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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scuba Hoodie - Alarming

I like alarming in this sweater.

Try On Report Run: Cross Train Pullover

I got a chance to try this on quickly today and I was really impressed. Either with the top, or with myself for fitting into an 8 quite nicely, not exactly sure. I tried this grey and white striped one and found it to be very flattering on around the chest and also around the middle. I really like this side paneling that Lulu is adding in to some of there  newer tops. The Modern V neck has it as well and it really brings your waist in as the seaming is not strait down the middle of your side, but closer towards your front, sort of offset from how tops are normally constructed. This combined with the cross over neck opening and the slight rushing is very flattering. For a luxtreme top you really don't see any imperfections. I would get this for myself probably in the size 8 as I don't layer a lot under it. I would wear a Flow Y underneath and that's all, unless I'm really cold than I would put on a Swiftly Tank under it. So if I wanted this more for street wear I probably would consider a 10 so that I can wear a t-shirt underneath. I'm disappointed this doesn't have cuffins as my other Luxtreme pullover that I use has cuffins which I used quite frequently. I used them to tuck my hands into but also to store my stopwatch.  I've heard it mentioned that this top may ride up but I didn't find that so. The weight of the luxtreme seems to keep the top down for me and is a nice length as well. I have the Run: Like The Wind pullover and never had that issue...but I think it's because I wear nothing but a Flow Y under it. If your wearing a t-shirt under it than maybe it would slide against the fabric. I've found with Luxtreme that once you start to perspire even a little it grips your skin and stays put. I like to wear my luxtreme running pants (Run: With It) around a bit before I run, otherwise they slip for the first 5 minutes of running. But as long as I wear it before my run than I'm fine. oooh, one more thing to note about this top that I was quite pleased about. All that grey paneling you see at the shoulders and under the arms is ribbed luon!!! I love ribbed luon. It feels nice and it looks good.

Tried on the Apres Yoga jacket and it was not bad. Kinda boring but it was a nice flattering length on me (a not tall 5'4). I liked last years version better because of the inner lining which was mini terry cloth lulu logos in a tan color. You kinda have to see it because that's not a great description. This new one has a soft inner liner but it's kinda dull. I would wear a size up in this (10) so that I can put on whatever shirt I want underneath it.

Looked at the Polocross pant which they only have up to size 8. As in they didn't get any other sizes. There very cute and come in three styles, one is all black, one is grey and black and one has a combination of denim luon (that's the one I liked). I Think the fireside pant is a similar silhouette to these so I think I'd probably like those ones better anyways. The picture bellow is of the denim luon version. I'm pretty sure she's rolled up the cuffs on these.
Very nice fit!!


New WWA - Pencil Scribble Print

Cute Red/Passion  Logo, inner hood has
Pencil Scribble Print.

Grey, Black and Charcoal


Fireside Outfit

This is the first picture I have seen of the front of these pants. I'm loving that it has pockets. I'll have to try these on and make sure the strait leg flatters me but I'm thinking it will.

Fireside Pants

I think I love these. Zippered pockets and slim fit legs with a slit at the hem.
I wonder if Lulu still does hemming with this type of cuff or if you would be out of luck and just end up with a strait across hem?


Scuba Hoodie - Oasis

I really like this one. It reminds me of my Lagoon WWA with Faded Zap details. Cute color combos. Can't wait to see more of the Lolo one though. With all of these new releases happening so fast my wallet is getting very, very nervous.

Tried on the Scuba hoodie and I love the fit. I tried on the distressed lolo purple and grey one. Ooooh it was pretty on. She didn't come home with me though.

Run: Cross Train Pullover - Front and Back of Alarm


Everyday Yoga Jacket - Grey

I think I like the black better but this shows the details
of the jacket.


Everyday Yoga Jacket

-our classic all weather to and from jacket will take you where you need to go
-softshell fabric has 2-way stretch and protects from wind and rain, keeping you warm and dry
-2-way zipper allows ease of movement
-music pocket and cord guide so you can stay plugged in
-inner back drawcord for customizable fit
-soft microfleece lining
-hood cinch keep you bundled

Run: Cross Train Pullover - More Pictures

The black is actually pretty cute. It will go with
any pants you get so it's the safe bet.
I like the side paneling. Very flattering on tops. My Modern
V neck has this and it hugs your curves.
But Oasis is soo pretty in luxtreme.

Run: Swiftly Long Sleeve

Park Royal has the Swiftly long sleeves available in Oasis and Alarm. I have this in Lagoon and it's a really great cool weather top for running or even just for casual wear. The fit is really flattering on because it's not too fitted around the middle. This top can even be worn in early summer when the temperature is warm but not exceptionally hot. My only issue with it has been that when you wear it in hotter weather you can't pull up the sleeves very far at all. Over all though I think this is a must have running item as it's great for layering without adding bulk.

Fireside Hoodie + Savasana Heathered Charcoal


Friday, July 30, 2010

Run: Cross Train Pullover - Detail


Run: Cross Train Pullover - Oasis

Love, Love this one. And if your a trail runner an interesting note is that blue is the best color for visibility because it doesn't blend in to nature. But I like it because it's pretty.

