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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Heathered Paris Pink White Micro Stripe

I've seen this Heathered Paris Pink White Micro Stripe Pattern on the new Paris Pink Lucky Luon Headband and the newest No Limit Tank and I can't help lusting over the possibility of a Paris Pink Wee Stripe Cool Racerback Tank. I haven't heard of anything about one but now I'm wondering if I should return my Heathered Paris Pink CRB.  Wouldn't that be awesome? I have the Power Purple Wee Stripe CRB and it is the softest CRB I have ever felt. Also, why isn't there an Elevation Space Dye CRB? I picked up the Power Y yesterday and am in LOVE with the print but CRB's are way more my style of tank. 


Photos Of The Dance Fitness Pants


Dance Studio Crops in Winter? And Paris Pink Swiftly Tech

I'm really loving these blurred grey Dance Studio Pants that have appeared in a US product alert email this morning but I'm annoyed that they are being released now. There is so much awesome winter product in stores this month that getting something that will have to be stored until spring seems kind of silly. Hopefully they'll be available later on when I am ready to start thinking about Spring but for now I'm probably going to pass. 

I'm lusting over this Paris Pink Swiftly Long Sleeve despite the fact that there are some reports of color leaching. Color leaching in the laundry doesn't bother me much since I can just wash it on it's own or with darks and take precautions, it's the leaching onto other clothes during a sweaty workout thats a bit concerning. Someone on Lulu This Just In (facebook) submitted a photo of a white luxtreme pullover that has been stained pink by a Paris Pink Tank worn underneath. Most of the staining came out in the wash but some still remains across the front of the pullover. I've also read that Pow Pink Swiftly's from years back had the same problem of staining other clothes.  I'll probably get it and keep the tags on during the extended return period (January 8) and listen for reports of color transfer during workouts. 


Upload Thursday Eve Refresher

Oh man, I've gone over budget this month with the Elevation Space Dye Power Y I picked up yesterday tipping me over the edge. I really shouldn't get anything in tomorrows upload but I've been waiting for a Swiftly Tech LS to come out in a color I love and so I would really like to get the Paris Pink Swiftly LS. Ah well, at least it's a new month.

What are you guys getting tomorrow? Will it be a pink explosion in your shopping cart? 

White Black Glacier Lace
Black Glacier Lace Embossed

Black/White Black Glacier Lake

Black Micro Macro Stripe 
Pigment Blue

Heathered Paris Pink
Glacier Lace Print

Paris Pink

Gratitude Wrap There are 2 colors!
Blurred Grey and Heathered Coal/Coal 

Black/White Coal Tinted Canvas
White Black Glacier Lace

Dance Fitness Pant

Run Speed Shorts
Black Glacier Lace


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Comparison Of Blurred Grey and Heathered Coal Gratitude Wraps

I had a chance to compare both of the newest Gratitude Wrap releases, Heathered Coal and Blurred Grey. They are so similar that when I saw them in store yesterday I missed that there where two different colors. I did however find it strange that they had such a big shipment of grey Gratitude Wraps. They Blurred Grey version has a white/cream inner liner while Heathered Coal has a Coal inner liner. 

Heathered Coal on top, Blurred Grey on the Bottom

Heathered Coal on right, Blurred Grey on left

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Run: Turn Around Vest

Finally a picture has been posted of the Turn Around Vest! I think this is a great warm layer for winter running with the running luon (rulu) panels. Now hopefully it has great pockets and reflectivity because that is what makes running vests so functional.


Steven Colbert Hat Tip To Lululemon

If you haven't already read my post about the Lululemon Who Is John Galt? shoppers or read this New York Times post about Lululemon, Steven Colbert got right to the point in this Hat Tip to Lulumon and said it better than anybody else could. 


Monday, November 28, 2011

More Photos: Swiftly Tech LS Paris Pink, Scoop Neck Tank in Glacier Print, Sparkle Cuddle Up

I am in need of this Swiftly Tech LS. 
 The other Sparkle Cuddle Up in Grey
 Limited Edition Wunder Unders
 Scoop Neck Tank in Black/White Glacier Print


Photos Of The Latest! Special Edition Cuddle Up Jacket, Gratitude Wrap, Run: Insulator Pullover and Run: Turn Around Jacket

Special Edition Cuddle Up Jacket
 Embroidered lace

 Power y Tank. I'm trying this one on tomorrow.

 Heathered Paris Pink CRB

 Glacier Lace Print Power Y
 Heathered Coal Gratitude Wrap
 Gorgeous Sparkle Cuddle Up Jacket in Paris Pink. Look at the detail of the solid Paris Pink at the zipper! That detail is so cute in person
 Run: Insulator Pullover
Waaaaaaaarm for running! It's 650 Power Filled!

Run: Turn Around Jacket
Also 650 Fill-Power

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