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Friday, November 30, 2012

More Burning Yellow From Australia

I am lusting after this color something bad. I can't wait for it to come to Canada and the US. 


Mini Check/Pique Run: U Turn Pullover and More

Sorry for the mistype last night. I called the Run: U-Turn Pullover the Run: Turn Around and confused a lot of you. No sign of a Turn Around Pullover this year sadly. I missed out last year and would have gotten one this year. 


Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Of The Latest: Run: Turn Around LS in Mini Check Pique, St. Moritz Jersey and More

Run: Turn Around LS Mini Cheque Pique
 Beaming Blue Mini Check Pique

St. Moritz Jersey
The more I see of these the more I love it. 
 I was wondering how a scarf would look with a turtleneck. 

 Fireside Jersey in Silver Slate

Apres Sicki Scarf over Clarity Yellow Devotion Tee SS
If only there was a solid Devotion Tee Long Sleeve in Clarity Yellow. 

Daily Yoga Jacket

Limitless Blue Devotion Tee LS and Post Headstand Head Hugger


OT: Aritzia Online Store Launch

I know a lot of you readers are also fans of Aritzia so I thought I'd let you know that finally they have launched, their ecommerce site. They are charging a standard shipping rate of $8, and overnight $22 and have a US site and a Canadian site. Woo hoo! I love a lot of Aritzia items but I find the in store experience a little frustrating so I will definitely be taking advantage of shopping from them online. 


The Latest: Beaming Blue Daily Yoga Jacket, Black/White Classic Stripe and More

Daily Yoga Jacket in Beaming Blue
I didn't like this one at first but I kind of think its fun now. It's not my personal taste but I do admire it in all the pictures I've seen of it. 

I'm really liking this St. Moritz Jersey and am adding it to my 'look for on Boxing Day' list. It seems like it would be a closet staple to have in my lulu and none lulu wardrobe. 

Classic Stripe Scuba Hoodie *Stretch

 Black/White Classic Stripe No Limit Tank

Run: U Turn Pullover


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Upload #2!

Boo! Why is this Laceoflage CRB not Black/White??? I don't want it in Beaming Blue! Did you guys order anything from tonights small upload? Nothing for me unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it). I'm still sitting on the Off The Mat Jacket from last upload and thinking about it thanks to all of your kind comments. The decision on it will come down to how practical it will be. Oh, and a few items where uploaded to loot too. My Loot wishlist for boxing day is the St. Moritz Jersey LS in Black. But I want a major sale price on that. 


New Color! Burning Yellow

I'm really loving this new yellow called Burning Yellow currently in Australia. A couple of weeks ago we caught a glimpse of this color in the Burning Yellow/Inkwell Speed Speed Shorts that were uploaded. I'm definitely going to want a Cool Racerback in this color and possibly the Swiftly Racerback too. Hope this holds off till January. 


New! Beaming Blue Cool Racerback and Devotion Tee LS

I almost missed seeing this CRB in Beaming Blue thinking that it was Limitless Blue at first glance but it is actually Beaming Blue. It's quite gorgeous but I'm not sure I can justify it. I have a Pigment Blue and Limitless Blue CRB and I love those so much. I wear those the most to Crossfit. Actually, maybe another solid blue would be a good idea. The Devotion Tee LS is also listed as coming in Beaming Blue and that is definitely something I want. I hope these are uploaded tonight. Lululemon stated on their Sunday night blog post that we would see some of their sneak peek items on Thursday's upload - take from that what you will. I apologize for my incorrect statement that there was going to be an upload on Monday night but it seems several people were getting different responses from Lululemon. 


St. Moritz Sweater Uploaded

Thanks to a reader for pointing this out. The St. Moritz Sweater was uploaded sometime this morning.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sneak Peeks From Australia, New Print! 'Spring Has Sprung'

New colors and prints showing up in Australia right now. Spring Has Sprung, which I'm really liking, Mint Moments (which I posted about yesterday since it's in the Ivivva line), Inkwell, Polar Haze and Shell Pink. Not too excited over anything other than the print, although Mint Moment and Polar Haze are both nice.

Pump It Up Tank Mint Moment
Light Flare/Inkwell

Run: Swiftly Racerback Polar Haze

Shell Pink


New Devotion Tee Long Sleeve

I really love this one but I know it will be sheer, and it will wash me out. Too bad :(


The Latest: Fireside Jersey, St. Moritz Jersey, Cute Outfits and More

This is a really cute outfit of the St. Moritz Jersey and the Coco Pique Wunder Unders and Chalet accessories. I'd like to try on the St. Moritz Jersey in black but I generally don't love turtlenecks. 
 With the St. Moritz layered over it

Apres Sickie Scarf
I actually really like this scarf but would never pay more than $60 for something like this. 
 The Fireside Jersey

More of the St. Moritz Jersey

Fireside Jersey

Love Red St. Moritz Jersey

Fireside Jersey

Forme Jacket. Lovely color but I don't care for this jacket.

Classic Striped Free To Be Bra

The Arrow Chevron Striped Vinyasa. Too bad the Vinyasas uploaded on Sunday are not soft. 

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