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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Roses Print Wunder Unders and Some new Pictures

I like the Black Roses Print Wunder Under Pants except for the black seam detailing down the  butt and down the front. I wish it was a more subtle seam, particularly in the front. Black on white is just too much of a contrast for seams in that area. The top right photo shows the texture in the fabric and how the print sort of becomes sheer when it stretches.
See what I mean about the black contrast seam?

Cute color combo for the Yogi Dance Tank. I like the Black Sailor Stripe Print one the best.

Hustle Jacket in Plum. Great jacket for $148.

Cuddle Up Jacket

Sparkled Heathered Clarity Grey Cuddle Up

Hustle Jacket Pictures

A close up of the print. Also, here is my mini fit report from this afternoon.

Cool Racerback Fabric Composition

This is the Power Purple Mini Stripe Cool Racerback Tank. It is very, very soft and feels a lot like a thin version of Running Luon. The fabric composition of this one is 67% Nylon, 25% polyester 8%lycra/spandex.

This is the Cool Racerback Tank with the Black Roses Print (My hang tag says Black Roses Print FYI, I have not seen any that say Coal) It feels a lot different than standard Luon Cool Racerbacks as well as the Static Cool Racerback. I think this is because of the composition required in order to print such a delicate pattern on it where crisper lines are needed. You can see in this picture over the bust area where the fabric stretches out a bit that it is slightly sheer on the middle/right side. It's more noticeable over the black portions of the print. The composition of this Cool Racerback Tank is 94% polyester and 6% Spandex/Lycra. In the end, it doesn't matter terribly as long as it still has the same wicking and performing properties that we expect in a Cool Racerback, but if your ordering online then you can know not to expect it to feel like regular Luon Cool Racerbacks.

Mini Try on Report - Hustle Jacket + Inaugural Chai Time Pullover wearing

First of all I have to say that I am in love with the Chai Time Pullover. I decided to throw caution to the wind and take the tags off today to wear to play date. I've been a bit worried about potential pilling but I figure if it happens in an excessive amount then I can take it back to my local store for a credit. So far so good as far as pilling goes. I also was a bit concerned that this top would be a little to cool to wear in for winter given that it's so thin. Not so, I was really very warm in this and was able to wear just the Chai Time Pullover with no underlayer and just my Audrey Jacket over top. It's a plenty warm winter sweater in a thin knit. If you've been considering getting one I think it's a great buy and well worth the $88 (as long as it doesn't pill on me).

Hustle Jacket. I quickly tried on the size 8 and at first I thought the arms would be too tight like the Inspire Jacket but once you have it on it's quite comfortable with no awkward pulling in the shoulders, chest or elbows. For layering purposes I may have gone with the size 10 if I wanted to wear something thicker underneath like a sweatshirt but as as a running jacket you would be unlikely to wear something very thick under it. If you have bigger arms or shoulders and you were ordering online then I would go with the upper size. I really like that the back pleat bustle hit me in a much nicer spot then the Track and Field Jacket and the ruching detail at the upper back along with the chevron reflective strips and curved reflective detailing at the lower back make for a really flattering and feminine shape.  The jacket was also slightly warmer then the Run Inspire Jacket but it was not too much thicker. I think the inner lining was a very thin fleece like material but I'm not certain what it was. I LOVE this jacket, especially in Plum. I'm pretty much running indoors now 90% of the time do to my dislike of our unusually cold winter so I don't need this jacket this year but I will be surely hunting for this on the Lululemon Exchange Group when I do need a new running jacket.

Lulu Lab - Uptown Cozy

This is the new Organic Cotton wrap made at the Lulu Lab for $159 sizes 2-10. It comes in Charcoal and soon Navy.  It's gorgeous and I do love it but It's a bit long for me. This should be a good wrap fix though for those of you pining away for the Gratitude Wrap (rumoured to be arriving in the spring). I love the pleat empire waisted detailing with 5 button closure. I have a jacket identical in shape as this but it's a wool coat by DKNY and it's so easy to wear casually or dressed up. Also, the cut of this jacket is really flattering for someone pear shaped.

Hustle Jacket and Sparkle Cuddle Up

Some action shots of both. I'll be giving the Hustle Jacket a quick try on today and will let you know how the arms fit compared to the Run: Inspire Jacket. So far I really, really like the Hustle Jacket a lot and especially love all of the reflective features on it.


Cuddle Up

This is the Dark Classic Sports Grey Sparkle Cuddle Up Jacket. These have metal zippers on them for those of you wondering.

Monday, November 29, 2010

SE Scuba Hoodie

I saw this SE Scuba Hoodie today in Plum and liked the color and the fuzzy lined hood. I wish the regular Scubas came in this fuzzy fur lined hood. The buttons are the same buttons you see on old jean jackets. I'm kind of ho-hum about this hoodie and have decided I don't like the look of it as a vest. Maybe that's just because I don't like vests worn with bare arms.

