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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sneak Peek From Australia: Special Edition Cool Racerback and Run: Pace Tanks

A new picture from an Australian store showing three new color blocked Special Edition Cool Racerbacks (Frond/Mint/Moment/Black, Dune/Bleached Coral, and Black/Pop Orange/Bleached Coral). I might be interested in the Frond Green one but I don't think I can handle such contrasty color blocking. You can also see the Run: Pace Tanks in the picture as well. 


Review: Gingham Frond Cool Racerback Tank and Deep Coal Ebb and Flow II Crops

First things first, I've been tipped off that we will be seeing 5 new Energy Bras in the coming couple of weeks. 5 new colors!!! I really hope we see a grey, and Frond. 

All this week I've been writing about how disappointed I am in the texture of this Gingham Frond Green Cool Racerback. I still am as it's so warm that I'll probably only wear it casually and not to Crossfit. I will try it out though and report back how wearable it is for sweaty workouts but I'm pretty sure I will suffer with heat exhaustion over wearing this one. Anything for my lovely readers though :) I also agree that the close up of the gingham print looks sort of like a dish towel...but, when I opened my package up I realized how pretty the color is. Some prints depending on the scale end up reading as a different color rather than a print, and this is one of those. To me I see a light version of frond and not so much a gingham print. Its a pretty green apple green! The sizing is definitely weird on this one. I ordered a 10 and it is SNUG! Not just snug but  the material is much more compressive than my 8's. I'm not going to size up in this one but I think a lot of you will decide to do that when you try this one on. After 2 months and 19lbs down on the Whole30 diet, I'm on the cusp of a size 8, but my 10's still look like my appropriate size. I was really surprised how snug this size 10 was. You can see in the picture I've added below how much smaller and shorter it is compared to my other size 10 Cool Racerback. It's not just the size difference though, it's the fabric and compression that makes it feel smaller. Maybe it has less lycra and more mechanical stretch. I dunno. 

Now, on to the Ebb and Flow II's. There has been a LOT of chatter about sheerness on these and I agree that certain ones do tend to be quite sheer, Flare especially.  I think the nature of this material just lends itself to really inconsistent batches and that is just the nature of these awesome pants. They require trying on several pairs, and sizing them correctly. Sizing down in them really degrades the lycra (faster than other pants) and you can end up with sagging pants despite an initially firm fit. I first purchased these in black, size 8 and they were sheer only when I went into a deep squat. Since these will be primarily used for Crossfit where I will do about 10 000 squats in front of an audience...a little bit sheer is not going to be acceptable to me. If they were for casual wear I would have been satisfied with the Black/Size 8. I then ordered the Deep Coal in size 8 and when they arrived I was pretty surprised at how opaque they are compared to the black. There is a slight color difference but only visible if you are really looking and you have both up close right next to each other. I think there was a really tiny batch of the greys made but if you see them in store I'd try them on as well as the black for a good comparison on opacity.  I'm socking these ones away for when my current Ebb and Flow I's wear down and I'm more solidly into size 8's. 


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Run: Pace Tank and Crop (Australia) Pictures


Frond Green Free To Be Tank, Dune Still Pants and Bleached Coral Studio Crops

OMG this Free To Be Tank in Frond Green will be all mine. I love it paired with Dune. 

Pretty outfit featuring the Bleached Coral Studio Craops, Vino and Vinyasa Bag and White Swiftly SL


New! Run: Pace Tank (From Australia), Run: Pace Bra and Run: Pace Crops

Cute new Run: Pace Tank out in Australia right now. I really like the back on this one and the stripes. It's Bleached Coral and Pop Orange. 

Run: Pace Crops
the contrast details remind me of a retro lulu crop out in 2010. The tracker crops? they were out at the same time as the Mynah Jacket. 


More Of The Latest: Bleached Coral Studio Crops, Mellow Yellow Power Y, Still Pants, Forme Jackets and More

I stopped in store today in hopes of seeing a Frond Green Free To Be Tank, but no such luck. I did see the Gingham Frond Cool Racerback and I'm 50/50 on wether I'm keeping it. I wasn't crazy about it mainly due to the knit texture. I saw this Mellow Yellow power Y in today and it looked very similar to Chirp. Quite soft and muted. 

Bleached Coral Studio Crops. I love how saturated the solid Frond Matt looks. I wish there were more solid Frond items out. 

I LOVE these pictures of the Pop Orange Forme Jacket set in overcast Vanouver. Such a pop of color in front of that grey sky. 

The Frond Cool Racerback. Its really cute, I just don't love the knit material. And I'm unsure about the pattern actually. We'll see. I'm in the habit of collecting CRB's since I wear them so often. 

Bleached Coral Cool Racerback with Dune Still Pants. I like Dune with just about every color. 

 Bleached Coral looks great with Inkwell too.

The Forme Jackets. Too bad these colors didn't come out in the Define Jacket. 

 Inkwell Gingham CRB


The Latest! Frond CRB, Bleach Coral Studio Crops, Dune Stills and More

I was considering returning the Frond CRB based on the texture, but this picture makes me want to keep it and wear it exactly like this ambassador is wearing it. I love it paired with Raspberry Glow. 

 The Inkwell Studio Crops and Bleached Coral. Kinda loving both but if I were to get them they'd hide out in my closet till summer since they are not something I work out in. 

Dune Still Pants. They look so great on curvy figures!

This is a nice outfit. I've always really loved Dune as a neutral. Pairs beautifully with so many colors. 

Pop Orange paired with Inkwell looks really nice!

Inkwell Gingham CRB

 Pop Orange and Mint Moment look great together as well. I had no idea!

 I didn't realize that Gros Gingham Print had so much reflectivity built into it. As soon as I'm done my Whole 30 journey (2-3 more rounds?), my goal is to get a cute pair of Groovy Run Shorts. 

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