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Friday, September 30, 2011

New Color! Heathered Deep Camo

This product alert showing Heathered Deep Camo Cool Racerback Tank is from Australia but I believe some show rooms in the US are starting to receive items in this color. It's so gorgeous, especially the contrast seam detail. 


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Did You Order The City Beat Pant This Upload Thursday Morning?

Many of you have been waiting for the City Beat Pant to finally get uploaded to the website and this morning it was part of the upload. And then this evening it was put into Loot/We Made Too Much. If you ordered the same one that is currently in loot, Black Denim,  you have the option of refusing your order from Fedex when it arrives. This way your order gets refunded with no shipping charges to you.
Uploaded at 7am this morning 

Moved to markdown this evening. 


Exciting New Colors!! Black Swan and Ivy

Black Swan Swiftly and Stride Jackets (with herringbone inset) and...get this... IVY bags (Hot Yoga Hobo, Retro Groove Gym Bag)!! I have the Bon Voyage Duffel from last year in Ivy and it is such a hot color for a gym bag. If a Travel Pooch where to come out in Ivy I'd grab it for sure.

And a Heathered Ivy Scoop Neck Tank on a Lululemon website image (not yet uploaded). Gorgeous!! I want this tank for CrossFit something bad. Somehow in a gym with 85% boy-men, pinks and pretty colors don't seem right. I'm gravitating to my more edgy neutral colors. 


Lamest Upload Ever!

..Well, except for those of you waiting for the City Beat Pant and the Get Down Vest in Ghost. Otherwise this is a pretty exceptionally boring upload. US/International got a random No Limit Tank. I'm off to browse ebay now. 
Did you guys buy anything today?


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some New Items

Sorry about missing tonights Upload Thursday Eve Refresher post but I had a rough CrossFit Class tonight and I'm feeling rather ill so my motivation is in the pits and I'm going to keep it simple instead.  A couple of US showrooms have posted these new items and the Cool Racerback Tank was in an Australian PA. 

When the last batch of Manifesto Long Sleeves came out, some of the product alert mistakenly contained this Manifesto LS image so I had seen it floating around and posted it here a while back. 

 New Stride Jacket in 'Black Swan'. I love the herringbone portion of this print and hope to see it in some other items. I wonder how the herringbone would look in Grooves or Wunder Unders.

Australia has this new Cool Racerback in 'Heathered Tree Frog' and another one listed (no image) as 'Heathered Deep Camo'. 

Cool Racerback Tank Prices Increase (Amongst Many Other Core and Non Core Items)

Lululemon Addict has just reported about the increase in CRB prices. Lululemon admitted to the price increases this morning on their facebook page when a fan had asked about new repricing stickers that were spotted in some stores marking the tanks up from $39 to $42. Initially lululemon declined a price increase and later came back to report that indeed the Cool Racerback Tanks will see increases to $42 for non special edition tanks. Re-stickering prices on the same tanks that were priced at $39 last week! 

As I have reported on several occasions (over here, here and here just to name a few posts) since the price increases have been happening I have become increasingly annoyed at the way the price increases have rolled out. The decision to mark up scuba hoodies 30-40% on old stock inventory that has already been produced  and have lingered on stores shelves is just atrocious and shows no good will towards the customers. The Scuba Hoodies in question where the Snorkel Micro Stripe, Citron Micro Stripe, Passion Micro Stripe and Casis Micro Stripe which were initially released in January 2011. These scubas where then re stickered in stores in April (Inventory that did not sell out in that time mind you) citing the reason that the prices of manufacturing has increased. Baloney!! Those scubas where already produced months and months prior to the increase price. 

Another instance of corporate greed is the Vinyasa scarves that were initially $32 and of much better finished quality. Within 1 year those Vinyasa Scarves were increased to $34 and then finally the quality and finishing has decreased (edges are no longer finished with grossgrain ribbon, it is now a raw edge that rolls and unravels) and the price was further increased to $42. At $32 these scarves have flown off the shelves and now at the new price of $42 they are sitting on the shelves in all local stores for the past several weeks. The Scuba Hoodies that have been in We Made Too Much for a few days have not been sold and the reason for this is because the prices are now at what they where initially. We do not see $98 for a hoodie as a great deal, that is a high price for a hoodie to start with. 

