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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More of The Latest: Currant and Deep Indigo Every Yogi Long Sleeve, Deja Vu Scarf, Dance Studio Crops and More

Every Yogi LS in Deep Indigo with Currant Dance Studio Crops
 Currant Dance Studio Crops with Perfect Layer Tee

Every Yogi LS in Currant and Deep Indigo

Deja Vu Scarf in Deepest Cranberry (niceish!) and Deep Indigo Bang Buster Headband
These are private school uniform colors for me. 

 Every Yogi LS reverse side Heathered Deep Indigo

Unity Pullover
Because of the back it doesn't pair as nicely with a Cool Racerback underneath it. 


Chip Wilson's Gift To Vancouver: Amazing Laughter Statues

Chip Wilson made a very generous contribution to the City of Vancouver recently when he purchased Yue Minjun's Amazing Laughter statues from the Vancouver Biennale non profit group which brought the sculptures to Vancouver's English Bay in the 2009 Biennale Festival.

Barrie Mowatt, president of  Vancouver Bienalle,  is an icon in the Vancouver art scene and has been since the early 80's when he started introducing major works of abstract art to the Vancouver art scene right from his apartment with partner Don Buschlen (Buschlen Mowatt Galleries). He's worked so hard brining major public art exhibitions to vancouver residents for outdoor and free enjoyment. Besides being somebody very important to Vancouver's art history, he's someone I've respected for a very long time. It thrills me that Chip Wilson made this contribution to the Vancouver Bienalle as well as having purchased this gift for the city of Vancouver. It's been one of the most memorable and popular sculptures from the Biennale and it really does belong here. If you're coming to Vancouver for the Sea Wheeze be sure to check the sculptures out! Thanks Chip!


Lululemon At The London 2012 Olympics

USA Gymnast, Anna Li posted on instagram her newest Lululemon purchase while in london and it has a cute little lulu symbol with a crown on it especially made for the London 2012 Olympics! Looks like she purchased something in Power Purple. Perhaps the Power Purple Define Jacket? How awesome! I still love my Vancouver 2010 lulu 'lympics gear, they have such special memories attached to them.

And, US Mens Beach Doubles team Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal (both elite lululemon Ambassadors) are wearing lululemon sponsored shorts, tanks and hats. Run: Response Shorts and Tempo Singlet I believe, especially made for them and not available for sale. 
 Love the shorts, especially the rainbow stripes down the sides!


Mini Store Report

I stopped in at my store today to have a look at the new items and there was not a ton in. I did see the new Every Yogi LS's in and there was one that was Heathered Angel Blue that looked super similar to the Cabin LS (version 1) in Heathered Haze from 2010. The Deep Indigo Striped Every Yogi reversed to Heathered Deep Indigo (just like the Vitasea Daily Tank) and the Solid Currant reversed to Heathered Ghost. I also had a look at the new Ziggy Striped Xlong Cool Racerbacks and I'm almost positive I'll be returning it. It's pretty enough and soft on the inside but it's also quite thick and feels like it will be very warm to work out in. I also think the material since it's a looser knit will be prone to snags. Too bad because it has a slight Missoni vibe to it, but the pattern is quite busy for me. The other zig zag CRB 'Blazer Fossil' in regular length (pictured below) is a high polyester version. No new Define Jackets which was too bad because I really wanted to try on the Power Purple Define I ordered last night. Since I'll be returning the CRB, if the quality is good on the jacket I'll likely keep it. I also wanted to have a look at the Deja Vu Scarves and in particular the color 'Deepest Cranberry' but none were in. What else....Oh right, no new Currant Dance Studio Pants/Crops, no Power Purple Swiftly's (seen on the Australian/New Zealand Website). No Currant or Caspian Vitasea Daily Tanks but I did see the gorgeous Angel Blue Energy Bra which was tempting but it wasn't stocked in my size yet so I didn't have to use willpower today. 


Sneak Peek from Down Unda Upload: Swiftly Tech LS and 1/2 Zip in Power Purple

Uploaded to the Australian/New Zealand side of the website:

I really wanted a Power Purple Swiftly LS but I don't know that I like the chevron stripes on it. 

 Nakedseam speed shorts. 

closeups of the zig zag pattern


Monday, July 30, 2012


Some interesting goodies uploaded tonight. I ordered my first Define Jacket in the Power Purple and also I was intrigued by the texture of the ziggy print xlong CRB's so I ordered one to try on. I wonder if they are soft like pique. The length is perfect for me for Crossfit but I'm just not sure I love the print, it seems a bit busy. I also liked the color 'Deepest Cranberry' in the Deja Vu scarf but I'm too cheap to spend that much on a bolt of fabric. What did you guys order tonight? 


Power Purple Define Jacket, Angel Blue Energy Bra, Deep Indigo Bang Buster Headband and Some Color Comparisons

Thanks so much to Tiffany for sharing pictures of the latest items to hit her store. I'm anticipating these items in the upload tonight which means it will probably be pretty spendy. 

I don't own a Define Jacket and have always gravitated to the In Stride/Stride Jackets but this one is calling to me. The Define Jackets that usually catch my attention are just like this one, solid luon, all one color. I think I'm going to give this one a go. 

I really don't *need* a bra (at all!!!!) but I'm so tempted by this one. Angel Blue is gorgeous and a true Tiffany & Co Blue and it looks especially Tiffanyish in luxtreme. I'm going to hold off on ordering this in hopes that we see a CRB in this color which is something I always have use for. 

There is a new Deep Indigo Bang Buster Headband out. 
Bruised Berry (left) Deep Indigo (right)

Here is a comparison of new Power Purple (bottom/left) and the older version (top/right). The top one is the Yogi Dance Jacket which is brushed luon so that may account to the slight tonal difference. 

And the Angel Blue Energy Bra on top of an old summer 2010 Define Jacket in the same color


Angel Blue Energy Bra!

This is definitely Angel Blue (last seen summer 2010) and not Caspian Blue which is much paler. I love Angle Blue but I also really love Power Purple so this month is going to be a problem for me. I'll definitely get an Angel Blue CRB though. I've also heard rumors that there is an Angel Blue long sleeve zig zag top which may be the Every Yogi LS.


Power Purple Define and Currant Every Yogi Long Sleeve

I have my Power Purple goggles on and am super tempted by this Define despite the fact that I've never owned one and never really been tempted by one.

 Currant Every Yogi Long Sleeve 
I'd be way more tempted in Currant if Power Purple wasn't out right now. 


Currant Dance Studio Crops

Gorgeous! Since we saw a pant and crop version of the Dune and Concord I bet we will see a full length in these as well. Although the Porcelain just came in crop length.


Perfect Layer Tee Textured Chevron Stripe


The Latest: Run Squad Tank, Virtuous Tank, Run Squad Tank and Run Track Time Crops and More

Run Squad Tank

 Virtuous Tank

 Run: Squad Tank and Run: Track Time Crops

 Perfect Layer Tee Textured Chevron Print $48

Be Me Tee is back in White and Fossil!
I was excited to see this tee today when it looked like just a simple knitted short sleeve. Then I saw the back and remembered the Perfect Layer Tee from Spring. I really just don't love the combination of fabrics in this so it's an easy pass for me. 


Product Drop Monday

Unity Pullover and Wunder Under Pants in Ziggy Caspian Print

Run: Track Time Crop and Run: Speed Squad Tank

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