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Friday, December 31, 2010

Duh!!! Raw Blue.

I was just thinking how much I love Raw Blue and decided to look online under 'Shop by Color' well low and behold the Run Ambition Crops pop up and I just now noticed that the Raw Blue on these are the entire pant and not a contrast color as I had first thought. Some of us have been asking for a while for new fun colors for the run crops since were all Coal and Blacked Out. I may give these a try on Monday when I go back to the store. Raw Blue almost looks black, it's deeper then Navy so it will look really great with a lot of the items I have (Teal, Lilac, Cool Blue, Snorkel)..but it may look awful paired with other colors. I wonder how this will look with my Plum Hustle Jacket. If I see a pair of tights that are all Raw Blue with no contrast color on them I'll be all over it. For now, these officially have me intrigued.


Fit Report ~ Outward Bound Pants, Resolution Pants, Alpine Tights, Dash Crops on Markdown

I'm so disappointed in my store trip today. I finally decided that I do indeed need winter weight running pants and was committed to parting with my gift cards for a practical *need* purchase. I tried on the Resolution Pants in Raw Blue and loved them, fit and all except for one thing. The seam detail at the top of the butt. the inner layer fabric also has this same seam detail but it's unattached so when the top fabric moves you can see a line underneath. It looked like my undies were bunched up and sitting low but it was in fact the inner fabric seam. I was so mad because other then that the size 8 fit the best and looked really cute on. On the other hand I decided I want Lululemon to pretty please make Dance Studio Pants in Raw Blue. 
**Update. I decided to give these ones a second shot. I really really love the Raw Blue and the Waist on them and I also decided I like the idea of wearing a layer over top of tights I already have and having warmish pants that are not tech fleece warm. I hope the ones I tried on today were the only ones that had the seam issue. Or I'll have to decide if that is something I can live with.

Resolution Pant Raw Blue

The Alpine Tights were another disappointment for me mostly because I really liked them as well and heard great reviews from friends but the fit was not working for me in the 8 or 10. The size 8 would not go over my hips no matter how hard I tugged on them. Ok, I can live with getting these in a size 10. But then size 10 were hard to pull up over my hips too. They did come on with a bit of a tug but then they were really loose and baggy in the crotch area. They sagged down low between my legs and looked awful. I liked the snug fit on the lower leg and the cozy pajama feel of these as well as the high rise. But these are not meant for my curvy hips. Poo poo on this one Lululemon. 

I almost came home with these Outward Bound Pants. They fit great, I loved that they weren't tights and had a pant look and reflective detailing on the bottom.  I was a bit on the fence with these as they are almost too warm and unfortunately they were on sale (yes I actually said that). I ended up not getting them because for the whole $8 off I would have saved with these on sale I was kissing away my ability to exchange them if I changed my mind. I really hate markdowns that small because for the $3-$9 dollar savings I would much rather pay full price and be able to return or exchange them if I'm less then 100% sure on them. Poo - poo on markdowns not worth the trade off and poor return policies. 

I got these Dash Crops on markdown the other day and I am very, very pleased with these. This is a markdown that enticed me enough to try something I wouldn't have purchased otherwise, especially since there out of season. Regular price was $86 and I got them for $59 - almost $30 off!! Now that's more like it.  I ran in these yesterday morning and I loved the fit. The rise was perfect and the compression was firmer then my Inspire Crops which meant that the Coal Luxtreme didn't show imperfections the way coal bottoms usually would on me. No sliding at all while running and the higher rise meant zero muffin top. 

SE Cool Racerback Tank Worn With Different Bras

This is the SE Edition Cool Racerback Tank shown with different bras. I don't mind a bit of bra strap showing sometimes. My Free to Be bra straps show when I wear a Cool Racerback and it looks secksi and strappy and well balanced.  I'm just not liking the look of this tank with any of the bras because they don't add anything to the tank. Of all of these pictures I think the Flow Y on the bottom bothers me the least.  How do you like the look of the bras showing with this tank?
Worn with a Hot Racer Bra
50 Rep Bra
Flow Y

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The New Hotness Video from Halifax

This video features the Run Ambition Pullover in Passion, Outward Bound Jacket, Run Resolution Pullover and Faded Zap swiftly.

