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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Built In iPod Pockets

One of the features of Lululemon run tanks that I like the best are the tanks with built in iPod pockets. Sadly I've never been able to use this feature because they were small and designed for Shuffles or other small MP3's and all three of the ipods I've had have been big. First generation mini ipod was pretty big and then I got an iTouch followed by my iPhone so these pockets always sat unused. I'm excited to see two new items that came out this week with big iPhone sized MP3 pockets.  Now I'm wondering how come my new Run: Silver Bullet Tank doesn't have one of these handy iPhone pockets. Oops, looks like it does. I'm looking forward to seeing if the fall and winter run pullovers have these pockets, especially the Run For Your Life Pullover that is currently on my wish list.  
Dash II Tank Heathered Magnum

Riding Jacket 


Friday, July 29, 2011

Fit Review ~ Run Silver Bullet Tank (And A Riding Jacket Mention)

**Forgot to mention that another product drop is due for tomorrow**

Well I did manage to get to the store tonight for a very speedy shopping trip and still managed to squeeze in my 3 mile run before having dinner and putting the kids to bed. Ta-da!

I got the Run Silver Bullet Tank today and also tried on the Silver Bullet LS in the gorgeous Raspberry. I fully expected to leave with the long sleeve but a couple of things deterred me. One, the top is form fitting and the material is thinner then silverscent swiftly so even in the size 10 I wasn't totally comfortable with how my lumps and bumps looked. That wasn't soo terrible and I would have probably purchased it despite that but I also felt $78 was more then I wanted to spend on an in between season layer. I was a bit confused this afternoon with the description of 'silverscent knit' and I expected it to be more like the mens version of the swiftly's with that thick cottony feeling silverscent material. Instead it's actually very similar to the Run Energy and the I Just Wanna Run Tank which is more of a silverscent jersey. It drapes beautifully and is really wonderful for hot August runs but a thin cool long sleeve layer doesn't make sense for me since it's a lot cooler then the Swiftly LS's. I may in the end change my mind because it was a really pretty top, I'm just not convinced I need it for $78.

The tank comes in Magnum and Royal with the reflective feather print design on it and Dewberry and I think Black or maybe it was Coal without the feather print design on it. I got it in Magnum after initially choosing the Royal and I'm glad I went with Magnum. It's got a mauvy lavender undertone to it and it's really a pretty color. So glad Mariah, my friendly local educator convinced me to get the Magnum. 
51% Nylon,  37% Polyester,  8%Spandex,  4% Nylon X-Static D Argent

This is me pre run. It was a hot 23* (73*f) today and I was wearing my Energy Bra and Mind Over Matter Crops. I got this in a size 10 (I'm between a 8/10) and although it's plenty roomy up top I think the 8 would have been too snug around my hips. I think the sleeve opening on this tank is a little big so if you have issues with underarm chafing you may not like that. It showed about an inch of my energy bra in the underarm and at the neckline so that sort of gives you an idea of how big the armholes are. The fit is loose and not clingy but it also doesn't have that drop waisted look that the Energy SL has with the cinch cord to customize the fit. The pattern on the front is indeed reflective but it's quite a subtle reflectivity and not as obvious as the old lulu logo. 
Post 3 mile run, pretty sweaty although you can't really tell that here. I am a big sweater and my face was beat red so I was pleased to see that the top was dry and had no sweat marks on it. The top didn't cling to me while I ran and I felt the breeze move thru it (I was running that fast!) so I would definitely call this a breathable top. 
 Here is a closeup of the top in the bathroom mirror. I pressed the shirt against my skin to see if the sweat would show and where I have the arrow is the only place it really picked up enough sweat to look damp. I think it will show sweat if your sweating profusely and have a snugger fit but since it's so loose fitting the sweat evaporates before it even sets into the top which means you are efficiently keeping cool. It was a really comfortable top to run in and if you liked the previous Run Energy SL or the I Just Wanna Run Tank then you will probably love this one.

I briefly looked at the Riding Jacket and it's actually pretty nice in person if your going for the equestrian look. It looks just like a riding jacket in person and like you should be carrying one of those horse whips. Imagine wearing this with your Wunder Under Crops and riding boots over to yoga class in the fall. Very preppy! The ruffle in the back has an under layer of mesh and a big iPhone pocket which is a nice touch. I was told by  the educator that these are form fitting so some people may size up in this as they may find it small. 


Monday Product Drop..on Friday

Since Monday is a holiday here in BC I was told yesterday that the big August product drop would happen today. Sadly I couldn't make it in or check out the latest online until now because I was at the Dr.s office with my daughters getting yearly check ups. Anyways, so sorry for the delayed report of whats new in store. There are a couple of new items here that I'd love to try on this weekend if time allows. One item I'm really lusting after. All of these gorgeous new fall items are really conflicting my budget between my casual/work out clothes and my non lulu clothes I want to also buy.

Oh, and PS. lulu, I'm still grumbling about ALL of the dead links in the product alerts. Major sucky!

