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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Light Up Tank (Thanks to Zanna on Facebook)

Light Up TankLight Up TankAlternate View

  • Let your light shine with this medium support, performance tank
  • Luxtreme™ feels silky smooth on, and is light weight with inherent wicking performance to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Reflective features keep you safe on night rides and runs
  • Body mapping mesh panels to keep you cool while you heat up
  • Anti-sitnk circle mesh liner with pockets for removable cups
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance
Yay Reflective features!!! Finally!!! It has a built in bra (wish it didn't) So does that make the matching bra an actual high support running bra or did they make it a matching Hot Yoga bra? I bet it's the latter.

Thursday Upload: Mystery Bra Top

This is a picture of the mystery bra top that matches the mystery tank that was removed from the album. I think this is another one of those "training" bras that only fits narrow boobed AA's. I hope I'm wrong because it looks really cute and would work for nursing.


Thursday Upload: I Just Wanna Run Tech SL

This is very pretty in Wish Blue. Too bad this tank never looks on me like it does in the picture or on other people. Size up, down or True to Size the back bags out on me and the ruching does some weird funny business. Not sure if it makes me look shorter or like all that ruching is back fat or what it is but it just doesn't work on me.
Oh well, this has a lot of fans out there that can wear this quite nicely so enjoy.


Thursday Upload: Circle Mesh Tank.

Oooh, I think I love this. It's a Cool Racerback Tank made of circle mesh. So far it's just in black and white but if they make them in the new colors or in a combination of colors i'd be all over it. I almost hope the white is a little bit see through so you can see whatever color Flow Y you have underneath peaking through.
*Hmmm, the description also says it has Luon Light in it but I can't see were.  Ok, this has been changed. It's all circle mesh.


Thursday Upload: Mystery Tank

I so want to order this. I don't know what it is but I want this one and the one in Wish Blue. I think it may be a running singlet made out of luxtreme (hope it's Luon or Luon Lite) but not too sure. I just realized that I'm heading out of town tomorrow so I can't place an order because nobody will be here to receive it. Dang! So Seattle better have these items in store too or Coquitlam Centre. Usually these items hit stores first but I haven't seen them around.
*This was removed from the "This Just In" album so I think it was a mistake and not meant to be released just yet. It was never uploaded to the Lululemon site so I guess we will call this a sneak peak of what's coming.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today my toddler daughter is insisting on wearing her favourite velcro Mary Janes all over the place.

They are getting in the way of my wearing my favourite Knotted Luon Wunder Unders. As she climbs over me and onto my lap the clumsy way toddlers do I panic when her velcro shoes almost scratch my Luons. I try to reason with her that she does not need to be wearing her shoes in the house, but to no avail. I must change into my swiftly Seek The Peek pants instead and wonder wear on earth did she learn to grow such an attachment to shoes and clothes.


Bag Porn

No reason to show these again other than being pretty eye candy. I'm loving it as diaper bag.

Define Colors Available Now

This is a mix of some new and some old. Metrotown had a pretty good selection of all of these. I saw the Passion on a girl at Starbucks the other day and she was wearing it quite fitted and it looked really good on her.

Color Contrast Picture

This is a good picture to show the colors in comparison to each other. It's pretty good if your wondering  about Cool Blue or Electric Orange.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Comparison of Cool Blue to Angel Blue

This picture shows the two colors side by side nicely. Although take into account the different fabrics as the gym bag has a slight sheen being nylon. Angel is quite a bit darker in tone and Cool is much more subdued with a slight green. I saw these together in the CRB tanks. The Cool reminds me of Miami Vice for some reason. I like the two blues paired together with a third contrasting color (electric orange Tang Light Flow y). I was a bit worried that the two blues were too close in tone to be able to be put together but there far enough apart that you can pull it off.


Side of Run: Jog Skirt (not new)

I don't wear skirts for running (not enough body glide in the world) but for those of you who do here is a detailed side view of the Run: Jog Skirt. I think it looks pretty cute for street wear if you have the legs to rock it.

Citron Define Jacket

Here is a picture of the Citron Define Jacket that I saw the other day. I like this color along with Faded Zap but for me I like them more as accent colors. they go with almost every other color which is nice. She's wearing this with the new not new Run: Jog skirt.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wish List for Seattle Shopping Trip

So probably next weekend were going on a mini vacation weekend to Seattle since I was able to get kiddie #2 her Canadian Passport done in record time (1 week!!!) and I desperately wanted to go to Seattle when I was 34 weeks pregnant so that we could take kiddie #1 to the Children's Museum before she became a big sister.  unfortunately I couldn't get travel medical insurance from anyone because pregnancy is like a ticking time bomb. We ended up going to Victoria and had a lovely time until kiddie #1 learned about the terrible twos and had world class tantrums so we hauled ass to the ferries a day early. So now I finally get to go on my stay-cation (sort of) to Seattle and get my shopping on. My favourite place to shop (I'm hesitating to share because it's not as touristy as the outlets) is the University Village mall which is an upscale outdoor mall with tons of shops I love like Anthropology, Lululemon of course, Sephora, Pottery Barn and more. I also love the Pacific Place Mall because it has BCBG, Lululemon, Pea in the Pod Maternity (no longer need to stop there!!) True Religion and the best Mexican Restaurant ever.

