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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blurred Blossom CRB or Every Yogi Tank?

This is definitely a racerback style and my guess is that it's a Cool Racerback Tank since I think the Every Yoga Tank fits loose and also I think will be more color saturated. I'm 99% sure I'm keeping the Daily Tank over a CRB but I will be adding the Every Yogi Tank. The more I see this print the more I am loving it which is unusual for me. Usually (in the case of Unicorn Tears, Canvas Print, Ikat and to a lesser degree Black Roses Print) I like prints initially and then grow tired of them very quickly. So those of you that love the Blurred Blossom Print, which items will you be purchasing?


April Fools!!!! ....I Think This Is A Joke...Is It?

I hope this is a joke. If it is it's a really funny April Fools. I think they've taken Paris Pink Wunder Unders and had them altered to look like chaps as a joke. I worry though. After 5 runs of Harem Pants in every which fabric and every single time ending up in mark down, I worry that Lululemon has actually lost their mind and created these chaps with intent to sell them to us.  Isn't it sad that I'm actually laughing nervously wondering if this is not a joke? 

Ride Hard Tights
Chap Style Wunder Unders


Friday, March 30, 2012

New Color! Run: Wild 1/2 Zip


Concord Grape No Limit Tank!!!

I must have this tank. It is gorgeous!! Spotted in a Southern California store.


OOTD: Running X3

I've been very bad about posting my OOTD's for my runs but I did manage to take pictures this week. It's been a pretty light on the mileage week but right now I haven't officially started training for the SeaWheeze so I'm going out more to maintain the base miles and also to get back into the habit of running consistently 3+ times a week. A couple of these runs were with the Double Chariot Stroller which I'm needing to get used to using because it's the only way I'm going to get most of my training runs in. Man I hate running with that thing. My first run of the week with the Chariot was brutal and very ego busting but todays run was pleasant and very doable so I'm encouraged. It's nice to be able to just head out for a run and not worry about arranging for childcare, and it's also nice to be able to take my purse and a jacket and stash it in the stroller and make a stop at starbucks as my reward for completing my run. Today I had to take my kids to Strong Start  which is a program much like preschool only it's parent participation (and free!) so we decided to run there and back instead of driving. It's about a two mile downhill run there, and then an uphill and grueling run home. I expected to have to walk home some of the way but I managed to keep a running gait the entire time...some of that was at 14minute/mile pace though but I was pushing a 100lb stroller uphill so I did earn my startbucks.  

Rocksteady Full Tilt Pullover with Rocksteady CRB and I chose my Ebb and Flow Crops. 

18* run with my Run: Chase Me Crops in Deep Indigo Wee Are From Space and my Dazzling Swiftly Tech Racerback

I don't remember this run but I wore my Raspberry V-Neck Swiftly with my Run: Chase Me Crops in Deep Indigo Wee Are From Space Print.

Aquamarine Swiftly LS over Rocksteady CRB and my Mind Over Matter Crops


Lululemon Joins VERO on Ebay

For those of you that don't know what VeRO is, it's a program thru ebay that protects the intellectual rights of Verified Rights Owners. Companies such as Lululemon can join the VeRO program and ensure the protection of their copyrighted and trademarked images from being stolen off their website and used to fraudulently sell fake items on ebay by having those listings that steal imagery from their website taken down. It also prevents fraudulent sellers from selling you items off the lululemon website which they have not purchased and do not have in their possession  in order to charge you the shipping and have lululemon ship the items directly to you (at no cost to the ebay seller) You can read more about it over here on What is VeRO? 

