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Monday, December 31, 2012

More Of The Latest: Pump It Up Jacket, Spring Has Sprung

I tried this jacket on today in the Mint Moment and it really did have potential. I love the funnel neckline on it which is similar to my Ambition Pullover. There is a cinch at the back of the neck that you can tighten the funnel, but that makes it look funny. I wish this didn't have such wide fit in the chest with the bat wings. If it was more fitted in the chest, or simply longer and looser fitting throughout I would have loved it.  It's brushed luxtreme so it has a really nice look to it, feels cozy and is much more durable than luon. Something like this is perfect for Crossfit but because of the fit it wont work for me. sizing down would make it too tight at the hips and shorter, but perfect in the chest. The bottom hem is a tulip hem just like the cotton french terry Rest Day Pullover from earlier this year.  In fact, this seems like the exact same design but with an additional front zipper. There are curved zip up pockets on either side, just like the Rest Day Pullover. 
 The pants! Blech!!!! 

 This is the Mint Moment Pump It Up Jacket. This jacket is so much nicer not color blocked. 

Run: Rest Day Pullover 

 Pump It Up Tank, Root Chakra Pant


Upcoming Swim Capsule

After the last earnings call, I completely forgot to mention that Christine Day had discussed two upcoming Swim Capsules for 2013. The first one will be early in the season and meant as a training, serious technical line (probably for Triathlons) and hopefully they will not be the hot mess that Lululemon Swim 2012 was. Hopefully they took notes from the feedback and we wont see another giant fire sale at the outlets with huge bins of ill fitting, unlined bikinis. The second capsule expected later, closer to summer, will be more of a fun, summer beach line. In todays upload they feature this picture (for the Lululemon blog post) and the swimmer looks to be wearing a Spring Has Sprung printed swim suit (I may be wrong, but I think this is definitely a Lulu swim suit), so I'll bet we will see this capsule very shortly. 


Ummmmmmmmm. What Is This? Pump It Up Pant

I mean, seriously. How is this flattering to any body type? Who wants their legs to look like tapered sausage links at the knees? What fashion trend is going on here???? 



Dangit!! I left this afternoon to head to the mall and do some errands and forgot my phone at home. Go figure!! Disconnect for a couple of hours and miss an early upload. Also, tomorrow is the start of my second Whole30 and so I was going to have an Eggnog latte at Starbucks this afternoon as a pre diet treat and sadly, they were all out. Anyways, I quickly ordered the Shell Pink Classic Stripe Devotion Tee LS and the Burning Yellow Swiftly SL. I think I'd prefer the Burning Yellow in a CRB rather than a Swiftly, but since they aren't in store yet I want to see it in person. What did you guys order??? Also, I did try on the Pump It Up Jacket in store today and really liked it, but the cut did not work for me (too big in the chest, fitted in the hips with a tulip hem design) sadly, that was when I discovered I forgot my iphone at home and had no way to take pictures. It was pretty in Mint Moment though. The color didn't flatter me but on the right person it will look super cute. 


Sunday, December 30, 2012

New! Do It Up Duffel

Do It Up Duffel, Color blocked with Mint Moment and Spring Has Sprung Print
Looks like a LS mint moment top..maybe a Swiftly LS? 


More Pump It Up Jacket and Pump It Up Tank, Run: Right Round Pants Pictures and More

Run: Right Round Pants
Lined and water Repelant...I'm thinking this was a delayed product shipment

Pump It Up Jacket, Pump It Up Tank

Flip Your Dog Bra

Power Up Tank (Mint Moment) and Crane Crops


Saturday, December 29, 2012

New! Pump It Up Jacket, Work It Out Tank, and Pump It Up Tank

I'm pretty 'Meh!' about these new products out now which we've caught a glimpse of on the Australia side of the website. I'm looking forward to seeing Burning Yellow items and those darn elusive Ebb and Flow II Crops, and the Shell Pink Classic Stripe Devotion Tee LS....but as far as all the rest of the technical items coming out I'm not excited about the colors, prints or designs. Ah well, I just ordered myself a RX Jump Rope (coral and purple in case you where wondering) finally and its about the price of a Cool Racerback Tank with the shipping added in so better that I haven't seen anything for Monday nights upload that I'm lusting to have. 

