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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Color Comparison: Clarity Yellow with Ray and Citron

Thanks to I Love Feta Cheese  blogger for sharing this picture of the Clarity Yellow Vinyasa Scarf (which is RULU despite the fact that Raspberry Glow is not). I decided I definitely like Clarity Yellow since it leans more towards a buttery yellow rather than highlighter yellow.


Happy Halloween! The Lastest: Swiftly Turtleneck, Limitless Blue Inspire Crops, Run U-Turn Pullover and More

Happpy Halloween readers! I think I'm going as a Lululemon Ninja today with my black wunder under pants and my black swan CRB. My daughters have some butterfly wings we got at the Zoo recently so they are going as butterfly princesses fairies. Tutu's, Butterfly wings, magic wand and tiara. It's a mash up. 

Swiftly Turtleneck with 
Run: For Your Life Crops

Spin It To Win It Tank

Run: U-Turn Pullover

Run: U Turn Pullover and Run: Inspire Crops
I love the Blue Inspire Crops but I'm just hating the color block trend lately. I would have much preferred these items with subtle contrasting on it. The Limitless Blue Inspires would have been nice with Clarity Yellow Stitching on it at the arches and maybe a Clarity Yellow Zipper on the back pocket. The pullover just seems so cartoon super hero. I hate feeling like I'm wearing a costume.  


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Color Comparison: Pow Pink Original, Pow Pink, Raspberry Glow

Thanks to 'Ms. V' for sharing her very helpful color comparison photo. As I suspected, Raspberry Glow is much more like the original Pow Pink than 2012's version, just slightly brighter.


Run: U-Turn Pullover, Vinyasa Scarf II, Run: Swiftly Turtleneck, Elongate Tank and More

Featured in this picture: Raspberry Glow CRB, Infinity Mad Scarf, Barre Pulse Pant, Mad Knit Ear Warmer with the Method Bag and Clutch Coat

 Raspberry Glow Cool Racerback with the Black Swan Grooves

 Free to Be Tank in Slope Stripe Polar Cream Clarity Yellow with the Limitless Blue Black Wunder Under Reversible

The newest Vinyasa Scarf II in Clarity Yellow, Black Mini Check and Raspberry Glow
Still wondering why it's referred to as Vinyasa Scarf II but on the international side it's not referred to as 'II'

 Run: U Turn Pullover with Run: For Your Life Crop

More Vinyasa Scarves in Raspberry Glow and Black Pique

Raspberry Glow Vinyasa with Reversible Wunder Unders in Raspberry Glow/Black Swan

Run: Swiftly Turtleneck in Love Red with the Run: For Your Life Crop

Free to Be Tank in Slope Stripe Polar Cream Clarity Yellow

Elongate Tank


The Latest: Raspberry Glow Light CRB, Infinity Mad Scarf and The Latest in Australia

Wow this one is bright. I'm more drawn to the Vinyasa scarf in this color than I am to the Cool Racerback. Plus, the vinyasa is RULU. 

 Paired with the Polar Cream Define and the Infinity Mad Scarf

 And from the Australian upload: 

Raspberry Pink Define Jacket 

 Love Red/Slope Stripe Love Red Fiery Red

Raspberry Glow Ebb and Flows
I'm so drawn to these but I'm pretty certain if I got them I'd never wear them to Crossfit. 

 Slope Stripe Polar Cream Clarity Yellow Cool Racerback
This is really cute!


Monday, October 29, 2012


Nada for me. I really had my heart set on the Ebb and Flow Crop II's and would have probably gotten both Black Swan and Raspberry Glow. Ah well, it's almost better if they come out next week. I may like the vinyasa scarves in person but I really need to see them to see which one is most wearable. 

Our favorite male Lululemon model
Thank you. 

So tempted by these adorable Raspberry Glow Reversible Wunder Unders. I love that you can see the Raspberry Glow contrast stitching on the Black Swan side. 

Raspberry Glow CRB

Cute costumes

 The new Vinyasa Scarves. I'm so tempted by this pink one but on the zoom in the edges looked raw and that really turned me off. I think thats what turns me off every time I check them out in store as well. 

Devotion Tee SS. I really like the look of these but have yet to try one on. 

Another cute costume. 


More Product Alert Images: Ebb and Flow Crop II Raspberry Glow, Reversible Wunder Unders Raspberry Glow/Black Swan, Run Swiftly Racerback, Elongate Tank and More

Stay safe to all of my readers on the East Coast affected by Hurricane Sandy tonight. I'm thinking of you guys and hoping you're all safe hunkered down with loved ones. 

These product alert images are from Australia but I think all of these items will be uploaded tonight or over the next couple of weeks. I'm loving the Black Swan and Raspberry Glow Ebb and Flow Crops II. I'll probably order both but not sure I'd keep the pink since I'd feel a bit shy wearing those to crossfit. I passed on the Raspberry Glow CRB when I saw it in store (wasn't stocked in my size yet either anyways). It was cute but I have Heathered Paris Pink from last year and didn't feel the need to have another bright pink in a CRB. Something else sure but not a CRB.  
Black Swan Ebb and Flow Crop II, Elongate Tank and Method Bag in Raspberry Glow/Love Red

Wunder Under Crops Reversible Raspberry Glow/Black Swan
These sure are tempting since they reverse to Black Swan.

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