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Monday, January 31, 2011

More Images Of Monday Items

I love the Saskatoon Photo Albums! They do such a great job of posing the items but also showing all of the colors available.
These Groovy Run Shorts make me so hopeful that we will see more items in Rubber Ducky. I really hope it's not one of those transition colors where we only see a 2-3 items in it and then it disappears. So far we have Rubber Ducky in the Cool Racerback Tank, Push Ur Limits Tank and Cabin LS and now these shorts. Please Please let there be a Scuba in Rubber Ducky. Also, I wouldn't mind a Pima Tee in it. 

SE Cool Racerback Tank

New! Still Pants in Raw Blue, and Hot Class Shorts

These are the Still Pants in Raw Blue I saw this morning. Looks a lot closer to Navy then it does in the Dance Studio Pants. Worn here with the Coal Strata Scoop Neck Tank.
Hot Class Tank paired with matching Hot Class Shorts

New! Scoop Neck Tank, Hot Class Bra in Ikat Print and a Close Up of Shale Stripe

Scoop Neck Tank Coal Strata Stripe

Hot Class Bra in Ikat Print
A good closeup picture of the Margarita Strata Stripe. Pretty much a soft apple green. 
Coal Strata Cool Racerback. Yum Yum, another soft Cool Racerback Tank!

Special Edition Cool Racerback Tank

This is the Cool Racerback Tank I wrote about this morning. Hoping to see it in Raw Blue. Honestly though I'd be happy enough with a regular Cool Racerback Tank in Raw Blue.
And the matching WUnder Unders. Don't really care for the pleats on the pants but I love the Cool Racerback Tank.


Store Report ~ Brought Home Two Tanks!

Well although I didn't find a Rubber Ducky Scuba today or a Gratitude Wrap it was a pretty successful trip. I found myself the Coal Shale Cool Racerback Tank and it works beautifully under a new non Lululemon Cardigan that I got the other day. Also, I am officially in love with the Hot Class Tank even though I don't really have an occasion to wear it other then random Bikram's classes, around the house and in the summer if I don't mind going for the athletic look on non athletic endeavors. The Sheer Luon material on the bottom is just so silky soft. I'm officially now obsessed with it and would love a Cool Racerback made entirely of this material in a color like Aruba or Margarita. I saw Raw Blue Still Pants today and they were more of a blue then the Studio Pants in Raw Blue. Luon lightens colors up a little but so these will for sure look Navy to you when you see them in person. There was also a very pretty new Special Edition Cool Racerback Tank that came in black and had some pleating detail in the back and along the straps. It sort of looked like a low profile ruffle detail but it was much of a square pleat. I now regret not bringing that one home but I'm actually hoping it comes in Raw Blue. The educator I spoke to said she would be surprised to not see a Cool Racerback Tank come out in Raw Blue and that we may see on this week or next. I'm hoping this Special Edition version comes in the Raw Blue. 
I tried on this Ikat Print Scuba and despite not loving the wildness of the print on me the scuba is super, super soft and the cream colored panels on it make it really elegant. If I see you wearing this scuba I may run up to pet you, it is that soft!

Power Y Tank Margarita Strata Stripe
Margarita is a much softer green then I thought it would be based on the elastic hair ties I've seen with the color and also the color swatch I posted. It's more of a pale apple green. I really like it but not sure how I like it on me. I may consider this one in a Cool Racerback though. Something low commitment.

I LOVE this tank. Much much more then the No Limit Tanks. I tried on both the size 8 and the size 10 and if I was not on a half marathon training plan I would have gone with the size 10. the 8 fit except that I could see slight muffin top with the pants I was wearing and that is not ideal in a baby doll style tank. Now that I'm home though I think the size 8 was the right choice and I no longer see muffin top for some reason. Perhaps it was the lighting in the fitting room. Anyways, there is room for improvement in the size 8 and the size 10 would have gotten too big very soon. I wish this tank came in a solid version. If it comes out in solid Aruba or Solid Margarita I will get a second one.

Coal Strata Cool Racerback is indeed as soft as a reader had told  me it is. This is a really pretty and flattering stripe and it's very slimming. Usually I think horizontal stripes are widening but I didn't find that in this tank. I love having a good neutral Cool Racerback that I can wear with everything. 


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Retro Lululemon Rumours?

