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Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Let It Loose Tank Colors

I recently tried on the solid Surge Blue Let it Loose Tank and really, really loved it a lot more then the No Limit Tank on me. The fit was just a lot more flattering and the combination of sheer luon over a luxtreme bra was divine. I'm feeling really tempted by the heathered dewberry version of the tank since the heathered dewberry looks a lot less saturated and more plumy here. I suspect the inner bra is luon light and not luxtreme as the printed bra versions (space dye/wee stripe) tend to be luon light. Ah well, I'm sure the difference in comfort is pretty minimal. I think I would have loved this even a little more if the inner bra was the same color as the outside. 

Let It Loose Tanks
Dewberry Wee Stripe/Heathered  Dewberry

Surge Wee Stripe/Heathered Surge


FYI: Commenting

It looks like my commenting system is a bit glitchy today and a few of your comments may have been deleted. Also, the comments counter is at zero even though there are in fact comments. Please bear with the glitch for now and if it's still a problem over the weekend I will disable the Intense Debate system I am using.
**Also, my polyvore items keep creating phantom posts on my lulumum blog. Sorry about that.

Upload Thursday

Pretty big upload this week, I think everything we've seen this past week from Monday's product drop has been uploaded (oops, Wee Stripe Wunder Unders are missing).  My favourites from today's upload are the Astro Wunder Under Crops in Coal/Surge Wee Stripe/Heathered Coal. They are so striking and pretty in person and I love the colorful waist of the Astro pants on the Wunder Unders. 

What did you buy today?

Canada Upload

US/International Upload


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Upload Thursday Eve

I don't have a ton on my Lulu wish list lately but I have been feeling quite tempted by anything with the Surge Wee Stripe print on it, in particular the CRB Tank and the Astro/WU crops I saw in store the other day. I've always loved the waist of the Astros and wished they would ad it to either the Groove legs or the Wunder Under legs. I'm also thinking we will see a loot upload on Friday for Canada Day since we had one last year and my local store looked quite bare as usually happens right before a large new season shipment. I think it's now time for early fall items to start appearing and late summer items to get marked down so perhaps we will see more Royalty color  items come in on Monday.  I did see the board shorts marked down in store so you may see those uploaded to Loot soon.

What are you planning on getting tomorrow?

Dewberry Wee Stripe, Heathered Black/Black Wee Stripe


Beware: There is a Phoney Lululemon Website

This website was just discovered by a member of the Lululemon Exchange Group and it is an earily close copy of the real lululemon website. If you look under the scuba hoodies you will see an image of a box of the Passion Micro Stripe Scubas which leads me to think this is a 'fell off the back of the truck' operation. I don't know of anybody that has made a purchase from this website so if you do so, do it at your own risk. Personally I would stick to ebay for deals as there is buyer protection there. 

And a hysterical link to a lululemon blog on the bottom of the main page. 


Monday, June 27, 2011

Warrior 1 Hot Bra Product Description and Image Underneath CRB

Under the Cool Racerback Tank you can see a bit of the detailing of the Warrior 1 Hot Bra where there is ruching and some extra seam layers.
 As expected, you can also see the outer bra straps under a racerback. I'm not sure if there are different ways to arrange the straps on this bra and if you can have a double racerback strap on it instead of one regular and one racerback.

New Color! Royalty

This lovely bluey purple just popped up in one of my product alerts and it is so, so pretty. I've heard rumours of a color described just like this one coming up in the next pallet coming up for July. I'm not really crazy about the newest micro stripes (with the exception of Surge Wee Stripe CRB) but I do love this color and look forward to seeing it in some tanks and in the swiftly material. 


Product Drop Monday

I went into my local lulu today around noon and sadly none of the latest items were unpacked yet except for the Dewberry Cool Racerback Tank from last week. I was tempted to buy the latest Take Flight Bike Short since they were the perfect length for me and very compressive. Much thicker and compressive luxtreme then any of the run crops out right now. I also really liked the Run The Fastest Short and Run Willpower Short but I have a few more on my list to try on before I bite the bullet. I do see a use for these into the fall though for when I do Hot Yoga so it's just a matter of finding the most flattering fit for me. I was happy that these shorts are more accomodating for athletic thighs.

