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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lululemon posts 'A Glimpse At New Gear'

The Lululemon Blog has posted a preview of the new cycling items due out tomorrow. The Spin City Long Sleeve, Spin It To Win It Crop, Spinerette Bra and Spin It To Win It Tank. I'm hoping we see some of the new Rose Herringbone items tomorrow though and the Black Swan Cool Racerback, those are the only thing tempting me of the items we've seen sneak peaks of so far.


Color Comparison: Flare, Creamsicle Pop, Pop Orange.

Thanks to Ms. H for sharing this photo of Flash, Creamsicle Pop and Pop Orange. I really like Pop Orange on me and here I see why, it's much more on the peachy side. Creamsicle looks quite orange to me and probably wont suit my skin tone. 

Left to Right: Flash Flare, Creamsicle Pop, Pop Orange


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Christine Day on CNBC with Sneak Peek of 'What The Fluff' Collection

Christine Day was recently interviewed on CNBC about stocks and speculations about lululemon short selling recommendations, but more important to us consumers is the sneak peek we see of the new 'What The Fluff' line that she boasted about during the Lululemon Q2 2012 Earnings Call. This is the new light weight down puffy run line, and Christine is wearing the vest along with a skirt (down skirt??). The top right is a pullover and from the video it looks matt, not satin but I could be wrong. I'm so far not interested in it based on the colors (is that Split Pea and Pigment Blue again? Or maybe it's a true yellow). I didn't get any of the puffy pullovers last year from the run line as it's really too warm for Vancouver running. If I lived in Saskatoon and ran year round I may have been interested but they were quite pricey and I didn't like the look of them for casual wear. On the left is the mens version of the lined called 'Fluff Off'.

Click the link to view Christine Day on CNBC: Can Lululemon Keep Proving The Skeptics Wrong


Friday, September 28, 2012

Tender Violet Wunder Under Crops *rvrs

These Tender Violet Wunder Under Crops that just came up in product alert are really cute. I just got the Bordeaux Drama ones and really love them but I'm going to hold off on a second pair until the Rose Herringbone Print ones are coming (rumor over on Lulu Addict). I missed out on last years Herringbone Wunder Unders and have regretted it so will probably get the Rose Herringbone. Hopefully it's more Herringbone than rose print though. 


New! Black Swan Cool Racerback, Creamsicle Pop Cool Racerback, Spin Shirt and More

Thanks so much to 'Ms. Q' for being so generous and sharing pictures of her stores latest. Her store is one of the first ones in the US to get new product before items get uploaded on Mondays. I'm definitely getting the Black Swan Cool Racerback. 

Creamsicle Pop CRB

 Creamsicle Pop/Black Swan No Limit Tank

Black Swan Cool Racerback
Mine! Love this one!!

New Spin shirt (Spin City Tee, 68$). Black Contrasted Sleeves are luxtreme and body is lighter weight than luon.
I'm not in the market for something like this but it does look like it would be great for Crossfit. I love the look of it and how it fits.

New Spin Tank


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pictures From Australian

This is the latest color palette for October that is now out in Australia (Creamsicle Pop, Tender Violet, Alberta Lake and Black Swan are the upcoming colors).

Creamsicle Pop CRB

 No Limit Tank in Black Swan/Creamsicle Poop
This is the first No Limit Tank that I really dislike. I'm not a huge fan overall of the style but I have really liked it in a few colors and have one in Power Purple. This color combo along with the piping at the neckline I really dislike. 

 Swiftly SL in Creamsicle Pop with Tender Violet Eight Gingham Print Full Stride Skirt

 Tender Violet Swiftly SL


The Latest Colors: Alberta Lake, Creamsicle Pop and Tender Violet

I've been wanting the retro color 'Stitch' to make a comeback for a really long time, and now that the  similar Alberta Lake is here I'm kind of not loving it in luon form...or stripe form...I'm not sure what it is. I think if something cotton came out in a heathered Alberta Lake sort of like Heathered Stitch Gratitude Wrap then I'd be swooning, but so far I'm probably going to pass on it as well as Creamsicle and Tender Violet. Now if Black Swan makes more of a comeback I'll probably get something in that, or that Black Rose Herringbone print we saw a sneak peek of on Monday night.  