Run: Cross Train Pullover

I know this one is going to have a lot of fans but I just don't love it in Alarm. Maybe I'll change my mind when I see it in person. There is something to be said about the high visibility of this color though. And I like the back line detail on this one better than the grey striped one.

Fireside Pants

Well I'm liking these. Is it wrong to like something because of the logo contrast? I like that these are heathered charcoal and not black and I'm liking the seaming detail..and pockets are great. This looks like an update to the Lulu pant which I loved but these look way betta!

Scuba, Savasana and Swiftly

Thanks to a readers tip I found these. I think I like the Lolo Scuba better but I'm not sure that those are in stores yet. The pencil scribble on the Savasana is cute but I like the Dip Dyed one better. And it looks like the long sleeve Run: Swiftly's are out in Canada.
Cute in a solid.
I like the Oasis detail


Savasana Wrap -Dip Dyed Detail

So gorgeous. I love the dip dye details
I especially love the subtleness of having
the dip dye on the inside lining and hoods

Run: Cross Train Pullover

Oooh, I likey in this color. And look at the reflector in that back/side pocket. Comes in Black, Oasis and Alarm. 

Fireside Hoodie

Heathered Coal. Yup, I like that color better but I'm not loving the sweater design over all for myself. It's cute for someone else's body shape. Notice the blue logo? I like that too.
Love this color with the black

Looks cute on her. Also looks like the logo is blue on this one.

Groovy Run Shorts

I like the Oasis one. Pretty cute. I wonder if they are all reflective. My guess is that just the striped one is.

Savasana Wrap -Dip Dyed

Heathered Charcoal/Ash Dip Dyed. Can't see the dip dye in this picture at all but I assume it would be Citron  It's Ash.
Close up of the Ash Dip Dye. Can't really tell the dip dye
part though.
I like her Wunder Grooves rolled at the cuff
like that. 

Run: Cross Train Pullover

$99. I wont be getting this as I already have a luxtreme pullover that I like for running but this one is cute. I like the look of the hood on it but not something I use for running.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Fireside Hoodie

Not sure I love the shape of it. I remember a similar shaped jacket being out but I can't for the life of me remember the name Sanctuary Jacket. This has the added cable knit at the chest and on the hood. I think I will like this better in the Heathered Coal. The cable knit is a cute detail for winter and it reminds me of the wooly trim of my Canada Cheer Gear Hoodie.
Also comes in Heathered Charcoal and Black.



Business in the front...

party in the back!!
Heathered Charcoal -Hood Dip Dyed Citron to Black

New Things

Fireside Pants. Black cotton. I wont buy black cotton french terry because it fades. I've had that with my Lulu Pants as well as my Black Free2Be Hoodie.
Man this lady has a great butt. She must be running a lot of hills. Looks like these pants have front hip pockets and slits in the cuffs at the bottom.  I reserve judgement until I see more pictures, but for now I'm not hating the design.

Run: Recharge Tank on a fuller figure. Looks nice on her, the empire detail draws the attention up. I'd never noticed that before.

Another Great Color Combo

I can't tell what color this is under the oatmeal "heathered clarity grey" Iconic Wrap but it looks almost like a teal blue..maybe it's River Rock. The only reason I didn't get the wrap in this color is because it's trickier to match colors with it, but I've seen it look great with Alarm, and Wish and of course black and white.  So if these ever hit markdown I'm snatching up a second one in this color. Also, I hate, hate the idea of tying a knot in the fabric. I would hate how wrinkled and stretched it would get after and it doesn't even look that good with the knot in it. If you had the knot in the back it would be really uncomfortable when sitting and leaning into a chair.


Trip to Coquitlam

So I went in to grab my friends requested Hip Halter in Pig Pink (last in the city in the small sizes apparently) and I snatched it up for her on markdown. Hooray! I found it for $44. I also was thinking of grabbing a CRB online this morning in either Wish, Cool or Coal and I found the Cool on sale in my size. $32!!! Hip-Hip-Hooray!
Cool RacerbackHip Halter Tank
Also, I was shopping around the mall and I found many stores that had items similar to Lulu's recent Mindful Shorts and Move Me Crops. I tried on a pair of shorts at Jacob that had the poofy pleating around the belly just like the Move Me Crops and a pair of trouser shorts from Aritzia I loved the legs on these shorts because they were slightly bubbled and then cinched in around the knee's in sort of a military style. I didn't buy these though because I just didn't like the poof around the lower belly area. They also had two styles of harem pants and I must say the Lulu Lab does this much better and with better fabrics for less money. How funny that a "sport apparel" store is ahead of the game as far as fashion.
Move Me CropMindful Short


Is This A New Stride???

Can't be new, it has an old zipper pull. SUper annoying!!! It's it must be old..but it's in a new album. I don't remember ever seeing a Passion Stride.

The Hero Manifesto - Side By Side

I had a chance to look at these and an interesting thing to note about them (other than it being $98!!!) was that the hood portion is actually more substantial and lined with another thicker cotton material. This is good because a manifesto burnout material hood would probably be the first part to snag. Coincidentally, I saw a lady walking around outside with the white one on and her O'Neil board shorts and it looked not bad. It is much too hot today to be wearing a long sleeve though so she must have just bought it a few days ago and was too excited about it not to wait for milder weather to wear it.
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