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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cute Outfits!

I really like the Heathered Beachy Green Scuba paired with the Beachy Green Cool Racerback Tank and the Repetition Crops. I wish the scuba had a bit more darker contrast to it to balance out the darker zipper.

Savasana Wrap in Heathered Dune and Light Grey Pique Wunder Unders. I'm so tempted by the newest Savasana wrap. I like both this Heathered Dune one and the Heathered Heron Grey/Coal Strata Stripe. 


Love These Pictures!

This picture of the Lacey Lulu Hotshort is so cute! I never usually notice the underwear since it's not something I'm shopping for but these pictures caught my attention. 


Upload Thursday ~ My Temptations

Looks like Upload has wrapped up. Notable mentions are the newest  Poncho Stripe Hustle Jackets and Black Pique In Stride Jacket. No Ikat Cool Racerback Tank or the newest Scuba Hoodies were uploaded today. The Ikat Cool Racerback didn't surprise me since I haven't seen it in local stores yet. I'm really liking Rubber Ducky, Aruba and Purple Crush and I hope we see more items released in these colors for a while longer. I particularly want to see a Heathered Aruba item such as a Scuba hoodie or Live Simply Tee. I need to replace my Tranquil Crops that I got in the summer and really, I didn't love the crops but I did love the Heathered Aruba it came in so I will be mad at myself if I miss out on something in Aruba. 

What did you guys buy today or feel tempted by?

I'm not a big fan of yellow unless it's a soft buttercup yellow like Rubber Ducky or Chirp. I'm feeling so tempted by this CRB but I'm not in need of another one so I would like to see another tank or shirt in Rubber Ducky. I may pull the trigger on it though and sell a few CRB's to make room. Whaddaya think?
Cool Racerback Tank Rubber Ducky. 

Savasana Wrap Heathered Heron Grey/Coal Strata Stripe
Now that I'm seeing more pictures of the newest Savasana Wraps on Facebook I'm convinced that the wrap fit me better then the last run of wraps in the early fall.  This color is quite lovely but I'm holding out for the Gratitude Wrap. Eventually I would like a Savasana Wrap.

Speed Up Tank Purple Crush. 
I like this tank but the Light Up Tanks in Summer where priced a little high at $68 and with the reflective strips removed I think the price should reflect that.  Purple Crush sure is pretty in luxtreme though.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Colors! A Refresher For Tomorrows Upload

Finally the newest Scuba Hoodies. Yes I am quite liking Heathered Beachy Green. I may very well get tempted by that one tomorrow.
Heathered Purple Crush, Heathered Beachy Green. (plastic zippers/not contrasted with white)
The newest colors of Cool Racerback Tanks
Rubber Ducky (cute!), Concord Grape, Aruba (old favourite) Purple Crush and Beachy Green (also like).

Speed Up Tank I liked my Light Up Tanks a lot so this is a reconsider later Wish list Item.
Groove Pants
Concord Grape/Ikat, Heathered Purple Crush, Black Quilt Rays (or Quilt Bone, referred both ways), Beachy Green/Heathered Beachy Green

Upload Thursday Eve

I'm thinking were going to see a pretty big upload tomorrow including those Poncho Stripe Hustle Jackets that never made it to last weeks upload, newest Cool Racerback Tank colors (Concord Grape, Purple Crush, Rubber Ducky, Beachy Green, Aruba). I don't think we'll see the Concord Grape Itak Cool Racerback Tank uploaded unless it hits local stores today. I'm sure we'll see the newest Itak Define Jacket, the newest Savasana WrapIn Stride Jacket in Coal Denim, Black Pique, Concord Grape, Scuba Hoodies in Heathered Beachy Green and Heathered Purple Crush and Repetition Crops and Repetition Pants.

I'm noticing a lack of Facebook pictures and Product Alert photos of what's currently in stores lately so if your only shopping experience is online I'm really sad I haven't been able to provide you with pictures of the new Scuba Hoodie colors for you (we now have one). The Movement Jacket I posted about last night was thanks to a reader that sent me pictures. Anyways, hopefully we'll see some more pictures soon so we can build better wish lists in anticipation of uploads.

I have a pretty good paypal booty since the Lululemon Exchange Page has been hot with Lulu ADD buyers these past few days so If I see anything new tomorrow that I haven't seen in stores yet I may feel tempted.

What are you guys hoping to see uploaded tomorrow?
Cool Racerback Cool Racerback


No Limit Tank!!

A new product notice from Australia shows the No Limit Tank coming in Black and Grape (the one pictured is Black/Oasis). I would have liked to have seen this come out with a non black Circle Mesh version. Maybe Aruba and Beachy Green? Something different from what we've seen at least.
**Update: Also coming in Black/Concord Grape Itak
Sizes 4-12
No Limit TankNo Limit TankAlternate View

Lululemon Stocks Are Up Up UP!

Are we consumers surprised? Lululemon issued this press release with a revised forcast for their fourth quarter (ending January 30th 2011) due to higher then expected net revenue. Lululemon now expects diluted earnings to be in the range of $0.55 to $0.57 instead of it's previous guidance range which was $0.46 to $0.48. So what's behind this fever pitch growth? What has changed with the company over the last year that has caused such positive hyper growth? If you have any insight we'd love to hear it.
Lululemon on Boxing Day 2010

And some further reading at these links:
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New Scuba ~ Heathered Purple Crush

This is the new Heathered Purple Crush Scuba Hoodie. I'm hoping to see a picture of the Heathered Beachy Green because I'm drawn to that one more and am considering it.