Rumours are rampant today about Vintage lulu pieces making a comeback soon. I've heard now that the Gratitude Wrap may make an appearance in the next 3 weeks, and that the Deep V Tank will be making a comeback. I buy this because an old Deep V Tank was uploaded on the Canada side of the website last week and that's usually a sign of things to come (read the comments on this My Superficial Endeavors post), not always, but you have to wonder why they uploaded an old piece out of the blue.  Also, the Hot Class Bra has come out in the Australian stores in new colors as well as a return of Lullure Cool Racerbacks. When rumours like this appear as anonymous comments on blogs I tend to think they're planted from either educators or people in the know. Sometimes they don't pan out but most of the time I've found them to be true. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this because there are a lot of items on my Vintage Wish List. I seem to have a cardigan/wrap heavy list and the top on my list of course is the Gratitude Wrap. Oh well, I think I can make room for all of those lovelies if I sell some of my items. Lululemon should just do a total revisit of 2009, I think those are the items that are most coveted on the Lululemon Exchange Page.

What's on your Lululemon Vintage Wish List?
Coming Soon?
Hot Class Bra already in Australian Stores

These are the items on my Lulu Vintage wish list. 
In gorgeous colors like these please. Heathered Stitch and Heathered Fox fetch a pretty penny on ebay. I've never actually seen the Heathered stich up for resale. Whoever has one probably keeps a security tag on it. 

Sport Cardi. I love the big loopy knit of this cardigan and that the belt is attached. The ruched colar is such a nice unique lulu feature.
I remember seeing this in Heathered Aruba when I got my Tranquil Crops in the same color. I regret not purchasing it then but was really on a mission for crops at that time so passed on it. Lulu wasn't a compulsion at that time so I passed on a lot of items that I really liked. 
I'd love to see a Scuba version of the lux hoodie. I had one of these in the summer but sold it because I didn't quite love the color, and the fit was boxy just like the Remix. A scuba version would be amazing. The Lux material (beechlu) is so soft and silky but still quite dense and warm. The Dance Pulse Wrap was made of the same material.
This is another item I saw in store before I was a lulu 'collector' and I loved it but passed because I was pregnant at the time and couldn't imagine I would ever fit something like this again. I see them on ebay from time to time in colors like army green, soft pink and gold and I wish they would pop up in my size for a reasonable price but they never do. 
I've been wearing this bra a lot lately for running in as my Flow Y's have gotten too big on me. I really love the support of this tank and that it's such a pretty feminine design. And the cleavage it offers is a bonus. My only complaint about it is that it doesn't look so nice under a Cool Racerback which is my tank of choice for running in. It's not a deal breaker at all though and I still use it with my Cool Racerbacks. 

Scoop From Down Unda! Detail Pictures ~ Define Jacket, Pace Setter Skirt, Wunder Unders

Define Jacket Coal/Coal Strata Stripe
Wunder Under Pants Coal Strata Stripe


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spotted! Sandra Bullock in Head To Toe Lululemon

Thanks to reader Celina for sending this image my way. The gorgeous Sandra Bullock is wearing head to toe current Lululemon items that are in the This Just In album online. I really love her outfit and just wish I could pull off the Savasana Wrap the way she does, it's so elegant for what is essentially a sweatshirt. I'm now reconsidering the Savasana Wrap in Heathered Sand Dune even though I'm much too short for it.  I'm also loving her Effortless Tote in black. Her pants look like they may be Coal Wunder Under Pants.
Image from Just Jared


Friday, January 28, 2011

Scoop From Down Unda! Hot Class Tank Aruba/Coal

Finally a picture of the Coal Aruba Hot Class Tank we heard about in product alerts last week. I love it and will be getting it but I also wish lulu had made a solid Aruba version. I really like how the lower bodice of this tank, made of Sheer Luon Jersey, softens the colors so they look heathered. Aruba would have been so pretty in the sheer luon. I also think having it in a solid color makes it more casual wear and not so athletic. No bother,  I know this will be my Aruba item and I do like the combination of Aruba with Black/Coal.

and Coal Strata Wunder Unders. 

Sneak Peek of February Colors

These are the colors coming in February and I'm a bit disappointed by them. We saw Lagoon last Spring along with Passion which is similar to Flush. Margarita is a pretty green but I don't like greens on me in general unless they are the Ivy variety so I'm sure that will be a pass for me. Sprinkler is quite lovely but how many shades of blue can one have in her closet? It's just too close to Wish blue for me. Sprinkler looks like an in between Haze and Wish Blue color. What I'd really like to see are Brown/Cream neutrals (not grey/black neutrals, those don't count) more Raw Blue (need a Cool Racerback in Raw Blue I've decided) and more Rubber Ducky items. The only thing I am liking of this palette is the multi color Ikat print on the inside of the Sprinkler Blue Retro Groove Gym Bag (This bag is in March issue of Runners World) I like it in a print as a set but individually I'm not crazy about these colors. 

