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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Running Tank! Run: For All Singlet

The Run: For All Singlet made of knitted silverescent and comes in Dazzling (love!), Lavender Dusk and Black, priced at $58. Thanks to 'A' for sharing her find. I'm definitely wanting to try the Dazzling one on. 


Fit Review: Rest Day Pullover

I just received the Rest Day Pullover I ordered on upload and I really, really like it. I ordered the size 10, my TTS and although it's slouchy the band at the bottom hem prevents me from sizing down to my occasional 8 which would also cause me to lose the butt covering length I like. I love the thin cozy material and especially the zipped kangaroo pockets and the seam designs on the side torso. I think those seams really make this pullover slimming in profile. This is an effortless sweater that I will get a lot of use out of on a daily basis thanks to the pockets and the thin and stretchy cotton frenchy terry material. Because of the thinness and lack of a hood it makes it easy to layer my Apres Run Anorak over it. My only nit picks about this sweater is that I wish it came in other colors. I never buy Lululemon black cotton french terry because it fades horribly in my experience, oatmeal (Heathered Dune) makes me look sicky and so the only color option for me is the light grey (Fossil) which goes with everything. I would have loved this in Deep Indigo, heathered or solid or even Dazzling or Ultraviolet. Won't I be pissed if I rip the tags off and one of those colors comes out. The other thing is I wish it had the usual thumbholes at the wrists. I think if you have longer arms you may find the length of the arms on this a bit short. Anyways, this one is definitely a keeper for me. It's everything I loved about the Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover without all of those things that annoyed me (the neck on the DHBH drove me crazy and the thickness/warmness of it made it impossible for me to wear).


New Push Ur Limits Tank Colors and Practice Freely Tank

This US product alert had some new goodies in it including a Practice Freely Tank, Push Ur Limits Tank and Lavender Dusk Swiftly Tech LS and SS's. I didn't include the pictures because for everything except the Practice Freely Tank they used old product pictures with similar colorways (instead of lavender dusk the picture is lilac). The header image which I posted below does have the new PUL Tank and Practice Freely Tank in it though.

Dark Coal and Wee Are From Space Multi March
 And a Black/Ultraviolet Push Ur Limits Tank


New Mystery Run Tank, and Wee Are From Space Fossil CRB and Ebb and Flow Crops and Tank in Heathered Dark Classic Sports Grey

This tank looks like an interesting new singlet tank made out of sheer luon perhaps. Looks really interesting. Paired with the Dazzling Tracker Shorts. I wonder if there will be a Dazzling version of this tank. 
 The Wee Are From Space Fossil Printed Cool Racerback Tank. This one looks regular length as apposed to the product alert emails showing the Multi-March Wee Are From Space as an extra long CRB. I wonder if both will actually be regular length. 

 Ebb and Flow Crops and Tank in Heathered Dark Classic Sports Grey


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

OMG! Wee Are From Space March Multi X-Long Cool Racerback Tank

For some reason the product shot makes this print look murky but in person and in other photos the print is vibrant and gorgeous. I cannot wait for this! 


Coming Soon! Practice Freely Tank Dazzling/Ultraviolet

A sneak peek on the Lululemon website on the tanks page header, the Practice Freely Tank in Dazzling and Ultraviolet. 


Dazzling Scuba Hoodie

Oh why couldn't the Rest Day Pullover come out in this color. It's so gorgeous and pairs beautifully with Aquamarine. I am being strong and resisting this scuba hoodie but it is gorgeous. 


Color Pairings with Wee Are From Space Multi Print

As I mentioned earlier today, We Are Space Multi Print has both Lavender Dusk and Aquamarine in the print so both colors would pair nicely with these crops. I know sometimes with these wilder prints it's hard to choose colors that match but this particular version of the print pairs so nicely with a lot of colors. I'll post more pictures in this post as I find them with different colored tops (other than black/white/grey) and then re post this on my facebook group. 

Lavender Dusk


Urban Flow Pant

First real photos of the Urban Flow Pant that I posted about yesterday. 


A Rumor + Photos Of The Latest: Debut Tank, Ebb and Flow Crops Dark Classic Sports Grey, Ebb and Flow Tank

First the rumor: A reader shared that she was told by an educator today to expect more Ebb and Flow crops to come in many colors, one being a deep purple. I'm so stoked about that. I love the two I got so didn't get today's Dark Classic Sports Grey because it's just a touch too light for me but I'm super stoked about colors and especially a Black Swan or Lolo like purple version. 

The Debut Tank in Lavender Dusk

 Lavender Dusk Ebb and Flow Tank paired with Heathered Dark Classic Sports Grey Ebb and Flow Crops

 More Debut Tank Photos

 Paired with Wee Are From Space Multi Wunder Unders
 Ultraviolet Debut Tank
 More Ebb and Flow Crops in Dark Classic Sports Grey


Cute Outfit! Wee Are From Space Multi Wunder Unders with Aquamarine Flow and Go

Since the new Wee Are From Space Multi print has both Lavender Dusk and Aquamarine within the print the Aquamarine Flow and Go Tank looks stunning paired with it. The Aquamarine CRB would look great too but I really love the style of this tank in this outfit. 


New! Wee Are From Space Cool Racerback Tank

According to the product alert this Wee Are From Space Dye CRB is extra long. It really, really excites me that this means it's possible we may see a Multi Wee Are From Space Dye CRB. Though knowing lulu we probably wont. The color code on this one is WESC.


The Upload

I was a bit disappointed in the upload last night with all of the commuting items. I think I was just hoping for more items in Dazzling or surprise items. The only surprise item really was the ribbed CRB. I love the color of the ribbed CRB but I think I'd prefer the Lavender Dusk to be just a regular CRB, either heathered or solid. The Dazzling Scuba is gorgeous but I don't need another one, it's just not my go to hoodie. I ended up ordering the Run: Rest Day Pullover but I'm pretty sure it's going to go back. On one hand I really love it but on the other, it's just a little bit plain. Also, the neckline may be a bother for me. Eh, i'll try it out. Wouldn't it have been awesome in Dazzle though? The Swiftly Tech in Dazzle is on my wish list but I'm in need of a long sleeve over a tee so I'm going to wait it out.  What did you guys order today? 

 I'm loving this Wee Are From Space Multi Print. It's gorgeous in real life photos.

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