And I have said this before, If retailers would like to move old inventory using markdown tactics to entice me to purchase something I had not initially considered, then they need to make the markdown as well as the return policy more favourable and enticing to the customer. I WILL NOT buy something that is hardly marked down at all and forfeit my right to exchange it with All Sales Are Final. Sorry retailer, you can keep your item that you made too much of, and charged too much for and perhaps later you will bring your prices back down to earth so that we can all resume our shopping. In such an unsteady economic climate I really resent retailers that take advantage of consumers in this way, particularly a retailer that has seen profits increase by 75%. 

I can tell you that if lululemon wants to truly put an end to counterfeit lululemon clothing then they can make it less of a temptation for already stretched consumers to purchase more reasonably priced Scuba Hoodies on ebay (or from other sources that may be selling counterfeit) instead of purchasing them on We Made Too Much. Or from purchasing copy lululemon items from other retailers like Jo Fresh, Costco, Target, Zellers etc. Lululemon is very mistaken in thinking that these other retailers are not creating high quality items made of high performance quality technical fabrics (and in some cases even made in Canada and the US!!). My Costco Cool Racerback Tanks are every bit as good as the Lululemon variety and just a fraction of the price. 

How do you readers feel about these increasing prices on old inventory and on core items? 


RCMP Seize Fake Lululemon Products At House Party

This is an interesting article from the Globe and Mail that was posted on the Lululemon This Just In Fan Page on facebook. A few weeks ago someone had written in to the Lululemon Facebook Page asking wether or not Lululemon ever hosted in home trunk parties (like Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware style parties) which they certainly do not. It's interesting to now read this new development in the story.  The demand for counterfeit clothing is huge right now and it may seem like not a huge issue purchasing an item that you know is counterfeit but the manufacturing of counterfeit items help fund criminal organizations and terrorist groups, there is a huge economic impact to counterfeit clothing, breach of intellectual property and god only knows the working conditions of the people who work in these factories. 
Article here:  The Globe And Mail
RCMP have issued a warning against buying counterfeit products after fake Lululemon items were seized at a house party in Point Edward, Ont.
Police say about 100 fake items supposedly from fitness wear retailer Lululemon Athletica Inc. were seized in the community just west of Sarnia on Sept. 1.
No charges have been laid and police say the investigation continues. They say counterfeit items are often cheaply made and do not meet Canadian standards.
Not only do fake items defraud consumers, RCMP say, but they can also be unsafe.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Product Drop Monday

Rocksteady, Surge, Black, Lavender Grey, Heathered Magnum
Highland village Luluemon is also reporting that they have special UPF Cool Racerback Tanks in that is UPF fabric/luon hybrid with UV protection of 50+ and is heat repellent. It's a special edition CRB. 


Apres Piste Jacket is Here!

Back in August we got a sneak peek of this Apres Piste Jacket over here when a Lululemon store accidentally sent out a product alert email with images of items not yet in stores. Today the Halifax Lululemon facebook page has released these images of the jacket in Black and Wren (sizes 4-12). I'll get a chance to check these out later today so I'll try and get you a fit report. 


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rocky Point Crossfit - Week 2

Well it's been a tough and rigorous week at Crossfit but I think I've gotten to the turning point where those first few foundation classes start to come together. I had a rough start to the week on Tuesday with a flare up of an old whiplash injury that causes torticollis about once or twice a year. It gets so bad I can't turn my neck right without severe pain and I pretty much have limited mobility in all directions. And that makes me super cranky and impossible to be around.  