I went for a run today in -4* and wore my Inspire Pullover and I found it to be slightly less warm then the Ambition Pullover I wore yesterday. I'm now considering spending my lulu bucks on Alpine Pants as my thighs and butt were super cold. I hate spending my gift card on winter run pants because I'll only use them for the next month and maybe two months and then they will be put away in my closet but I also don't want to spend the next month on the treadmill. *sigh* dilemmas.

the new hotness at lululemon athletica Halifax - December 30 from lululemon athletica Halifax on Vimeo.

Upload Thursday

Bigger upload then I expected today but nothing in it tempted me enough to whip out my gift card. I ordered some Groovy Run Shorts/Black Roses the other night to try on at home in a size up just to see if the length is better for me then the size 8 which felt too short. I think even if they're too loose in the waist I can cinch them up and they should look ok even as I lose weight.  I've been wanting some shorts to use for my treadmill runs since I've been using my Still Shorts that are one size too big. It's been so annoying wearing those with the extra fabric flopping around and the waist cinched up so I really hope I like the Groovy Run Shorts, I love them with the print. I just wish they made a longer version of them just for me.

What did you buy today?

Oooh I feel a moment of temptation for the Power Purple Hustle even though I have the Plum coming to me and that's the one I ultimately want.  Power Purple is such a lovely color though and I almost wish I could have two Hustle Jackets. 

Run Outward Bound Jacket  White. Very cute and warm running jacket. 

Inner Awareness Tank Passion. I'm not in need of a new tank but I like how comfortable this one is and loose around the tummy. 

Stride Jacket II  not loving the new neon palette. I can pass on these Strides. 

Candlelight Tank Multi Water Wall Print I've worn this tank very often since I got it a few weeks ago. It's one of the most comfortable tanks I have which is why it's my go to tank to wear under a scuba. And I love the print, I wish they had more items coming in this print. I stayed TTS in this tank and it fits perfectly, although If you have a bigger chest then me (36C) you may find it a little tight in the upper back and under the arms.  

Run Ambition Crops and I feel tempted for these ones as well as the Alpine tights since my thighs were a little bit cold on my run the other day (very little cold, I was being a wuss). But truthfully I really don't want to spend my Lulu bucks on warm running tights that I wont use in the Spring so I'd rather tough out the cold. I always remind myself to tough it out when I see the old guys running in shorts. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Upload Thursday Eve

I'm a bit torn about tomorrows upload because I have a feeling it will be a disappointing one for me and yet I have lulu bucks to spend (isn't it always the case that when you get gift cards to spend your disappointed with whats available). I'm pretty much done with the current palette with one Snorkel Blue item and no interest in the other colors or items. Neons for spring don't really appeal to me. My guess is that we will see the new Stride Jackets tomorrow in Faded Zap/Micro Stripe Zap, Passion/Micro Stripe Passion, and Snorkel/Micro Stripe Snorkel. Maybe the new Modern Racerback Tanks and headbands and accessories in these colors. Maybe we will get lucky and see the Lullure Cool Racerbacks in Peacock, Pond and India Ink in which case I would grab one to see if I like it.

What are you guys hoping to get tomorrow with all those hot little gift cards? Or will you be saving them for another palette?
Stride Jacket


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ambition Pullover Review #2

I just got back from my run wearing my new Ambition Pullover and I LOVE IT!! I did a fit review of it a few days ago over here, but that was purely based on fit and aesthetics. This is by far the most comfortably designed run pullover I have used to date for running (Run Like The Wind, Spirit, Inspire) and am so happy I jumped on it on Boxing Day because by the time I got home it was all sold out online. I had mild reservations of buying a luxtreme pullover as those are not a first choice for me (I like cozy and soft) but the fact that it's the new brushed power luxtreme on the inside made me want to try it. Plenty cozy on the inside and nice durable luxtreme outside. Perfect sweat wicking.