Fabric Composition

A bit disappointing! I just tried on my new Black Roses Print Cool Racerback and I'm a bit torn about it. I love the print. LOVE IT! The sizing is right, kinda loose around the middle but doesn't scoop too low in the neck. I got the size 8 and it's plenty roomy throughout and long. BUT, this tank is not Luon as we knew it. It is a whooping 94% polyester, 6% spandex/lycra (regular luon is 92% so Whooping may have been an overstatement) and you can feel it. I suspected when I purchased it and left the store without trying it on that it had polyester in it as it felt different from standard Cool Racerbacks. I know that the Static Cool Racerback have some added polyester blended in it to make it look and feel silky. When I tried this one on I had to actually take a look at the blend because for one, this tank is quite sheer and secondly, it feels like a polyester shirt. Polyester is not necessarily a bad thing if it's blended in such a way to make if feel like some of the statics which felt silky and luxurious. But at 94% polyester, I think we all remember what old polyester shirts feel like.  If you have any Cool Racerbacks kicking around with the tear out tags intact I'd love to know what the blend is.  In the end, I think I'm keeping this tank. It's such a lovely print and it's a basic tank. but I'm disappointed with the feel of it. I much prefer plain old cottony feeling basic luon light.

*So far, The Haze/Coal CRB is 92% Polyester which really surprised me. 

Newest Items

**More updates to come, make sure to check back**
Sorry for the delayed post for today, I was out for the entire afternoon getting all of us updated with our flu shots. I was able to hit 3 Lululemons today on an exchange mission but sadly I was only in each store about 5 minutes tops. I saw all of the new items had a quick look at them but no fit reports for today except for the new Sparkle Cuddle Up and the Black Roses Print Cool Racerback Tank I exchanged my Alpine Pullover for a Wish Blue Scuba (almost all sold out, hence the 3 lulu stops) and love it on me. I also considered the Plum as it's a gorgeous color on brunettes but...I love Wish, it's my happy color and the decision came down to which one sang the loudest to me. I also picked up the Black Roses Cool Racerback

Black Roses Print: Scoop Neck TankPower Y and Wunder Unders. This print is so gorgeous but it's different from item to item. I find the Power Y version of this print looks more like a small portion of the print mirror imaged on itself like a kaleidoscope. The other versions of this print look like larger swatches of Black Roses print.

Yogi Dance Tank Sailor Stripe Black. I saw this today as well and loved it. So adorable. I would love this tank in the summer but I don't see myself wearing this at all during the winter months.

New Coal Alpine Pullover. I returned my Haze Alpine Pullover today even though I love it because I already have a few running pullovers and don't really need this one. I got a Wish Scuba instead. I had planned on picking up the new Cuddle Up (posted about below) but just didn't fall in love with it on me. They were flying off the shelves today though.

Hustle Jacket. It's a great price for a running jacket at $148 and is really gorgeous in person. The reflective detailing on this is absolutely perfect. The Plum version with the subtle print on it was by far my favourite.

The White jacket's print has a grey stripe in it which is way more prominent in person. That paired with the plastic metal looking zipper (bling zipper) it looks pretty and festive. My favourite one though by far is the Plum one which has a way more subtle print. There was also a third jacket which had the same print as the Plum except the jacket was Coal with lighter grey plaid lines on it. 
Newest Cuddle Up Jacket  (sparkle version). I tried this one on in Casis, Size 8 at Coquitlam Centre and although I thought it was cute, the color wasn't flattering on me and I found the sparkle in it although subtle, a little young and festive. It was plenty soft, I think the weave in the cotton is slightly looser then say, a Scuba Hoodie, but it didn't feel scratchy at all because of the sparkle threads woven in it.

Black Roses Print Cool Racerback I snagged one of these today as part of my return and there were very few left in the one store that had them (Robson). I love the tank and the print that I got but there was one that had a lulu logo with a cluster of black roses right over the nipple area. quite unfortunate. I notice this Cool Racerback has more of a polyester blend to it which is the only 'demeret' I give it. I think the polyester blended luon (statics etc.) may be cheaper to produce which is why were seeing more and more if it. Just a guess though. Non the less, I'm very happy with my new Cool Racerback and the flower distribution on it so I'll photograph it later for you.
Power Y Black Roses Print, Power Purple Mini Stripe Cool Racerback and Power Purple Wunder Unders. The Power Purple Mini Stripe Cool Racerback felt much softer then the other Cool Racerbacks. It felt like a very thin running luon, very soft and cottony. This made it very tempting but I chose not to be greedy today. 

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