In the past week, several of you have sent me emails letting me know that your ebay listings are being pulled off of ebay even after transactions have been completed. Many of you were concerned that lululemon is now going after consignment sellers that are simply offloading their own personal items, or if you are a power seller that Lululemon is trying to shut down your business. This is not the case according to Lululemon and they said they are not using VeRO as a tool to discourage resellers (although they do not recommend buying from 3rd party sellers of course, and according to their statement we cannot use names and descriptions taken off their website). If you are an ebay power seller and are operating an ebay store, then you should be photographing your inventory for display, as is the rule of selling on ebay. If you are simply a casual seller of consignment clothing then it is in your interest to photograph your items for sale as evidence of their state since in a dispute with a buyer Ebay will favor the buyer over the seller in most cases. Even if you are using your own images in addition to lululemon's copyrighted images, your listing will be pulled down. This is an inconvenience to deal with, but in the end we can still sell our property on ebay we just have to do so without infringing on copyright protected items. 

As buyers on ebay, we may soon have to search out our coveted items a little harder without using the items copyrighted names. So instead of just searching out 'Hustle Jacket', I would also search out 'Lululemon Jacket' and go thru all of the listings that way. I'm not entirely sure that product titles and color titles are currently copyrighted, however that may become the case very shortly. I believe that they currently just have copyright on their fabric names 'luon', 'rulu' and 'luxtreme'. 

And here is the lululemon 'corporate speak' response to my question about the intent behind joining VeRO. There is also reference to bloggers/websites and use of website images but I'm quite comfortably informed and not concerned with the content of my blog so rest assured, lulumum is not going anywhere. 

The details of the program include restricted use of images, logos, product names and descriptions – essentially, all collateral that would be considered lululemon intellectual properly.

Please note that all of the images present on our website are owned and copyrighted by lululemon. Should our guests decide to reproduce our images on their personal websites and/or blog, we ask the following:

·         Please reproduce the image in its entirety without modification;
·         Please attribute the image to lululemon by including (i) a link to the website next to the image and (ii) display the following copyright notice under the image: © lululemon athletica.
·         Please do not (i) use the image for commercial use; (ii) display the image in a manner that is defamatory, disparaging or damaging to the reputation or goodwill of lululemon or its affiliates or licensors or any other person or that is illegal or otherwise improper; or (iii) post the image on any site that includes content that is defamatory, disparaging, damaging, illegal or otherwise improper.

Photo: Run: Wild SS Tech

A better shot of the reflective detailing on the front of the Run: Wild SS. 

Do we think the reflective pattern is the same as the print on this jacket? I can't quite tell. 


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photos: The New Blurred Blossom No Limit Tank

I may just make room in my closet this summer for a No Limit Tank. 


New!!! Every Yogi Tank and Run: Turbo Run Short in Blurred Blossom Multi Print

A reader just totally made my day by forwarding her stores product alert email which has the Every Yogi Tank in Blurred Blossom which I'm coveting. I love this print more for casual wear because truthfully I don't see myself wearing a print like this to Crossfit. Maybe running but definitely not Crossfit. I remember the ink blot print was quite a bit more saturated in the Every Yogi Tank than it was in the Cool Racerback and other luon versions so I think this is going to be super pretty in the Every Yogi Tank. 


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sneak Peek From Down Unda: Run: Swiftly Vneck SS Tech in Concord Grape and Flash

Earlier today I showed you the product alert image for the Flash Swiftly Vneck but I just got another product alert from Australia showing the Concord Grape version which I love. I'm definitely getting this one since I love the vneck so much more then the regular swiftly tech SS. Ahhhhh! Too many things on my wish list for April already and it's not even April yet. I'm definitely going to want one of those Jacquard Mesh CRB's that I posted about a while ago, now this. 


Photos Of The Latest: Dance Studio Jacket in Dune and Concord, Blurred Blossom and Concord Grape Daily Tank, Dance Studio Pants and Yoga Camp Crops.

I'm feeling awful tempted by the Concord Grape version of the DSJ something fierce. I'm being strong though. I've never even tried on the DSJ but I always notice on others how flattering of a cut the jacket is. Dune is gorgeous as well but for me the Concord Grape is way more special. 

 The Dune Transition wrap over the Heathered Concord Grape Daily Tank. I love these colors paired together. 

