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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Bra - Ta Ta Two? "Boobs On A Wire"

Boobs On A WireBoobs On A WireAlternate View

  • Discreet, low-neck high support bra. Lightweight, all-day comfort for the C-DD cup girl!
  • 4-way stretch power luxtreme™ fabric has inherent wicking & high LYCRA® content for maximum support
  • Flexible underwire separates breasts & bra sits flat against the body for more support
  • Wide padded gel straps distribute weight & won't dig in!
  • Gel padded hook-&-eye closure for easy on/off
  • Adjustable, crossable straps!
I wonder what the difference is between the new  Boobs On A Wire Bra and the Ta Ta Tamer. It looks pretty similar but I think the straps are wider and the cups sit quite a bit lower, more like a scoop neck. I think the Ta Ta doesn't have an underwire and judging by the name of this bra I think it does. Also I notice ruching on the back and I wonder if that will show through a CRB. Perhaps this one is a better design for crossing the straps in the back and it will be hidden by a CRB. If only it was made for nursing too.

Love that it has gel padded hook & and eye closure. Actually, the Gel part sounds really good and it would be nice if there was gel on the straps and perhaps tucked into the cups. I guess that's a different kind of bra though.
Ta Ta Tamer

Amazing Photos

These shots taken at Whistler are just amazing.  I think these are Pat Young's photos but I'm not positive. He's the resident photographer for Lululemon so it's not a huge leap. Anyways, some new items being showcased in these pictures but I posted these more to beautify my blog today and because we have a bit of a monsoon happening at the moment and these pictures remind me how awesome BC is.


The Awareness Tank In Grey

I like this one. It looks much better when that bubble part is smoothed down a bit instead of puffed out. I don't think it's a very practical tank to work out in though.

* note the mention of it being great for maternity wear. I actually don't think this would have worked for me for maternity wear because of the inner tank. CRB's on the other hand where perfect.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Modern Scribble Design Picture

I like it but I probably don't need it.


Finally A Picture of The Black and Coal Audrey

It looks like the black Audrey also has black buttons on it unlike the Coal and Shark ones.

and here is the coal. So now that you've seen all three, which one do you like best?

And a picture of the Shark one as a refresher.

New Modern Print

I saw the black on grey version today and it'a not bad but I really like this read red print one. < Oy vey, how can you tell I have a colicy teething baby today. My spelling is all over the place.

Are these new pants that she's wearing? I thought at first they were the community pants but look at the waist on them. These are the Start it Up Pants also posted on the Oakridge facebook page.

Is this a Wish Blue Pima? I would be surprised if they had any new Pimas out as I think there being replaced by the Moderns but I can wish can't I? I think this is showcasing the pants she's wearing which look like a Harem pant. I'd like to try these on. My cousin from Spain who just left yesterday spent the whole month almost in skinny jeans and harems just like these.

Pretty, pretty please be a new wish blue pima.

And the inside of the Awareness Tank. I'd like to see the Grey one modeled because I think that one looked the best. Although the Lolo one in a few posts bellow is not to shabby


Awareness Tank

Here is a more flattering picture of the Awareness Tank, although I still don't really like it very much. Two layers of fabric is too hot for working out in.


New Items

The inner lining of the Lolo Wear With All.
New Wear With All in Classic Sports Grey and Heathered Clarity Grey. I like this one a lot. I love greys and I also really like the WWA's that have the contrast band at the bottom and at the pockets.

Merino Wool items. I like the look of them but they were pretty expensive (I think the toque was $39) and really itchy for me. I have sensitive skin so these would drive me bananas. Actually just touching the leg warmers had my thighs itching like mad.


Color Decision

I went in to check out the Coal version of the Audrey Jacket because I was almost certain I would like that one better. I was hoping the buttons would contrast in some way like the Shark one does, maybe with gold grommet buttons (the ones on the collar) or even a lighter colored inner lining. The Coal has the same dark gunmetal buttons that the Shark one has and it has a coal inner lining so to me the button detailing didn't stand out enough nor did the inner lining. This picture is a bit deceiving because the light hits the button in such a way that they pop out but when you see it in person they actually blend in to the rest of the jacket. If you like a more monochromatic look than the Coal is very nice. If you like the accents to show up more than I would go with the Shark.

As far as the price goes ($228) I've decided that although I would like it to be the same price as the Everyday Yoga Jacket at $178, it's not that far off from the Bomber Jacket from last year which was about $198 and I feel quite comfortable with it for a metropolitan style jacket. The SE Scuba Hoodies are $128 and the very basic Effortless Hoodie is $78. If those prices aren't crazy then I think a weather appropriate dressy jacket at $228 isn't that ludicrous. I can't compare it to a down jacket or snowboard jacket because they are very different styles of jackets with different uses. Just depends on your lifestyle and what you intend on using it for. If you live in an area with mild winters than there is no point in spending $300 on a 700 fill down jacket but if your in Saskatoon SK where the windchill can be -50 in January but hardly any rainfall than your better off investing in a down jacket. That being said, if the jackets do go on sale as a price adjustment and not loot i'll be going in and exchanging it for the price difference.

Check out this lovely Helly Hansen wool coat for $900CAN
Ask Wool Jacket

New Fall Items

The Audrey paired with the new Merino Wool items.
Arm Warmers, Toques, Leg Warmers and Scarfs

The Sage Twist Pants. Looks like you can adjust the waist in different ways.

Tadasana Pants on a curvy figure (much like mine) I think it can be done. I'm liking it. I really like that it's a boot cut that can be tucked into your boots. I've tried that with my Stills and Grooves and haven't liked all the bunched and folded fabric.

And the Coal Audrey. I think I'm going for the Coal. Although I really like the Shark Grey I think the Coal will be a bit more sleek and slimming.


Audrey Jacket Fit Pictures

Here is a picture from a different person modeling the jacket also with the buckling in the back. I don't think it looks too small but what do you think. I'm still hanging onto the tags on mine. I love the jacket but I want to be 100% certain about it on both color and fit before I clip the tags off.

So do you think it's a size too small on her or is it the style of the back of the jacket??

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Audrey Jacket Pictures

I love the neck done all the way up. It looks military inspired this way. All the way down it looks more feminine.

This is the inside of the lapel. Zipper closure and also snaps. NOT a metal zipper.

The jacket is very flexible and moveable because of the four two way stretch. I could wear this comfortably while driving.

Tadasana Pants in River Rock

Very pretty in the River Rock. I like that it's a higher rise because that will keep the mummy-tummy nice and tucked away.

New Modern Crew Neck

I'm a big fan of the Modern Crew Neck and V Necks but I really like it in single colors and without the color blocking at the sides. I mentioned last night that the new Senorita Pink one has the grey color blocking and I'm kinda relieved at that because it's now not on my wish list. Here it is in a new print that looks similar to the pencil sketch but this may actually be a sketch of something and not just a random pattern which is neat. I haven't decided yet if this is on my wish list or not.

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