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Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Running Luon Tight! Chase Tight

I hadn't even heard a whisper about these tights which is unusual but here they are! Chase Tights made out of running luon (dreamy! just like the inside of the Dog Runners) with a fold over waist. Aimee, who posted this picture took a pass on them because of a seam detail at the back of the leg, but she otherwise loved them.  Price is $98 and the fold over panel can cover about 3/4 of said 'not small' bum.



  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love this! Is this pic from a Canadian store or US?

  3. That's my photo -- yeah! :) The correct name is "Chasse Tight" (think dance step). I'm pretty sure the color is Heathered Coal, but I didn't look at the tag carefully. If this came in maybe a Heathered Black, I would reconsider it.

  4. Canadian or US store please Aimee. Tania


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