The thing I loved the most of this pullover was that it's such a relaxed fit in the arms and body with no seam details or fussyness. The size 8 left plenty of roominess in my chest and arms. I loved the ribbed hem at the bottom which kept the pullover nicely in place over my luxteme tights and I loved the added length which was nice for warmth. This felt like I just threw on a cozy pull over sweatshirt. I forgot to notice if the hood pulls were bothering me which means I didn't notice them at all during my run. I left it uncinched and my neck was a little bit cool at the start of my run but I could have cinched that up if it bothered me.

The temp when I set out was 4* but with the windchill it was -1* and I was quit chilled when I started out but at 4, almost 5 minutes out I was warm enough and comfortable with just my Cool Racerback underneath, Inspire Crops and my Featherweight socks. Next time I may bring my Brisk Neck Warmer in addition to my Brisk Ear Warmers. I was planning on wearing my Brisk Run Gloves but my daughter decided to play with them a few minutes before I was leaving and she dunked them in her new water table. The tuck-ins were good enough to keep my hands warm and I find I'm really loving the new long ruched running luon sleeves with thumbholes and tuck ins that are in the new running jackets, Post Run Pullover and Run Pullovers. I only wish it had a watch hole.

I loved using my Garmin 110 today. It is so simple to use and so easy to sync my watch to my laptop. I used to spend a few minutes writing my run into my calendar with guestimates of distance and pace after every single run. Today I just hit print and I had a graph printed out with every detail I ever will want to know. My husband splurged and got me the heart rate monitor which I'm glad about as I use a wireless one on my treadmill. I don't use it each run because it's a chore to remember but I like the option of using it on a once a week long run. I was really pleased to learn that my pace is a bit faster then I guestimated, especially on a short and easy does it run.

On a side note, my husband gave me a nice lululemon compliment today which is rare because he hates to encourage my Lululemon shopping. In fact he likes to actively discourage it by telling me he hates Lululemon. Anyways, I've been wearing my Live Simply Crewneck Tee Black Roses Print a lot during the holidays and today I wore it under my Scuba hoodie. He said 'where did you get that shirt from?' (duh!) and I nervously told him it was a Lululemon shirt I got 'I dunno, a while ago I guess'. And he said 'I like that shirt a lot, the print really flatters your figure'. Ok, I'm taking liberties here because he said 'flatters your figure' in guy terms but I wont share that here. I got my shirt online and ended up with a really pretty distribution of flowers throughout. a few areas of white space in the front with scatterings of little roses that are balance very nicely. I also got my shirt in a size down for a more fitted look then the model is wearing below. So there you have it, the Black Roses Print is guy approved. Lululemon, please make more Black Roses Print items, or reverse the print to white roses on black background. 


Outward Bound Jacket Detail Shots

I'm heading out shortly for an inaugural post toe surgery run which I'm sure will be super short and sweet, but at least I mustered up the motivation to get dressed for my run. I'm testing out my new Ambition Pullover (will post about it later today) as well as my new Garmin 110. I can't tell you how happy I am that I no longer need to carry a stop watch around in my sports bra. Until then I leave you with these Outward Bound Jacket detail shots. I really like this jacket but I ended up choosing the Hustle Jacket (not arriving till next week) because I loved the Plum Shale and the 'prettiness' of it and thought it had more reflectivity then the Outward Bound Jacket.


Run Ambition Pullover & New Power Y Tank

Run Ambition Pullover  in Black. I really liked the look of the black but I hate wearing a black top with black bottoms and so I usually stay away from Black at Lululemon. The good thing about the Ambition Pullover in Black though is that it wont fade at all so it will always be a nice crisp black.
Here it is in White and Snorkel. I also liked the White but I know that eventually I would get bored of it in white so I got it in Snorkel.

Power Y Tank I like that these are trimmed in solid colors. This is Passion/Microstripe Passsion. I have a Passion 5yr Pima Tee which looks a lot different from the Passion currently in stores. It's hard to say though because colors change from fabric to fabric and there are no new items in Passion/Pima Cotton. I think my t-shirt is a bit more coral/orangy pink and slightly less intense then what's in stores.  


Monday, December 27, 2010

And The Winner Is....

For a $20 Lululemon gift card.