I decided on Wednesday that I would go to CrossFit anyways and let Tom, my trainer know that I was having neck issues. I was so glad that I went because for that hour I was there my neck pain had mostly gone away (only to return again after class). We started with the warmup 'farmer walk' which is a 400 meter walk with 25lb kettlebells. This was actually really nice because the kettlebells where stretching out my  trapezius muscles really nicely. After that we worked on handstands and I just could not get them. I was afraid of falling, my neck hurt and I was afraid of landing on my head, all that and my arms were already dead from the various other exercises I had done. Clean and Jerks were next and those were a lot of fun. I think I did about 20-30 with I think 25lb  (95lbs total) weights on the bar. I really need to do a better job of remembering what weights I use so that I know what to choose when I'm on my own but by the end of the workout I'm seeing stars and if I don't write it down as soon as I'm done it's gone. I'm finding I really, really like the lifts best of all. I enjoy learning the techniques and using my entire body in one exercise instead of all those little muscle groups. That and I'm just better at them then some of the other exercises like handstands, pushups and pullups.  After that we moved on to my WOD (workout of the day) which was something like 30 squats, 20 pushups and 6 pullups repeated several times (6? maybe 8 reps?). The pushups where the hardest for me in this exercise and I dragged thru each and every one of them. 

My last workout of the week on Friday was a doozy but I was feeling strong despite still have my torticollis. We started with a 500 meter row in about 2.30 which was much faster then I had done before, then I was taught the Sumo Deadlift which took me a few tries to get the coordination down with keeping my elbows up but once I got it they felt much more natural and I could do them without thinking about the movements. We went back and attempted hand stands and I finally got it!! My technique this time was walking up the wall and then walking my hands back where as last time I had tried doing the hands stands by kicking my legs up and trying to flip over. I wasn't able to hold my handstands very long but I did get my confidence that even if I fell out of them I was in control of how I fell and I wouldn't land on my neck. After that we did 25 kettlebell swings and then back to the Sumo Deadlifts. My WOD was 21 Sumo Dead Lifts, 21 Push Press and then 18 of each, 12, 9 and 6 and those were hell. I finished in 8.30 and I think my weights were 10lbs so probably 65lbs total with the bar. I think that was the most gruelling workout I've had to date but somehow I liked it. I liked that I could just get it done and ignore the voice that kept telling me to stop. I cooled down with a slow 500 meter row and then somehow drove myself home with arms that felt like jelly. 

I'm now halfway thru the Crossfit Foundations Program and am totally hooked. I like going in without knowing what my WOD is going to be, and then when I learn it I think 'thats totally impossible'. By the end of class I'm always reminded that I actually can do what is asked of me and I'm getting stronger every class for it. I can definitely tell that my upper arms (bingo arms) are starting to slim down and I can actually see muscles in my arms when I flex. And my tricep muscle actually do exist in there somewhere. This is incredible after only 6 classes so I'm stoked to see how far I get with 3 months of training. Right now I'm going to Crossfit 3 days a week. I'd love to get to 4 days a week but it's really hard getting in with my scheduled foundation classes. Once I'm done the foundations program I think it may be easier since I can just drop in at whatever time slot works best. 


Thursday, September 22, 2011


Awe, I've been really good today and not ordered anything (admittedly it's because I drained my Paypal earlier this week on an ebay POM vest and some Privo Shoes ;p) but I sure am feeling tempted by some of these goodies. The Scuba Hoodie in Rose Petal is such a pretty color but I just can't justify another scuba unless I sell one of the ones I have (Wish Blue?), I just don't need a collection of them since I don't wear them that often. 

What did you guys get today??

I love my Raspberry V Neck Swiftly and have worn it tons so I am very tempted to get it in Rocksteady as well. Hopefully it'll still be around later.

And I am in need of a Swiftly LS and really loved it in this color when I tried it on over here

I already have these but I have to say I'm really glad it finally got uploaded for those of you that have been waiting patiently. This is my top favourite lulu item of the year so far. 


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Upload Thursday Eve Refresher

What a small and boring product dump this week, eh? I really hope something excited gets uploaded tomorrow like a Full Tilt LS in Raspberry or a Raspberry CRB or something. I did use up all of my paypal this week getting a Peace Of Mind Vest off ebay (yippee!!!) after trying on the Get Down Vest a 3rd time and being disappointed in it yet again. The fit and design of the GDV just doesn't work for me so I'm really glad I was able to score the POM vest in a color that I liked. Hmmm, come to think of it, I would like some long sleeve tees uploaded tomorrow. Maybe that Rocksteady Swiftly Tech LS or a new Cabin LS. What are you guys hoping for tomorrow??

