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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Todays Purchase

Today I met up with my friend for an impromptu mall play date because after her first ever Lululemon purchase yesterday (Cobra Crops on markdown) she tried them on at home and fell in love and needed to go back for some more luon and luxtreme. This is my friend who always waits outside of the store while I go in to take a peak because she is not in the least bit interested in Lululemon. Today she purchased two more cobra crops and a Commit Tank and Push your Limits Tank. She tried on almost every supportive tank they had to offer and was giddy with the excitement of all the color possibilities. Oasis is her color. I coached her on luon maintenance and the importance of asking for cups for each of her tanks. I'm so happy that I've finally gotten her to drink the lemon-aid because we have her to thank for my current nail polish obsession which I have passed on to some of you.

My purchase today was the Free to Be Bra on markdown for $34 in Senorita Pink. I love this as my every day bra because it's super comfortable and great for nursing and I love the secksi straps that peek through. I'm receiving this free Champion bra pictured bellow soon in order to do a review for you so stay tuned. It should arrive sometime in the next four weeks or so. This will be my first non-lulu sports bra and I'm stoked that it's a racerback, that way I don't have to feel limited by what items I can wear with it. Have any of you tried it yet with a CRB?


Upload Thursday

Another pretty sad upload today but that's expected since were at the end of the fall items and waiting for winter items to come in two weeks.

If you zoom in a bit on this picture of the Flow and Go tank you can see some of the inner citron detailing peaking through above at the neckline.

I love the detailing at the bottom hem when this top is not pulled all the way down but worn naturally.

The Coal Tadasana. Looks like something Sue Sylvester from Glee would wear.

The Run Ultra Pants. I've been told these pants are tight in the butt when you stay TTS but if you size up one then the waist is a little bit loose. I do like the look of these though.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Upload Thursday Eve Musings

I think tomorrows upload will include a few loot items as I'm seeing a lot of items being marked down in stores. I asked today if that meant some new products soon and was told that the winter line is expected in two weeks along with new colors. Can't wait to see what wraps the lab was talking about when they mentioned this clue about whats to come. Perhaps we'll see some surprises in tomorrows upload. Lulu has been uploading little bits here and there throughout the week of items that were not uploaded on thursday so I don't think that leaves anything new that is in stores (other than the bras) that hasn't already been uploaded. Ok wait. there is the Tadasana JacketFlow and Go Tanks and the Tadasana Tank so I think we'll see those tomorrow. I may bite if I see a Gratitude Wrap or an Ivory Peace of Mind Vest or some new Running Luon something or other. Other than that I think I'm pretty set for the next two weeks. What are you hoping to see tomorrow?

New Lab Item -The Dressage Jacket

Happy Lulu Shopping Today

Today I went in to my local Coquitlam Lululemon to return my Daze Peace of Mind Vest and while I was there I brought up the fact that the hardware on my On the Move Bag that I purchased over the summer had snapped off. I was bumbed about it because I use it as my every day diaper bag/purse and so getting it repaired would leave me without a bag. Amazingly I was offered the option of a) a repair that could be 6-8 weeks, b) a repair at a shoe repair shop paid by them and done within the week or c) a store credit. So of course I took the store credit (all three options were quite reasonable though) and put it towards a Bon Voyage Duffle Bag in Ivy and I am so in love with this bag. I was a bit worried about how big it is but who cares, it's gorgeous and it has a laptop compartment for on the go blogging (;p) and two bottle pockets on either side. While I was there, and since I was so happy to have such a great resolution to my broken bag I went ahead and spent some more money. I got some Coal Cobra Crops on sale for $59 and I convinced my non lulu friend that she needed a pair as well since were going to Bikrams this Sunday to have a bit of a baby break (she has kids the same age as mine and has had a tough 2 weeks too). She was so impressed by the customer service I got over my bag that she said she'll for sure be back for more stuff soon. I think she's been bitten by the lulu bug finally and since Bikrams will be a regular thing for us she'll need to stock up on some luon and luxtreme.

