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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Upload Thursday Eve Refresher

I got tons and tons of images this week in the product alerts that I'm not sure have made it into most stores yet. I suspect it has something to do with the holiday Monday coming up and either we will see some of these items uploaded tomorrow or dropped in stores on Friday or Tuesday, or those images were sent out in error. Since those PA's have gone blank today I suspect they were sent out in error.  Lately all of the links in the product alerts (and I subscribe to most of them) have included dead links so it's been kind of irritating having a flooded inbox with product alerts that aren't properly working. Ah well, I'm trying to be diligent in keeping all of the product alerts that come in  captured on this weekly blog post so we have somewhere easy and permanent to refer to on Upload Thursday Eve. 

I have tons and tons of items on my wish list now that the Fall items have started coming in and I'm finding it so hard to prioritise what my true needs are. I'm definitely wanting the Run Full Tilt Long Sleeve, possibly a pullover (in Raspberry please!) Cool Racerbacks in Rocksteady and Raspberry, Run Swiftly Tech LS and SS in Raspberry and Rocksteady...I need another neutral Run Speed Skirt in a tall length with 4-way stretch, also I fell a bit in love with the Turbo Tank in Magnum the other day so if none of my other wants show up tomorrow I'm in very real danger of impulse buying the Turbo Tank.  Eeek! Takereasy there Lulumum!! I suspect we will only see the Priiti Tank and Crops tomorrow, the Riding Crops, Vinyasa Scarf and a few Scubas uploaded. 

What is on your wish list for tomorrows Upload? 

Run Inspire Jacket Dewberry, Black

Cool Racerback Tank
Rocksteady, Muted Mauve, Lavender Grey, Coal Ground Nesting Bird Print

Power Y Tank
Muted Mauve Super Stripe (?), Clear Sky

Define Jacket
Lavender Grey

Run Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve
Muted Mauve, Raspberry, Rocksteady, Clear Sky

Heathered Muted Mauve, Heathered Lavender Grey/Lavender Grey, Heathered Black/Black

Heathered Clear Sky, Heathered Ghost, Heathered Black

Run For Your Life Tank Heathered Raspberry

Coal Shale Stripe, Black, White
Run Weightless Skirt

Ghost Ground Nesting Black Bird/Heathered Ghost

Muted Mauve, Royalty, Lavender Grey, Black, Coal

Appreciation Pant

Special Edition Scuba Hoodie ($148)
Scuba Hoodie Muted Mauve/Stripes Galore

Destiny Duffel

Some Returning Items:

Power Pose Crops
Solace Jacket

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