Thursday, February 12, 2015

Refine Crops, Rise & Shine Jacket, Heathered Black Define Jacket


  1. Hi LLA - do you know if that's an older LS Swiftly in the 3rd photo and/or what colour?

    Thanks so much for all your work - love this blog!

    1. Hey, thanks for reading! :)
      I think it's an old one. It looks Tonka striped to me and possibly Rust Berry

    2. Thanks so much - I sort of thought so too - was hoping for maybe a black cherry or something! And sorry I wrote LLA, I meant LLM - LLL messing with my brain ;))))

  2. I tried the Rise and Shine in my TTS 10 and fell in love with the new Camo print and had to take it home...I often size up in jackets to a 12 due to the shoulder issue but that was not the case with this jacket :)