by lulumum

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Away Dress



  1. I love your blog but I'm finding it increasingly annoying when you click on a picture of a product which hasn't been released yet and it still takes me to the website. How is it helpful to open another browser window to tell me it's not available:( I understand for already released products but for upcoming stuff I would find it more helpful to be able to enlarge the image rather than go to the website. Thanks lulumum you truly are great! Love your blog!

  2. Love love love this dress, and it would be perfect for my summer trip to Italy (pack small, not too wrinkly) however I can not justify the nearly $200 price... I know lulu is a high quality brand and most of their clothing is worth the pricing, but nearly $200 is absolutely ridiculous, hopefully it somehow goes to WMTM and I can purchase it for less...or else I fall into a pile of money which would be even better :) I think it's time for a little bit of restructuring to realize their customer can not afford those types of prices.

  3. I agree. I am actually wearing one of Lulu's dresses (at work) as I am writing this. I love their dresses even though they use this scuba type's very very comfortable. The look of this dress is cute with the mesh-type back and opening. Although, if you have some extra "skin" in the back, I am afraid it will bulge out of the opening. :-D

    1. Sorry...I meant to say that I agreed with the price. I wish they went only UP to $150ish.

  4. Saw the dress in the store. The fabric is nice and light. It looked very pretty on the hanger. I was tempted to try it on but wouldn't pay $200 for it. I think the bottom of the dress is just cut and not hemmed. For that price, the hem should be finished.

  5. The dress should be more at a $128 price point. It is NOT nearly worth $198 for a CASUAL dress, though I see the die-hard brand fans shelling out for it regardless. This is certainly a pay for the LLL label dress, not for the design nor high quality. finish.

  6. On markdown for $139 now... at that price, it shall come live in my closet :)


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