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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Did You Order The City Beat Pant This Upload Thursday Morning?

Many of you have been waiting for the City Beat Pant to finally get uploaded to the website and this morning it was part of the upload. And then this evening it was put into Loot/We Made Too Much. If you ordered the same one that is currently in loot, Black Denim,  you have the option of refusing your order from Fedex when it arrives. This way your order gets refunded with no shipping charges to you.
Uploaded at 7am this morning 

Moved to markdown this evening. 



  1. OMG I am honestly choking laughing lol

  2. If you look more closely, you can see that the one that is on sale is black denim and the ones at full price are regular luon.

  3. yes that is correct. You can still refuse your order if you purchased the heathered black or black and now prefer the cheaper denim version.

  4. Thank you Thank you Thank you! I've been kvetching for weeks about how the black denim city beat pants are just too small in size 10. I'm a happy camper now!

  5. Boohoo! The WMTM upload actually has a bunch of tanks I wanted :( But Bulerias is out of my size in the colour I want! Grr

  6. Just a warning, you may want to size up if getting the black denim city beat pants, as opposed to the luon ones. I have the black in my regular size 8, but I could barely get the 8 in the denim up over my hips, let alone move in them!


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