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Thursday, March 31, 2011

OT: New Sponsored Ad

You may have noticed a new button on my sidebar for Stella&Dot Jewelry. I'm really pleased to be supporting an independent business owner from within the lulumum community. Megan Lynch is an independent stylist and business owner and she sells beautiful stella&dot  accessories for every occasion at very reasonable prices. Please check out her website by clicking the link below or clicking on her button over on my sidebar. I guarantee you will love what you see in the online catalogue, I already have  a wish list started.

If you are interested in advertising in this blog, please feel free to contact me at
Megan Lynch, Stella&Dot Stylest
Some of the pieces I'm currently lusting after

Mudra Wrap Video

This is a really terrific instruction video about the Mudra Wrap staring Elim. I'd love to see a few more editions to this video that show some of the other ways the wrap can be worn.

Another Image Of Heathered Sand Dune In Stride Jacket

How lucky are we to get such a big product drop on a Thursday. Shoot, and I chose to stay home today instead. 

New! Scoop Neck Tank Tinted Canvas


New! Run Swiftly Racerback Tank in Citron

This looks like a new and improved version with better arm openings. It looks to be more in the shape of the Modern Racer Tank which is great because inner arm chafe is not fun.


New! Mind Over Matter Pullover Grapeseed


New! Tango Red and Grapeseed CRB's

Now available in US stores!
Cool Racerback Cool Racerback Alternate View
Cool Racerback Cool Racerback Alternate View


New! Mind Over Matter Crop and Pullover

Mind Over Matter Crop
LOVE!!! High rise, knee length crop with what looks like a sassy black lace waistband print. 
RUN: Mind Over Matter CropRUN: Mind Over Matter CropAlternate View
  • It's mind over matter in this high performance, knee length crop!
  • Made of 4-way stretch power luxtreme™ fabric for 'no bounce' muscle support & quick drying, wicking capabilities
  • High-rise waistband with drawstring & elastic for support
  • Body-shaping flatlocked seams reduce abrasion
  • Back zipper pocket for secure storage
  • Quick-access gel pockets
  • Reflective details for extra low-light visibility
RUN: Mind Over Matter PulloverRUN: Mind Over Matter PulloverAlternate View

  • It's mind over matter in this high performance running pullover!
  • Lightweight, inherently wicking luxtreme™ fabric keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Long front zip for easy on/off
  • Body-mapped with anti-stink circle mesh
  • Cuffins with thumbholes keep hands warm!
  • Reflective zippers for visibility in low light
  • Back zipper pocket for secure storage of cards, keys or music
  • Chafe-resistant - flat seams

New! Energy Bra

Energy Bra - $48
I like this bra, hopefully it's made of Luxtreme. The back straps remind me of the Free to Be Bra which looks so pretty under a Cool Racerback Tank.


New! Pranayama Bra

  • A low support strappy bra perfect to layer for the gym or hot yoga
  • Luxtreme™ is light weight with inherent wicking performance to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Open front and back allows for maximum breathability
  • Crossover back straps for greatest range of movement
  • Mesh inner support comes with removable cups
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort


New! Mind Over Matter Pullover

This now concludes the running luon season for pullovers and we begin luxtreme pullover season. I like that this pullover seems to have a more relaxed fit around the torso. White luxtreme tends to be a bit unforgiving so I sized up in my Run Like the Wind Pullover last year in order to have it as relaxed as this one. Not sure I'm so crazy about the contrast details in the back but I may not mind it so much in a non white pullover. 


New! In Stride Jacket in Heathered Sand Dune

I love the Heathered Sand Dune color but I think it's going to be really tricky for a lot of people to pull off. It looks fabulous on this woman's complexion but I fear that the Cool Racerback Tank that I like in this print will wash me out. It's a try on color for sure for me but I do admire it. 


New! Tinted Canvas Scoop Neck Tank

At first glance I'm really liking this print, but I felt the same way about unicorn tears and in person I ended up hating the Unicorn Tears. At least in the first run of the print in the multi color version. I think I would like this print in a Modern Racer Tank but other then that I may sit this print out. The Scoop Neck is very pretty with the black contrasting on it.


A Little Birdie Told Me...

That there will be a few dresses in our near future...


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spotted! Kourtney Kardashian in Lululemon

Kourtney Kardashian is wearing Lululemon on this weeks cover of US Magazine. She has on the Purple Crush All Sport Bra and matching Coal and Purple Crush Hot Class Shorts. Those Hot Class Shorts are pretty teeny tiny and she's rocking them after having had a baby. Kourtney Kardashian was on the highly addictive reality TV show called Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
Hot Class Short Coal/Purple Crush


Both 'White' Mudra Wraps

Mudra WrapMudra Wrap
Left:  Heathered Sand   Right:  Heathered White 
As I said in an earlier post, these two wraps are like trying to decide between several different shades of white paint swatches to paint your walls. Heathered Sand is a champaignish white where as Heathered White is like a pearlyish silvery white. Have fun deciding! I went the easy rout and chose the Blurred Grey which is a dark grey. 


Factory Outlet Report

Well I was right about the Factory Outlet getting a big shipment of products due to the changes to the website and reduction of inventory since it will cost a lot more to ship these items to the new distribution centre then it would be to sell these items at reduced prices. Currently the FO in Burnaby has Down Time Jackets in Violaceous which never made it to stores (except for in Australia) on sale for $129 from $148. If you don't have access to the Vancouver FO and you have been patiently waiting for this jacket to arrive I'm sure you will see it show up on ebay in the coming days. I'm oh so tempted by the gorgeous color in this jacket but I really don't need it for Spring running and it doesn't have the reflective features I want in a running jacket so I'm going to resist the temptation to have a friend pick one up for me or from rushing out madly to the FO. I may drop in on Saturday morning after grocery shopping which I do up the street from the outlet in which case I may once again be tempted if they are still there or on further markdown.

Down Time Jacket

Color Love and Then Newest Items

Tango Red
These ladies look so fantastic in this warm toned red. You can tell this is a warm red and not a cool red in how it brings out the warmth in these ladies complexion. 

Heathered White Mudra Wrap and Snorkel Modern Racer
I'm currently having a love affair with Snorkel Blue in the Modern Racer. 

Blurred Grey Mudra Wrap, Iris Wee Stripe Lively Tee
and also with Iris Wee Stripe

Black Mudra Wrap

Iris Scuba Hoodie

Snorkel Scuba Hoodie
See what I mean? Snorkel is an amazing blue!

Blurred Grey with Citron
Blurred Grey is the only grey that doesn't seem to wash me out. I think it's because it's a warmer toned grey. Looks really great paired with Citron and Black.
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