 So pretty! Blurred Blossom Multi Print Daily Tank with Concord Grape Dance Studio Pants. I'll probably pull the trigger on crops if they come in this color. I think I can make room in my closet for a fun colored pair of crops that get brought out during summer vacations.

 Flash Extra Long CRB with Yoga Camp Pants. This is a gorgeous CRB and made in Canada. It's as vibrant in person as it is in this picture. 
 A couple of pictures of the Daily Tank over the Daily Bra. I find the tank covers me regular bra completely but I do have to make sure to pull the tank down far enough. If you let it sit too high on your chest, since the straps are longer than they appear your bra strap will show until you adjust the tank. 

 Daily Tank with Blurred Blossom Pacesetter Skirt. 


Color Comparison: Heathered Concord Grape with Heathered Black Swan

I just received my Daily Tanks and as per a readers request I'm posting a comparison of Heathered Concord Grape with Heathered Black Swan. Now the colors are pretty similar but if you are a purple lover then it's worth having both in your closet, especially since the neckline and straps are different and Concord Grape is a more obvious purple. I am slightly disappointed that the Daily Tank wasn't solid Concord Grape instead of heathered but I'm told by a little birdie there may be a solid Concord Grape CRB coming. The heathering is really hit or miss these days, some are super soft and others are a bit scratchy and weird feeling. My Black Swan CRB tends to feel a bit scratchy after a while and it's not one that I would wear to sleep (occasionally I wear CRB's to bed...not often though). Now my Blurred Blossom's Daily Tank is gorgeous, gorgeous with a beautiful distribution of print that I'm quite happy with. More cherry blossom, darker purple green print than light pink peonies. My disappointment with that one is that unlike the Flow Y Bra which is only 44% polyester for some reason the Daily Tank in the same print is 97% polyester. What gives???? Now we know that luon can be printed with the same print in a higher quality fabric (lower polyester content) but for some reason they are choosing to make the CRB's almost totally polyester. And those ones are not reversible as the tag says they are because one side is totally blank while the other is printed. I don't find the high poly ones cooler to work out in, in fact I find they really trap heat. Please lulu, for the love of luon, please compromise and go with the 44% polyester blends instead of the 97%. The Flow Y bra felt so much nicer to the touch. 

Heathered Concord Grape on the bottom (beneath) with Heathered Black Swan on top (above).
 With flash. 


New! No Limit Tank in Blurred Blossom/Fossil and Run: Wild SS Tech, and Swiftly V-Neck

I'd love to see a detailed picture of the reflective design on the front. I wonder if it's reflective blurred blossom print. 

This one is from an Australian product alert, not yet in North America. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Latest: Daily Tank, Dance Studio Jacket, Yoga Camp Pant, Blurred Blossom, Concord Grape Dance Studio Pantsand More

I briefly tried on the Daily Tank today and really liked it a lot. I think if you have narrow shoulders the straps may slid down on you but for me they were quite comfortable and stayed in place. I wore a regular bra underneath it and it was totally concealed which is such a huge bonus, especially for wearing casually. I wish the Concord Grape one came in solid instead of heathered but I still liked the color a lot. I especially loved the Blurred Blossom one underneath my Dune Transition Wrap. 
 I'm loving this outfit combination and especially how the Ultraviolet CRB looks under Concord. I'm so tempted by the Dance Studio Jacket but it's not a style of jacket I would often wear so I know better then to fall for the trap simply because it looks stunning in Concord Grape. 

 I happened to try on the Daily Tank with this same wrap and I loved the combo with jeans for casual wear. So pretty! Concord Grape also looks great with this wrap.
 Blurred Blossom Daily Tank under the Concord Grape Dance Studio Jacket. Another great combo.

 The Bliss Bag in Rose Quartz. Also very cute!

 This is also such a cute combination. I would have never have thought to add the Heathered Rocksteady (or Royalty) pullover with this print but it looks really cute.

 Aquamarine also looks cute paired with this print.
 It's a Cinch Dress was also tempting me but I can pass on this since I'll likely only wear it as a tunic anyways.

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