Get Down Vest Ghost/Magnum

Royalty Rocksteady Shale Stripe, Coal Shale Stripe

Run Full Tilt Tight

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Store Report & Fit Review: Ahead Of The Curve Jacket, Rocksteady Swiftly Tech LS, Lavender Grey CRB Comparison

Today I got to try on the newest Ahead Of The Curve Jacket in both size 8 and 10 in the Rocksteady/Royalty Shale Stripe and Coal Shale Stripe. I'm really glad I have the Hustle Jacket already because other wise I would have been seriously tempted by this jacket. The fit is quite similar to the Hustle Jacket of last year with a generous, relaxed fit. I wouldn't call this a size down jacket but if your between two sizes you could go with either your lower size or your upper size. I liked the fit of this in the size 8 on me (same as my Hustle) but I don't tend to layer anything super bulky under neath and I don't have wide shoulders. I can wear running luon, Swiftly Tech LS, Cabin LS and Chai Pullover underneath the 8 in this and in fact I tried this on with my Full Tilt LS underneath. The back pleats where what initially bugged me about this jacket but it's not really poofy since it's just one layer of fabric. Yes I would prefer a more slightly streamlined look at the back but thats not usually what lululemon does. 
Coal Shale Stripe/Size 10
 Royalty Rocksteady Shale Stripe/Size 8
 My temptation today was this Rocksteady Swiftly Tech LS. I may want this come Thursday Upload. Worn here with the Astro Wunder Unders...see? No muffin top!

 Comparison of newest Heathered Lavender Grey CRB (bottom/Left) and Pear Luxtreme Pigeon CRB. 
The Heathered Lavender Grey is not as soft as other colors of heathered luon have been in the past and it has a more purple undertone. Also, you don't have that pearlized look that the Pigeon CRB has. This was an easy pass for me since I have the Pigeon CRB on the right and they are too close in tone and color to justify both. If you passed on the Pigeon because you hated pearl luxtreme you may want to get this one.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Product Drop: Ahead Of The Curve Jacket, Get Down Vest, Clear Sky Swiftly and More

Super bummed about todays product drop! First of all, a few stores haven't gotten a product drop today due to having to do store inventory. My store was one of them and sadly I made the voyage out there prior to going to parent participation preschool (StrongStart BC) and my trip was fruitless. Ah well, at least I got to go armed to preschool with a Starbucks this time. Secondly, nothing from todays product drop from other stores is really grabbing me. I'm sort of interested in the newest Get Down Vest in Ghost/Magnum and am considering selling my Ivory Huff N Puff Vest. I'm not sure though, I really have to try this one on again but I think the quilt design in this one is a but too busy for my figure. I do love it in Ghost though. 

This Clear Sky Swiftly Tech is so pretty, I wish it came in a V-neck. I'd love either a Clear Sky V-Neck or Rocksteady. Somehow I'm using my Raspberry V Neck Swiftly a lot casually even though I never liked wearing my crewneck lolo swiftly casualy.

 Heathered Lavender Grey Cool Racerback Tank. I really like this color but I have a Heathered Pigeon one so I wont be getting this one. I'm anxiously awaiting a CRB in Raspberry which was why I made sure to squeeze a trip in to the store today. 

I also wanted to try this Ahead Of The Curve Jacket today. I have two Hustle Jackets which I love dearly so I wont be truly tempted by this one. I really poo-pooed the pleated back on this jacket but thinking back, a lot of people poo-pooed the Hustle Jacket last year for the ruffled back and bubbled hem and later changed their minds so this is definitely worth a shot. It's worth noting that this is a too/from jacket and not a specifically made for running jacket. It lacks the details that the run jackets have such as reflectivity so if you want to use it for running make sure to check it out thoroughly and make sure it will suit your needs. 

 The very important rear view

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