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Friday, December 30, 2011

New! Pigment Blue Chai Time Pullover II and The It's Happening Jacket

Love, Love, Love this one! I hope my store gets it next week. 

Pigment Blue and Heathered Grey


Real Life Photo Of The It's Happening Jacket

Big thanks to Jennifer for posting a real life picture of the Pigment Blue It's Happening Jacket. 


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Photos of The Latest: Salt & Pepper Pig Pink Scuba, Run: Shine Your Heart Out VestFlash Deep Breath Tank, No Limit Tank

This is the first real picture I've seen of the Pig Pink Salt & Pepper Scuba Hoodie (Silver Spoon Pig Ping Salt and Pepper) My favorite is the Pigment Blue Scuba but I really like how there is a stripe of solid Pig Pink at the zipper on this one. In real life it reads a bit grey at first glance but it has wisps of Pig Pink throughout. 

 Run: Shine Your Heart Out Vest over a neutral Heathered Black pullover. You can also see the reflective edging lit up in the second picture. 

 The Flash Deep Breath Tank. Flash is a tricky photographing color just like Paris Pink is so I'm interested to see it in person. I've heard that it's a corally orange with a slight pink. 

 No Limit Tank in White/Pigment Blue Stripe. You can really see how the stripes show through on the sheer white circle mesh. I think it's kind of a cute summery look and I like that you can see the stripes in this instance. 


Flash Deep Breath Tank in Stores Now (Canada)

I think that the rest of the Flash and Wild Lime items will be out in stores on Monday, January 1st but they've given us an early sneak peek with the Deep Breath Tank in Flash. 


Photos of The Latest: It's Happening Jacket, No Limit Tank etc

This mens Cypress Run Pullover in Heathered Baby Blue is truly decadent. I saw it in store yesterday and had to caress it as I was passing by and it's so soft and snuggly and the prettiest tiffany blue. Lulu..this color in Rulu belongs in the ladies line. 

 Really liking the newest No Limit Tanks in Silver Spoon and Pig Pink. 
If this goes on markdown into the $30 and under range I would consider it soley for it's reflectivity. 
 Run: Stay On Course Pullover
I got this one in Pigment Blue but ended up returning it. I liked it enough but decided I just preferred last years version more and didn't need to keep two. The Pig Pink one has grown on me though. The thing that turned me off of the Pigment Blue one was the knitted silversecent panel on it but I've since read that the black one has circle mesh paneling on it which I prefer. Much less obvious and contrasty. 
While I haven't really liked this jacket in the product images so far, most people are really loving it. I can't wait to see real life photos of it. 


Destined For Greatness Duffel

I think this beautiful bag must have been uploaded this morning because I don't remember seeing it on boxing day. Its just gorgeous in pigment blue and I wish I could justify it but I just can't. 


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Deep Coal Pigment Blue Salt & Pepper Scuba Hoodie Pictures

This Pigment Blue Salt & Pepper Scuba is sooo gorgeous in person. The color/print has so much depth to it that it looks very striking on. However, I do not need or want another scuba hoodie for now so I'm going to pass. If I'd had more of a chance to wear my scubas this winter I may have seriously considered it but it was record breaking warm today at 11*c and I went out with my Chai Time Pullover and no jacket, therefore I cannot justify a scuba no matter how pretty it may be. 


2012 Lululemon Warehouse Sale

The 2012 Lululemon Warehouse sale will be held in...wait for it...Ottawa, ON from January 19-22. Why is it always held somewhere in Ontario when there are warehouses all over the place? Ah well, I guess we do have the outlet here in Vancouver representing the West Coast which will probably have most of the same items marked down anyways. If you're in the area, Lululemon is hosting a job fair for the Warehouse Sale from January 4 and if you can swing it I'm pretty sure the staff gets first dibs at all the merchandise.


Upload Tomorrow?

Someone on the lululemon forum Lulu This Just In posted that someone in the GEC confirmed there will be an upload tomorrow morning even though there was one on boxing day. I'm a bit bummed out by that because I'm cut off until January. I've spent enough with Christmas shopping and I have no more gift cards so even if the Pigment Blue Chai Time Pullover that I'm dying for is uploaded I wont be getting it. And that will really piss me off.

Are you looking forward to tomorrows upload or were you hoping for a reprieve from temptation? 

Possible surprise item upload:  Pigment Blue Chai Time Pullover II

Items released in stores post Boxing Day (not yet uploaded)

No Limit Tank Pig Pink/Pig Pink Stripe, Pigment Blue/White, Silver Spoon/Silver Spoon Stripe

Cool Racerback Pigment Blue/


Great Photo of The Salt & Pepper Scuba

Thanks to 'C' for sharing this picture

Beautiful Photos of Pigment Blue Stripe Cool Racerback Tank and Pigment Blue and Pig Pink Deep Breath Tank


New! Heathered Pigment Blue and Silver Spoon Infinity Scarves

I'm not a scarf person at all but I caved yesterday and got the Allegro Scarf marked down to $48. I wasn't sure I'd keep it but I actually love it now that I've tried it out. These infinity scarves are pretty cute too. I'm liking the silver spoon striped infinity. 

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