspire Crops and the Stuff Your Bra, but what I'd really love in this print is a Cool Racerback or Miss Misty Jacket. I've decided I'm returning the Iridescent Multi Miss Misty - I liked it a lot but I think it wasn't as flattering on my skin and hair color as I've seen it on others so I'm good with just a Studio Racerback in it.  Since there are so many goodies out that I'm liking I thought I'd get something in Pigment Wave to replace the jacket. I'm also really liking the Deep Camo Run For Days Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve. 



  1. I just bought the Run for Days Tank in the above color with the camo embossed print..I scored the very last one my store got over the week-end..I also got the Var-City Crop..My store finally got them in and they too flew off the shelves!

  2. I am curious about the Run for Days tank and l/s top. I can't wait to try on!

  3. White speed shorts!! Yay!!!!

  4. I really wish we'd start getting these Run Stuff Your Bras that keep showing up internationally in the US!


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