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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sneak Peeks

There are some new banner images on the lululemon website today showing us some sneak peeks of upcoming items.

This top image interested me most. A halter top and some porcelaine crops. I momentarily thought these might be Ebb and Flow Crops but I think they're just Wunder Unders. 
A run dress

A circle mesh run long sleeve pullover? 

New tank? is this possibly a cycling capsule? 

Run Wild Jacket in Flash



Nada for me today. Are any of you chancing ordering the swim gear even though it's final sale?


The Lululemon Swim Line: Wave Ride Bikini, Heatwave Bikini, Heatwave Swim Racer, Monokini, One Love Rashguards and More

Some Lululemon Swim Line snapshots. 

One Love Rashguard (Cute!) Heatwave Bikini Top


Heatwave Swim Racer

 Wave Ride Bikini


The Lululemon Swim Line - A Mini Rant

I had a quick chance to check these out today and they were really cute but really itty-bitty. I was hoping but not expecting good coverage with supportive tops. I was not expecting that the cups would be totally unlined without the option of adding in cups. The triangle cups are just tiny and if you are a B cup or larger these may  will not be for you. Dear swim designers at lululemon, we need cups to prevent our nipples from becoming visible to all, especially in a white or pale pink bikini. These will be too scandalous to wear to the toddler wadding pool this summer. Don't be that mom.  The other moms with their husbands at the pool will not appreciate you. Also, the stores are making these final sale by cutting off the tags at checkout. Be forewarned you will not be able to order this online to try on at home and then return it to the store when you realize how scandalous  these suits will be. Maybe they won't even be uploaded. I'm really kind of annoyed that they were able to create 3 bikini designs and one full piece but not one of them was made with fuller boob and butt coverage. I'm not looking for a Duggar style bikini, just one that is not super low rise and that wont allow my butt and boobs to escape. Sheer white bikini bottoms? Hope you have a good brazilian waxer on standby for the rest of the summer.  I'd like to try these on tomorrow and give you a proper fit review but I'm not sure I'll be in the mood for the self flagellation that will inevitably come when these don't fit me at all. From a premium athletic wear company, I definitely expected better designed and more functionable pieces with a more universal fit. If lululemon wants to break into the water sports category then they really need to step it up and consider who their market is. 

*early review from a reader that is 'A' cup says that she was spilling out of all of these tops except for the swim racer which fit like a Flow Y, but the swim racer is cut too high in the back racerback and if you have neck pain issues with a scoop neck tank you will with this one for sure. 

These are the shorts worn with the Centred Focus Bra
This is the kind of coverage I was expecting. 

I think the pink and grey one are my favorite, but the top is too narrow for my bust. 

This top looks the most promising. 


New Rashguards!

Well these I'm really liking! I wasn't a fan of last years rashguards and really only liked the Savage Green one out in 2010 (didn't buy though) but these look pretty cute. 


The Latest

Heatwave Maxi Dress ($98), possibly over a Porcelaine bikini top?
 Surf'N'Turf Tote, $108
 Beachy Floral Boogie Shorts

 Flash Flip Out Board Shorts
 Beachy Floral Pacesetter Skirt


Heatwave Maxi Dress

It's official. I'm sad to say it but I'm not liking this as a maxi dress. It looks more like an extra long tank/beach coverup. I really like maxi dresses at Anthropoligie with pretty bust detailing, flattering straps and fuller skirts. Just overall more dress like silhouettes which is what's most important in a maxi. I can tell that it's too narrow in the hips to be flattering on pear shaped figures. 

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