 With Tender Violet Eight Check Print
 Polar Cream 


Color Comparison: Black Swan Studio Pant with Deep Indigo Studio Pant

Thank you to Ms. D for providing todays color comparison picture of her Deep Indigo and Black Swan Studio Pants. You can sort of tell from the photo that Black Swan is every so slightly lighter. I compared the Black Swan with my Black Swan Gratitude Wrap from last year and there has been no change with the color, the two where the same. 

Left: Deep Indigo, Right: Black Swan


Black Swan Studio Pants

I received my Black Swan Studio Pants yesterday and despite loathing the price increase (and all price increases for that matter) I'm in love with the pants and tore the tags right off. If you don't live in a climate where you will get a ton of use out of these than they are certainly not worth the price of premium denim, but coming from Vancouver these are already seasonally appropriate. The color matches perfectly with my Black Swan Gratitude Wrap so it's definitely the same as last years Black Swan, and the color matches everything in my closet. I love how pinks look with Black Swan but you can virtually pair any color without looking like a color explosion unicorn (remember this gain  commercial with Wanda Sykes? Always makes me think of my colorful Lululemon). The sizing is consistent with my Dune lined Studio Pants and my Bordeaux Drama Studio Pants, loose in the waist but because of the legs I wouldn't size down. 

*I do not use Gain on my lulu nor is this a monetized ad, just love Wanda Sykes voice over in this commercial. "Hello Ms. Lookatme!"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Creamsicle Pop and Tender Violet

From Australian stores. Cute colors but so happy they aren't calling my name like Bordeaux did.

Tender VIolet Eight Check Print Full Stride Skirt, Creamsicle CRB with Tender Violet Swiflty
 Creamsicle Pop Swiftly SS with Full Stride Skirt


New Scubas: Polar Cream and Bordeaux Drama

Polar Cream Scuba with Bordeaux Drama Wunder Unders
I was compelled to get these Wunder Unders yesterday and I'm in love with the color, one of my top favorites in the 'neutral' category. I'm not finding them sheer other than faintly seeing the hang tag in the back but that is true of my older (2010) Wunder Unders as well, the material isn't thick like my old ones but they are opaque. The gusset does cause issue in these which means I have to wear them much lower on my waist which right now is causing muffin top. Such an annoyance that these could have been absolutely perfect with the old gusset. Oh well, I do love them and will be keeping them. 

 Power Y Tank in Slate/Rose Herringbone Polar Cream

 Bordeaux Drama Scuba Hoodie with Aphrodite Crops Black Slub


Black Swan Studio Pants, Full Stride Skirt, In Stride Jacket

Black Swan Lined Studio Pants
These are so gorgeous! The new price is just stupid though.

From an Australian store, there is a new skirt out called the Full Stride Skirt in the Eight Tender Check Violet print.

New In Stride Jacket out in Heathered Coal


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Real Life Pictures of Creamsicle Pop Cool Racerback, Power Y and Swiftly SS

From an Australian store, Creamsicle Pop Power Y, Cool Racerback (looks solid) and Swiftly SS. I'm not an orange person at all and this color seems totally out of season but I'm a little intrigued by it. I really like my Pop Orange CRB so I may give this a chance.

Looks like the next color palette for October is as disjointed as this month. Creamsicle Pop, Tender Violet, Alberta Lake and the Rose Herringbone textures. Could that be a Black Swan Daily Tank on the Tank wall in the background?


My Mantra Pant and Cross Town Pant

My Mantra Pant with Free to Be Bra
I was surprised when I saw these pants in store that they were made of Vitasea Cotton. I expected luon for some reason. The outer skirt is also a really thin cotton Jersey, much thinner than the rest of the pant. 

Cross Town Pant with Bordeaux Drama Cool Racerback


Sneak Peek From Down Unda: Creamsicle No Limit Tank

No Limit Tank Creamsicle/Black Swan
When I first glanced at this one I didn't realize it was Black Swan. I don't love the tank in this color but the color combo intrigues me. Do the contrasted Black/Color No Limit Tanks usually have the edging in the darker color continue up the bra or is this new?  

Tender Violet Swiftly SL and LS
These look so much like last years violacious I wondered if the pictures where recycled. I could have sworn there was a violacious/coal baseball sleeved Swiftly LS last spring. The color is really pretty and will pair nicely with Black Swan and Dense Purple but I think I'm taking a pass on with the exception of maybe a solid Tender Violet CRB if it exists. 

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