Movement Jacket

Thanks to reader Trisha we have some pictures of a new jacket callled the Movement Jacket which is made of Cotton French Terry, comes in Concord Grape, Coal and Black and is priced at $98. I'll post more info when I have it but so far I'm really liking the ruched details at the front pockets and at the hood.  I like the overall look of this jacket but I would prefer it in a lighter color.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Newest Items: Speed Up Tank, In Stride, Cool Racerbacks, Savasana Wrap, Repetition Crops

Speed Up Tank  in aruba. Almost identical to the Light Up Tank from the summer.
In Stride Lolo...Oops, I mean Concord Grape

Concord Grape Cool Racerback over Purple Crush Cool Racerback Tank

Savasana Wrap and Repetition Crops. I'm liking the Aruba/Black Repetition Crops!


Store Report ~ Savasana Fit Report

I went in to Coquitlam Lulu today during my weekly mommy playdate/shopping trip. I tried on the new version of the Savasana Wrap in Heathered Sand Dune/Coal Dip Dye out of curiosity because it just looked different to me yesterday from past Savasana Wraps. The educator I asked wasn't sure of any design changes to the wrap itself other then the metal logo on the rear bottom hem and the velvet contrast ribbon defining inside and outer fabric. I'm almost certain it fits me differently from the others I've tried on in the past and I'm dying to have some of you guys confirm that for me as well.  I tried on the 8 and the arms felt a lot bigger and although the wrap still did not fully close over my hips it was a much better fit then the Lolo purple one I've tried before (in both 8 and 10). I do love this wrap, particularly the neck, but it just doesn't suite my short curvy frame at all. In the right color and when I lose a few inches off my hips I would probably let a Savasana Wrap join my closet community.
**Forgot to mention, NO thumbholes.

I also saw the In Stride in Concord Grape and I did a double take because the color is virtually Lolo with perhaps a very subtle difference in hue. I thought at first it was a rogue Lolo Stride from September.
In Stride JacketIn Stride JacketAlternate View
I also saw a few new Cool Racerbacks in Concord Grape, Beachy Green (nice!) and Aruba (very nice!) but the rack was still pretty bare. I'm awaiting the Lullure Cool Racerbacks to make an appearance as well as the Concord Grape Itak Cool Racerback although I've decided to not buy that one unless it comes in colors other then black/concord grape. I can't imagine they will leave the Cool Racerback section that empty for very long. Some of you from the US may have noticed how empty the online store has been of Cool Racerbacks as well. Hopefully we get a really big upload this week.
Cool Racerback Cool Racerback Alternate View
Cool Racerback Cool Racerback Alternate View

Monday, January 10, 2011

Newest Items: Concord Grape Cool Racerback Tank, Itak Cool Racerback, Savasana Wrap, In Stride Black Pique

I finally tore the tags off my new In Stride Jacket Black Pique after wearing it around the house for the evening. It's currently below freezing in Vancouver and snowing and I had to go for a walk to the store so I layered this under my Hustle Jacket and it was really comfortable and warm. I didn't expect to be buying a new jacket today but I really love this one. I was feeling a bit of regret last week at not getting a Pique Stride but now I'm glad I got a hoodless version. The Cool Racerback she's wearing under the In Stride is Beachy Green.
New Savasana Wrap and Concord Grape Cool Racerback Tank. I want to try this on tomorrow to see if the fit has been updated. They have gone back to using the little metal logos on this jacket which looks so much more elegant and subtle then the embroidered ones we saw in the fall. I didn't write down the color code of this jacket but it's just a bit lighter then my Heathered Mudd Gratitude Wrap and the Inside is beige. The Black Savasana Wrap is Black on the inside and out and both wraps are trimmed with velvet ribbon which looks really pretty in person.


What Pants Are These?

On the Canadian side of the website, under 'We Made Too Much' there is an Aruba Flow Y mistakenly listed (full price). I went to check it out and noticed the pants in the picture are also new. I really like the band on these and wonder if they're running tights or Wunder Unders. I'd be all over these if they're running tights. It seems like Lulu is uploading things a little early in preparation for Upload Thursday. This afternoon we saw the No Limit Tank appear for a few minutes in all sizes and then disappear. I suspect we'll be seeing these very same No Limit Tanks shortly appear on ebay at jacked up prices, but perhaps it was a mistaken upload that was quickly taken down and will reappear on Thursdays upload.


Effortless Tote ~ Similar in Size to Bon Voyage Duffel?

This picture puts the Effortless Tote in context so you get to see the size in comparison to a real person. It looks to me about as large as the Bon Voyage Duffel, perhaps slightly smaller. I love my Bon Voyage Duffel but it was rather large for daily use. Great for summer excursions though.
The Effortless ToteThe Effortless ToteAlternate View
  • An exterior drawcord allows the tote to be quickly cinched shut, ending zipper struggles forever
  • Additional hidden top zipper provides more security when needed
  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap
  • External back zippers open into a larger pocket, ideal for a yoga mat or super sweaty gym gear
  • Interior neoprene pocket holds a 15 in/38 cm laptop
  • Tested to hold 50 lbs/22 kg
  • 20"x 15"x 7"


Ikat Define and Lively Tee, Repetition Pants and Savasana Wrap

I like that the Define Jacket has just a few pops of pattern on it. If you like Itak in moderation this is a good choice. The Lively Tee is a bit too busy for me though.

I didn't get to try the Savasana on today which I saw in this color as well as in Black but I wonder if perhaps they updated the fit of it and that's why it's getting released again. I would love the Savasana if only it fit me better around the hips. I would much rather see the Gratitude Wrap though and I hope the release of the Savasana doesn't mean we wont be seeing the Gratitude Wrap.
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