Define Jacket, Heathered Coal Wee Stripe

Let it Loose Tank, Coal/Heathered Coal Wee Stripe

Free Fall Cobra Crop 
Not a fan, but it is a lot better then the Harem Pants. This style works for some people (tall and thin) but I am not one of them and I don't feel bad about it.

Cool Racerback Tank in Surge Wee Stripe 
(looks great with blurred grey)

Detail of the new 'reversible' Cool Racerback Tanks reverse side with contrast stitching. 

Run Speed Shorts, Dewberry (gorgeous!)

Run Turbo Shorts (I love the contrasted edging on the legs)

In Stride in Dewberry Wee Stripe/Dewberry

Warrior 1 Hot Bra
Love that it's luxtreme and there are details I really like on this bra but I hate, HATE the big mess of straps in the back. As if putting on a sports bra isn't hard enough. 


Running Gear: Double Jogging Stroller

 Well after a few months of a lulu shopping hiatus I was able to splurge on a Chariot Cougar jogging/cycling stroller. I think this is a really great investment since it can be used year round and is totally enclosed, can be adapted to a bicycle, jogging or hiking and it has a high resale value. I'm sort of wondering why I didn't do this earlier after spending an entire 14 months of depending on others to get out for my runs. I did "need" and enjoy my me time away from the kids on my runs but at least now I can use this for my weekday training runs and get my alone runs in on the weekends.

I've been really lazy this past month with my running but I think I was feeling a little burnt out at struggling to fit in training runs in for my half marathon last month. It wasn't so much the amount of running I was doing but it was such a chore to find ways to squeeze my runs in based on everyone else's schedules. It was certainly doable, it was just a big chore and there were times when I felt really burdened by my training. I'm really looking forward to the new challenge of learning to run while pushing a heavy stroller and getting some upper body work in as well. This should be just the spark I need to re ignite my running.  I think this is as good a challenge as training for a half marathon and may possibly make me a faster runner.

 Do any of you have running tips and techniques for me running with a double jogging stroller? 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Surge Wee Stripe CRB

I'm so excited about this new Surge Wee Stripe Cool Racerback Tank (now in some US stores) since my top favourite CRB's are my Power Purple Wee Stripe and my Coal Strata Stripe. Most of the striped CRB's seem to have a soft cottony feel due to the lack of polyester and possibly the heathering effect. I really hope this tank is the same softness as the other ones I have because I love the color. This one is also reversible so that the other side has the logo and the contrast stitching. I'm glad there hasn't been a price increase for the extra logo placement because I wear most of my CRB's with contrast stitching inside out and right side in and am not bothered by the lack of a logo on the reverse side.

Have you seen this Cool Racerback Tank in your store yet?


Where are the Push Ur Limits Tanks?

Feeling a little uninspired lately with the Lulu tank offerings (and wondering where all the Push Ur Limit Tanks are) I went to the Ivivva Athletica album to see what the little ones are getting these days. Low and behold they have a lovely new tank design that seems to be a mash-up between the Push Ur Limit Tank and the Inner Strength Tank. I believe the Ivivva sizes work for women size 4-6 and under but I suspect these tanks don't have the built in support that the women's designs have. I'd love to see this come to the Lululemon side
Energize Tank (Ivivva Athletica) $35 (love the price!)
White/Purple Spacedye
 Electric Orange/Multistripe 
Grapeseed/Heathered Grapeseed

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Upload Thursday

Not a very big upload today but there were still some good items like the Run Take Flight Bike Short which I'd love to try on and the Long Sleeve Swiftly Tech Tee in Dewberry and Surge. The US got the Run Take Flight Vests which I haven't tried on yet but I did see it in store and it's quite lovely compared to some of the past run vests.

Things that weren't uploaded today (bummer for a lot of you) are the Sing, Floss, Travel Jacket in Wren (some stores marked down to $79) and Heathered Navy. Also, the Manifesto LS in both colors.
Did you buy anything today??

Canada Upload

US Upload

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