Alright, I get that this is designed to look like an equestrian jacket with the boxier fit front with a high neckline and the pleated back panel. It's a fashion statement for sure but not one that I personally like, especially not the contrasted grey version. I do however really like that the MP3 pocket is now big enough to accommodate an iphone or an itouch as apposed to a mini shuffle. I hope these bigger pockets are used on all items that used to have the mini pocket. 

I am LUSTING big time over this new swiftly top. It's the same silverscent material used in the mens swiftly tops and I've often wondered why the men got the less revealing thicker silverscent knit while the women got the shows every lump and bump knit. I'm also crazy about the neckline on this because the Swiftly Tech Crewnecks always seemed too closed and high up for my liking. And the color is A-Mazing. 

This is the other item making it to my lust list. I've read that the feather design on the front (Royalty colorway in bottom picture) is all reflective. How long have we been asking for a return of the pretty reflective detailing that we saw back in 2009 with the Spirit Pullover? Instead of using just the ugly utilitarian strips of reflective tape (which are useful and I'm glad they're still incorporated) we also get the pretty reflective design in this tank. I love the color of this tank and that it's the knitted silverscent material, I also love that it's looser around the tummy. Hopefully I can get my hands on one of these two tops soon to try them out. 

Run Speed Skirt Magnum Snowy Owl 
I don't wear running skirts at all but I must say I am envious of those of you that do wear them when I see prints like these. I may be in the minority about this print but I love it. It's neutral but still fun so It will go with all of your tops. Toooo bad run skirts aren't made to accommodate chub rub and pillow thighs. I guess if they were they'd look matronly and then I'd never wear them anyways. 

 Wunder Under Crop *Ruffle
I'm a sucker for the Wunder Under Crops with feminine detailing on it. My favourite ever where my knotted WU's but sadly I went to put them on the other day and realized I'd sold them in the heat of summer closet cleanout. Because it was too warm to wear them. FAIL! I don't know that I love the Grossgrain ribbon on these but I do love the ruffle. 
This is another Silverscent Knit top. I liked it a lot at first and then I saw the Run Silver Bullet Top and I like that better. This one has an inner bra and some luxtreme paneling. I really like the bottom portion of the tank and how it sort of fits like the Run: Energy SL with the cinch coard to customize the fit. 


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Triumph Tote Black Peacock Lace Print

A lovely Lulu This Just In member posted her brand new Triumph tote in Black Peacock Lace Print and says the dimensions are 17"x18.5"x 5" and has a 15" laptop pocket. The price is $118. 


Upload Thursday

Some goodies today!! A new surprise item was uploaded today, (I think this has happened the last 3-4 weeks) the Run For Your Life Tank. The Method Wrap was finally uploaded but not the Royalty one. A Royalty Define was a nice surprise that we haven't seen before today. I think the stars of today though are the two Pearl Luxtreme CRB's. I wore my Royalty one yesterday for a run and it's heaven so I highly recommend it. I wasn't a fan of the Static CRB's but for some reason these are different to me.

What did you buy today?

Canada Upload

US/International Upload


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Triumph Tote Details, Destiny Duffel and Method Wrap

This looks like possibly a Raspberry or Dewberry Triumph Tote. I'm leaning towards this being Raspberry since some stores got Raspberry Swiftly LS's in today and I think this will be part of the newest August color palette along with Rocksteady. I'm really in the mood for pinks all of a sudden so Raspberry is looking really pretty. Can't wait to see a running pullover in this color. In this bag though I think I'm leaning towards Magnum. 

Note: The product description may be incorrect since the URL for this product alert was for the Hot Yoga Hobo. 

This bag seems to have an embossed image on it so I'm guessing it may be 'Nesting Black Bird'
A new Method Wrap colorway. Maybe 'Nesting Blackbird' Print on the inside, Ghost or Pigeon on the outside. 


New Bag! Destiny Duffel

Another new bag has popped up called the Destiny Duffel in an Australian product alert. Sadly the product alert for it is another dead link. I'm really irritated that all of the product alerts lately contain dead links to the newest items that we would be interested in reading the product descriptions for. Hopefully this is not a permanent glitch because a lot of you are strictly online shoppers and can't rush to the store to check the product details. Anyways, as always, once I get product info on this I'll update you all on the dimensions and inner pocket details. 


Upload Thursday Eve

Not a lot new this week so I'm expecting (and hoping for) a small upload tomorrow. I suspect next week we will get a huge product drop in store with new colors (Rocksteady? Raspberry?) since it's the start of a new month and pre fall items are hitting stores. I really love my new CRB's in Heathered Pigeon (kind of reminds me of heathered mudd) and heathered Royalty and my Magnum Free To Be Bra. I haven't made a lot of lulu purchases lately but I'm in need of a pick me up/motivation item for my running so I'm pretty sure I'm keeping those purchases. The Triumph Tote  and Run: Silver Bullet Singlet have shown up in some showrooms so it's possible we may see that as a surprise tomorrow but I doubt it. On my radar for purchasing is the new Run For Your Life Pullover and I'd also like to get a running long sleeve this year (in pink?) since I passed on the ones out last year. Thats pretty much all that's on my list of things to buy.

Whats on your wish list for tomorrows upload?

Free To Be Bra Magnum

Women's Speedy Run Hat

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