Vicki who wrote:
I love this blog! It is my favorite thing to sit and have my morning coffee while reading up! My sister in law lost a baby late in pregnancy last year, and is now (yay) pregnant again. I am really wanting to get her something Lulu for this time around, because while she can't mentally relax right now, at least she can be comfy right? I am thinking a nice pair of stills, or relaxed fit crops! Thanks again for the great contest!

You have 72 hours to contact me at and claim your prize. If the winner fails to claim this prize a new name will be drawn.

Faded Zap, Passion and Snorkel Blue Microstripes ~ Scuba, Inner Awareness Tank, SE Cool Racerback

I went in to Lulu today to return some things I got and the store was more insane then it was on Boxing day. I waited about 15 minutes in a line to get in the store and another 10 minutes in a lineup at the register, but I was just happy that they were willing to process the returns for me so I was happy to wait. This means more Lulu bucks for me to spend later.  I was surprised that of all the new items that came in the only thing that I was dying to get was the ambition pullover in Snorkel. I'm finding I like the Snorkel in Luxtreme but not so much in any of the other fabrics and not the microstripe version either. Passion and Faded Zap are probably going to be a pass for me as well, I like them enough I just don't love those colors or feel the need to have any of the new items. Nice to get to a palette that I feel I can sit out on.

SE Cool Racerback Tank I checked this Cool Racerback today in Snorkel Blue/Microstripe Snorkel Blue and the color was ok - I'm not really a fan of the microstripe in the passion/snorkel/faded zap pallet and much preferred it in the Power Purple or the Black Cool Racerbacks. I also really didn't like the racerback part which is just mesh sewn over top of luon. 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Final Boxing Day Tally

Ok, since I've had time to mull over how best to spend my  my gift card money I thought I'd share what I got today. Also I know you've all been riveted in anticipation to see what I do about my embarrassment of riches situation with all of my running pullovers and wether or not I'm keeping the Ambition Pullover. 

First of all, I came to the impulsive decision to sell my Spirit Pullover which I love but have used just a few times. It's a very warm pullover and I think it's maybe just too warm for Vancouver winters and it's wrong to keep items as museum pieces. Really, it's just a few months of winter and I have enough pullovers to last this winter. I need to get a grip on my pullover collecting. There will be more pullovers next winter and I may very well be in a size 6 by then. That's the plan at least.
buy me but only if you love me and will let me live my potential.

A lulu angel came forward to me and offered to order me a Hustle Jacket in Plum off the website. Hooray!! So I'm now replacing one superfluous pullover for a Jacket.

In the end I ordered off 'We Made Too Much' the Dash Crops in Lilac to match my Lilac Inspire Pullover. I've always loved the look of these crops and have heard nothing but great reviews of them so I thought on markdown I'd be crazy to pass these up. They will be my first Coal running tights too so I'm happy that they're different enough from my Run Inspire Crops. I love that these have reflectivity in them too.

Thirdly, I've decided to keep the Run Ambition pullover after all. I love the color of it and the simple and comfortable design (here is my fit review). The added length is perfect for me and the weight of this will take me from Winter to Spring. I've run around the house a bit (as much as my sore toe allowed) and found that the neck ties don't bother me with flapping around unless I cinch them up and leave them untied. Un-cinched very little of the ties are actually exposed and when I cinch it up I can just tie a bow in it to keep it from flapping while I run. 

Of all the lulu I got yesterday for Christmas I must say I'm really enjoying my Wish Blue Scuba Hoodie most of all. I've been wearing it all day long and find I'm much more a plain ol' solid colored scuba person. I'll still have some gift card money left over after this closet shuffle and loot purchase to spend but I think I'll be holding on to that for a while and using that for something with a new and great print which was my original lulu diet I had planned on sticking too. I'm looking forward to getting back to running hopefully later this week so that I can use my new Garmin and am glad I settled on some good running gear to re-inspire me. 4 weeks off of running has really gotten my mood down and I'm in need of returning to my old 3-4 days a week routine to get me some much needed stress relief.  Maybe you'll see a post run fit review of the Ambition Pullover by the end of the week.

My Boxing Day Conquest.