Good customer service is paramount for me when I make decisions on where to shop. I happily pay a little bit more for items at Babys World here in Coquitlam because I've so often returned items and gotten no questions asked bend over backwards customer service from them. They have tons of staff that are always ready to make the customer happy and for me that is way more important than getting the items a few dollars cheaper elsewhere and potentially not getting an exchange when they break. Sometimes products are defective and it's unfortunate when it happens but if you have good customer service and give the customer a positive experience when they come into your store you will get them to spend more money happily and be loyal for life.

So a big Thank You!! to the Coquitlam girls for making my day today.
Bon Voyage Duffel
The Ivy one, not Citron

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Art Hoodie Prints

I love getting sneak peeks like this. I just wish these embroidered prints would be put on some new items. I would love to see this type of detailing on a Gratitude Wrap or Savasana Wrap in small areas of course like the inner lapel or something like that. Or on a Scuba. It would be a shame to see these come out only in the Remix style hoodies. We'll probably see these on Upload Thursday but I think the album hints we may see these tomorrow.

These top two are gorgeous. I love the embroidered damask like print and the bright pink on the bottom of the two.

Stylized Om? very neat edgy design for an Om print.

Roses in a Roschach test?


Flow And Go in Oasis and Some Green

I'm not sure what green this is. It doesn't look like Citron to me but I think it was listed as that color. I now think this color is my top favourite followed by white.
Flow & Go TankFlow & Go TankAlternate View
I'm really partial to the White in this tank but the Oasis version is quite nice as well.
Flow & Go TankFlow & Go TankAlternate View


Bon Voyage Duffel

A lovely River Rock Bon Voyage Duffel has appeared on the website today. Did you catch it? This is on the Canada side. My diaper bag/ On the Move Gym bag has broken (hardware snapped off) and I'm in need of a new bag as I can't just lose my diaper bag for a week while my On the Move bag gets repaired. In the meantime, I've reattached my strap with hair elastics and it looks really sucky.

Lolo Tadasana Tank

If you have room in your closet for just one more lolo piece..


Lululemon Blog Post

Great blog post from Lululemon Inside The Mind of The Designer. Not a ton of info offered in this particular post, but a few tidbits such as the possibility of seeing some fleece (although that's probably for next year). I really look forward to reading more from the designers. As far as the Wellie Clogs...I'm sporting these Ugg clogs instead as I like the wool inside and that I can go sockless if I want. My husband is not a huge fan of them paired with my Wunder Unders though.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tadasana Tank, Senorita Pink

Hmmm, ok, I looked at this one on the hanger today and didn't care for it but seeing it in the picture I do like the look of it (except for those weird petal shapes). There are already a few reports of this tank having a bit of a baggy fit in the back straps just like the Flow and Go Tank had. I think it's still worth a try on though.


Tadasana Tank & Daze Peace Of Mind Vest

I'm not a fan of the look of this tank at first blush because of the cup detailing on the dual color versions but I do like that it's a flowier around the middle top and also that it's a longer luon light tank. The picture bellow, in the Coal version of this tank the cups are much more subtle and I like that better. In fact, I would say that the black and coal ones I do like.

The colors available:

The Daze Vest reverses to coal which is great to have two color options. It has a very different finish from the first version of Peace Of Mind Vests though which are Rip stop and have a sheen. This one is a satin finish and it's more matt. It's also DWR but doesn't look like it would be at all, but it is in fact. feels much softer and cozier.  I bought this vest today because I had been really hoping for the POM vest in a neutral, but now that I have my el cheapo Joe Fresh vest and it's a great fit for me and warm enough I think I'm going to return this POM vest and wait out for my coveted Ivory Huff'N Puff Vest.

Coal on the inside.

Stay Tuned...

Lots of boxes being unpacked at Lululemon today and a new Peace of Mind Vest in Daze (rumour first reported here). I will be picking one up I think. and a Tadasana Tank (long body skimming and open back). I'm off to Lululemon today to see what I see and i'll be sure to report back later.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cheap And Cheerful

Recently I've been reading about Joe Fresh from Superstore, a Canadian grocery store part of the Loblaws chain. For those of you that didn't know, Loblaws owns Holt Review (very ritzy Canadian department store). Joe Fresh, the store brand of clothing has been taking inspiration from Lululemom in many of it's designs and I've even heard about a very similar jacket to the Everyday Yoga jacket being sold for the $59 range but unfortunately didn't find it to try on. Probably sold out. I did find these down filled vests pictured bellow for $29 and ended up grabbing a black one (fuchia piping on the inside). they had many color options including a Senorita Pink like fuchsia and a Lolo like purple. The fit is very feminine and a tidge long and cinched at the waist, and actually the vest is quite soft and silky. $29!!! I also got the leggings pictured bellow for $14 which are a cotton lycra blend and fit just like Wunder Unders. Not organic but that probably doesn't make a difference to the feel of the fabric. I'm really quite happy with my vest purchase as it will tide me over till I find someone willing to sell me a Huff'N Puff Vest in Ivory size 8/10.