Work It Out Tank in Polar Haze/Black

Pump It Up Tank, Polar Haze/Black
This is actually a bra and tank that snaps together and can be worn together or separately. 


Friday, December 28, 2012

New! Run: Right Round Pant and Not So Basic Short Sleeve Tee

Some new items have hit a few US stores today, The Run: Right Round Pants and Not So Basic Short Sleeve Tee. Unfortunately, not very informative pictures out so far. I suspect this is what we can expect for Monday nights upload so hopefully more pictures will start to pop up soon. 


Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Shell Pink Pictures

Shell Pink Run: Back On Track Tank

Forme Jacket and Classic Stripe Shell Pink Free To Be Tank

 Cool Racerback Sea Stripe Shell Pink 
I'm feeling more and more drawn to this CRB. 

Power Y Classic Stripe Shell Pink
I also really like this Classic Stripe White/Shell Pink print. 

Solid Shell Pink CRB


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pink Shell Classic Stripe Devotion Tee LS

As promised, the picture I saw last week of the Pink Shell Classic Striped Devotion Tee LS. This was from one US product alert but I haven't seen it in PA's since then.  I know a lot of people didn't care for this one when they saw the picture but I love it and definitely want to snatch it up when I see it. 


Lululemon Boxing Day Haul

Well, I didn't find too much for myself in store today, and none of the new items really appealed to me, but I found the Classic Stripe Under Crops *Organic Cotton on for $29. These pants where never on my radar even though I love the Classic Stripe, but at this price I was going to give them a shot and if they looked bad I'd wear them as PJ's. Once I got home I tried them on and fell in love. They are soft organic cotton, and thick so its not as sheer as past cotton 'Under' Crops have been. You can pretty much see the tag right thru them but nothing else so it's opaque enough that I'm comfortable wearing them casually with a long butt covering top (Devotion Tees!), but I would under no circumstances wear these to crossfit or anywhere else I'd have to contort or sweat. $29 was a great price for them and worth a chance. I also got a pair of the grey Savasana Socks for $29 (online they are $34!!). I really like them too and wish I'd gotten a black pair as well but I'm not going to pay $34 for them online. I saw the Seaside Stripe/Shell Pink CRB and really liked it but I opted to pass on it. There were tons of running jackets marked down and all the winter run tops where marked down, but those where items I passed on when they were first out and wasn't interested so the minimal markdowns didn't sway me. I need dramatic markdowns to tempt me on items I initially passed on or that where off radar. 

My friend got a huge haul today. She was in the market for running pants and gear  and she found Runder Unders in black marked down to $69 (best score!), some Herringbone pants (split set pants  Frome Pants maybe?), Limitless Blue Under Pants for $29, Extra Long CRB for $19, Black St. Moritz Jersey for $69. She's pretty much all set for running gear. 

What did you guys get today? Did you fight the crowds for better in store deals or did you just order online? 


Pink Shell Explosion

Lots of items product dropped to stores today but they are all Pink Shell. I'm interested in a Pink Shell Devotion Tee LS I saw in a picture briefly but thats about all. I'm heading out shortly to check out the markdowns in store and I'll be sure to report back what I find. I'm hoping to snatch some Savasana Socks in store for a cheaper mark down price than what's online. I seem to remember that was the case last year with a lot of the accessories. 


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Boxing Day Upload!!

The Lululemon Boxing Day Upload finally popped up and we have a few of the Pink Shell items uploaded as well as about 70 recent items moved to the We Made Too Much section. Virtually everything from the past few uploads which where being heavily promoted for Christmas have been marked down. Nothing is really tempting me tonight but I do recommend the Run: Turn Around Jacket if you were considering it before the sale. I got that one in Alberta Lake when it was first out and I really love it. Or, the Pleasing Pants have had good reviews. Also, the Bundle Up Jacket in Limitless Blue is really pretty, although I never did try that one on so am not sure about fit or function. I'm hitting up the store tomorrow with one of my buds and I'm thinking I may pick up some Savasana Socks. Did you score anything tonight? And where you rewarded for patiently waiting items out for mark downs? 

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