I braved the not so crazy crowds this morning and was disappointed to not find any Hustle Jackets in my size in either Plum Shale or Power Purple (if any of you have a size 8 or 10 your not keeping let me know). There were line ups for both Lululemon and Aritzia but they moved really quickly (maybe 5 minutes to get into Lulu?) and the checkout line at Lulu was 2 minutes so it was not a bother at all. I could have just shopped from home today for better selection but it was nice to get out with my sister without our kids and brows around at a leisurely pace.

I did see all the new pullovers today and grabbed the Ambition Pullover in Snorkel size 8. When I first saw Snorkel I wasn't sure that I would like it on me but when I saw it in person today it looked much brighter and intense then I expected and really love the color on me after all. The fit is not as slouchy on me as it is in the pictures on the website so for that look I'll have to loose a few pounds and get back on running track (I've been off for 4 weeks now. Blah!!) but the size 8 is comfortable and roomy so it didn't make sense to go with the 10 as I can make the 8 fit better with a little bit of effort and motivation. I do really like this pullover a lot but I think I need to take inventory of the running pullovers I have and decide if I'm going to keep this one and sell another or just take this one back. I think it makes more sense for me to get a Hustle Jacket if I can get my hands on one.

The Run Resolution Pullovers did not appeal to me at all. They have way too much going on with the ruching, microstripe and contrast details (as Luluaddict mentioned today) but the one thing I did like about it is that the running luon is much, much softer then usual. I find this is the case with heathered and microstripe items. The running luon just seemed a bit fluffier and stretchier then other pullovers have been. I didn't get a chance to try anything on though as the fitting room lineups were very long and I didn't see anything else I wanted to try on that made the wait worth it. The Resolution LS's where quite nice and if I didn't already have my Inspire Pullovers I would have grabbed one of those too.


Happy Boxing Day!

Hooray! A major upload of 'We Made Too Much' which included everything on my dream list. The only thing that really peaked my interest from the list was the Run Dash Crops but I still haven't pulled the trigger on those. I may have liked the Express Yourself Wraps for the $50 range but my store had repriced (not marked down) the Express Yourself Wraps to $99 last month so this doesn't feel like a sale price to me. What are you guys happy to see on todays upload? 

Run Ambition Pullover I love it but I'm still on the fence about getting it. I think I need to see it in person first. Even then I think I prefer getting the Hustle Jacket in Plum but I think I missed the boat on that one. 

Scuba Hoodie Passion/Passion Microstripe. I'm not liking the microstripe scubas. They have a denimy look to them which is kind of cute but from afar the color looks washed out. The Passion Microstripe is mislabeled as Passion Sailor Stripe


Saturday, December 25, 2010

I'm Pooped! Here Are Some New Pictures.

Hey gang, hope you all got some great lulu today under your tree.  I got some gift cards that I wasn't expecting so it looks like my sister and I will be heading to Lulu tomorrow morning (sans kids!!! =D)for Boxing Day shopping after all. It will be interesting to see how much of my list has made it to the racks. I also got a lovely Garmin 110 which I've been wanting for a while now so I'm considering getting some winterish running tights along with the Ambition Pullover and if I should be so very lucky I want to find the Hustle jacket in Plum so that I can brave the chill and put the Garmin to use as soon as my toe heals up. I think the top of my list is the Hustle Jacket and second is the Ambition Pullover.

These are shots of the Run Ambition Pullover with detail pictures of the hood and ties. I'm liking the white.

Run Ambition Pullover in White and Run Resolution Pullovers in Microstripe Passion and Microstripe Snorkel

I notice the Microstripe Passion with Passion contrast and Microstripe Snorkel with Snorkel contrast sort of looks like denim.
Run Speed Shorts in Passion Red Plaid. Looks cute with the more subdued grey top.

Swiftly's in Passion and Faded Zap. Faded Zap is interesting in the swiftly material as it's quite different from the others that have been out.

Run Resolution Pants. These look interesting! I like the waistband on these since I usually have trouble with luxtreme sliding down in the waist a bit. Hmmm...lulu, why not make luxtreme running tights with this type of a waist?

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