Insight Tank & Escapade Jacket

The Coal Insight tank is really pretty as well as the Senorita Pink one. I wasn't too crazy about it when I first saw the Lolo Purple/Power Purple and all Black versions. People that have purchased this tank have mentioned it's low support and the extra strap tends to slip off the shoulder a bit.

And the Escapade Jackets. The purple one's color code is Magic Mani but I've inspected it in store front and back and have not found manifesto print. It's all just solid color.

Flow & Go Tank in Black

This is a picture of the Flow and Go Tank in Black and also an excellent educator in terms of customer service (lulu take note of her!). She once processed my refund while she was off shift and just in early to shop for herself. That is really terrific customer service in my opinion. Thanks Erica for being super helpful  and really cheerful and always ready to help.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tadasana Jacket

Not a big fan of this one because I liked the shape of the Get It Started better. This one to me fit's quite large and felt bagged out a bit at the waist. Also, the power mesh on this jacket is not quite as soft. Here is my fit review from last week. I do like the lolo version of this jacket though.


Friday, September 24, 2010

This Weeks Running

This week, as I mentioned here has been a total nightmare and I've had the worst time getting out for a run. Mostly because I've been paranoid about feeling this cold coming on (still hasn't come on) and I've been over tired and not at all motivated after caring for a sick toddler and a teething/growthspurting 6 month old. I actually haven't even left the house to go Lulu browsing (ok shopping) which goes to show how blah I've been.  I've also eaten horribly all week as a comfort for my troubles and have put in zero effort into dinner. What I've needed the most to make myself feel better is a run and that was the first thing on my list that got neglected. Finally today I got out for a run (last one was Sunday!!!) and expected to only be out for 30 minutes. Well, I had a terrific run and was out for 60 minutes just enjoying the time away and the space to have 60 minutes of stream of consciousness uninterrupted thinking. Man, I now feel tired as before, and my back is still achy but my mind is feeling like a million bucks right now. I wore my lovely Run: Spirit Pullover out for a run finally and although it was too warm for it, it made me feel fast. I highly recommend running (or your workout of preference)  to all moms. It's just the best way to feel better after a really tough day of giving, giving, giving.  My new rule is that even if I'm feeling ick I need to go out and run. I don't have to put the full time in but I do need to have my 4 days (at least) of getting out there. 10 minutes or 60 minutes doesn't matter as long as I get out and just run.

Great picture from todays Lululemon blog

New Run Tights - Men's

These look like they have potential for me. Run: Surge Tights with reflective strip at the calves. Comes in black and made of luxtreme. I'll post more info when I have it.
Ok, these are in fact mens tights but I like the look of them so I'll try them on. Probably has a weird rise for women though.

New Insight Tank Color

Not bad in Senorita Pink. Looks like it comes in Coal to which is nice.
I like it better with the straps worn this way


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flow & Go Tank, Run Reflection Pullover and Personal Best SS Pictures

The Flow and Go Tank in Black and White. I think despite the little glitches with this tank (complicated to put on and slightly tight at the neck strap) this tank is a hit. Very flattering and cute on.

Run: Reflection Pullover in Black. This Black one is on my radar. The price is nice at $88 and will be even nicer if it goes to loot.

Personal Best SS. I have this one in Senorita Pink and I'm really glad I exchanged my lolo one for the Senorita Pink because after I wore it around for a while I found I really liked the bright flirty-ness of it. The Lolo is so pretty in this as well but I have too much Lolo purple (Stride, Modern, Static CRB and Swiftly). I made sure to get different fabrics of Lolo as they all look very, very different from each other but I still needed something to go with Lolo.
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