Retro Groove BagAlternate View

**Grenadine, Clean Green, Mystic Blue and Snow Cone are part of the mens line. Too bad, Grenadine is a gorgeous red and Mystic Blue is a stunning color as I posted about yesterday in 'color envy'.

Do share, do you love or hate this palette?

Men's palette

How It's Going Week 2 ~ Half Marathon Training

This weeks training had some highs and lows for me. I started week 2 of the Runners World Program that a friend gave me. She gave me both the Runners World version and one that a physio adapted for her sister who was running with a persnickety knee issue. So I have the option of floating between the two depending on how I'm doing since both programs seem to progress the same amount from week to week, one is just less intense then the other. I also took the suggestions of helpful readers on my last 'How It's Going' post and printed off the McMillan Pace Calculator to guide me with my pace. We discovered from my last long run that my calorie burn was super high on my long run (800 cals) and after a bit of digging realized that it was because I was running at max pace the entire run. So by the end of 4 miles I was spent.

This weeks long run was 5 miles run at my 'LSD' pace (thanks to the pace calucator) and I burned a more reasonable 536 calories with an elevation gain of 308. I found with the slower pace I was able to run farther but also enjoy my run much more. I also stole my husbands ipod for this run and think I may start using my own for my long runs. He has much better taste in music then I do though (Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits) so I may just keep taking his or alternating ipods to keep it fresh. Usually I'm anti ipod for running outdoors since I find I really become dependent on the device to keep me distracted from the running and then after a while I can't go without it. I'm also always afraid of getting hit by a car.  Since I'm doing half marathon training and will be going on 2 hour + long runs I may find it too hard to keep myself entertained with stream of consciousness thinking alone so I think I just need to relax my rules about ipod free running.

My low this week was last nights run. My legs have been feeling like lead since my long run and also I had been up almost all night the night before (teething cranky baby, what else is new) and probably also slightly dehydrated so when I hopped on to the treadmill to do my short 3 mile run I had to jump off after just before 2 miles. I was so tired and thirsty that I could not continue for even a minute more. It was so discouraging because every time that happens I feel like I'll not be able to complete my next long run either and i'll just regress and go back to zero and be a total failure. So now I'm dreading Saturdays 4 mile run and almost feel like I should do a 1 mile run tonight to make up for my missed mile yesterday. Yes, I am OCD about the numbers. I am taking tonight off though because I'd rather have fresher legs tomorrow and do a 4 mile run then to finish the week off with a 1 mile run. That just figures though, I complete my longest run the other day and also have one bad run and at the end of the week the one I'm left thinking about was last nights crap run.
wish these were my wheels


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Color Envy

I'm having a serious case of color envy at the moment. This blue in the mens line is gorgeous!! Why can't we have a Swiftly LS in this color??? Don't ask me what shirt he's wearing because the mens side of the Lululemon website seems to be down and I can't check. Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve Tee Mystic Blue

It almost looks like a Metal Vent Tech Tee which means it is Swiflty Material. Please lulu, could you make us a Run Swiftly Shirt in this color? A'course it could be the guy making this shirt stand out to me but I'm pretty sure it's also a nice looking color ;p

Another Soft Cool Racerback!!

I was really happy to get a message today from a reader telling me she just purchased the Coal Strata Cool Racerback Tank and that it is as soft as running luon and made of almost the identical fabric composition as her Brisk Neck Warmer (I have the neck warmer and it is super soft). This Cool Racerback Tank is 55% Nylon, 37% Polyester 85 Lycra Spandex. The Neck Warmer she compares it to is identical except for it has 1% less Polyester. Ever since my super soft Heathered Power Purple Micro Stripe Cool Racerback Tank I've been reading tags and feeling luon in the hunt for another equally soft tank. My Power Purple one is my go to tank for both running in and lounging around in. I've worn it to bed a few times too, that's how much I love it. I just prefer spending $39 on a tank when I know it's going to get that much use thanks to it's softness. I can't wait to pick this one up when it comes available.
Coal Strata Coal Racerback Tank
Heathered Power Purple Micro Stripe Cool Racerback Tank

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