This is what I'm hoping to get at Lululemon when I'm there:

*Stride II in Wish (have I said that enough times yet?) or maybe Black, I'm now undecided. I think if I get there and all there is is black than that's what ill settle on and forget the Wish.
*5 yr Pima's (Wish, Cool maybe Pig Pink). I wish Lulu would come out with 5 yr Pimas right away with the new color releases instead of later. It's a staple item in my opinion and should come first.
*Cool racer tank in Wish, maybe cool
*Maybe the Hip Halter in Pig Pink but I'm not convinced I would even wear this often enough so probably wont end up getting it.
*I would totally get a Run Swiftly SS in Wish and Pig Pink. I think the swiftly in Pig Pink would look so awesome. No more tanks for me though in the swiftly, I'm always grabbing the short sleeve because I love the roomier fit in it and it's not a huge difference temperature wise.
*Savasana Wrap in Branch for fall. Highly unlikely but you never know.

Depending how much I find and what I spend I really like the Flow Y in Wish and Pig Pink to layer under white (my white Goddess Tank from the Lab). I doubt most of this if any will be out by then but who knows. One can only wish.

My husbands shopping list: Colone. Issay Miyake at Sephora. Bless his heart for getting dragged along for all this shopping.

IMG_0040 by lululemon athletica.

Jump Start Gym Bag (?)

I think that's what this bag is. Very nice in Charcoal to coordinate with all the pig pink and Citron.

Stride II Black

I want this in Wish but if it doesn't come out in that color the black really does look nice layered over Wish and Black may be a better go with everything type of jacket.  I ended up going back and buying the darn bag and I love it. Using it on the buggy (fits all the cloth diaper gear I need for a day, unlike my current diaper bag). Wish is such a mood altering color for me, makes me smile like a lunatic amidst the kiddie chaos.


New Pull Tab on Stride II and Ribbing Detailed Pictures

I think when I get the Stride II I'll be replacing this pull tab with one of the hair ties. That's the only thing I'm not liking about the new Stride. Other than that I love the ribbed Luon they've added to the front and sleeves.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Trip to Coquitlam

So I stuck to my plan and didn't buy a thing, although the Run: With it jacket almost tempted me on todays Loot upload (Foxy Plaid which I have yet to see in person). I had to get my husbands firm and final decision on it and he thought that it was nice but not with a long shirt under it (all of my shirts are long because I have an unusually long torso)  and that I would never use it.  Even at that low, low price. He's right, I either wear a jacket to run in if it's raining or I wear a tank, but nothing in between. as for street wear, if I'm cold I wear a long sleeve hoodie or cardi, I'm never in between enough to want to layer a vest over a t-shirt or tank. Truthfully, being a Vancouverite I don't own an umbrella or ever wear a jacket in the rain. That's just how we roll over here.

As for Coquitlam. I saw the new Defines in Pig Pink, Wish Blue and Citron which was actually very pretty. Tried on the Pig Pink Hip Halter and I did really like it, loved the length, loved the color combo but it was a tad tight around the neck and I would probably like to try on a size up to see that the strap is looser but that it has no affect on the fit of the bust area (bagging out). Also I tried on the Cool cool racerback and the color was very nice, much lighter than angel and a tad mintier. I love cool racerbacks these days for running and have worn my Little Boy Blue one all this week for running and have been so comfortable that I've run for a lot farther than I usually would. Boy Lululemon makes me feel like an athlete.  Anyways, Were off to Seattle next week and Ill make sure to load up on the new stuff then if I'm still pining away over it. I am sooo hoping they have a Stride II in Wish by then.

The biggest temptation by far was the bag in Wish Blue that fades out to white. It was so gorgeous in person and I was really trying hard to justify having two bags like this in different colors. I guess I could use one for diapers and one for travel...but that would still look very odd to everyone that knows me and I think they would start to realize that this is a true addiction.

I think the girls at Lululemon Coquitlam are on to me and my addiction and perhaps that I'm the one writing this blog. I think they wait for me to see what I grab as it's always the new stuff which is a tell tale sign of an addict that is up to date on all the new Lulu happenings.  It's so hard to be inconspicuous when you are pushing a double stroller around grabbing all the new stuff to try on and laying it over a sleeping baby.

On The Move Gym Bag Wish Dip Dyed in Cool Blue $68 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gasp, my store has new things...

Look at how pretty these are...sorta makes me regret buying this exact one in Angel Blue (no, I love the Angel Blue). Love the purple one though.


New Style Stride II Jacket

Different Zipper Pull (meh), Ribbed Luon (likey this) and Thick hoodie pulls. Hope this means it's coming in new colors. Lulu? Wish Please! Right now this new version is available in Black.


Three pack of Feather Weight Socks.

$24 for 3 in Black, White and Grey.

Upload Thursday

Unfortunate upload today but I figured that would happen with all the stores clearing out inventory this week making room for the new colors. Glad they put up some loot but they really need to include those items that the stores have such as the Stow and Go Jacket and all of the Half Moon stuff.

I'm glad that people are getting great deals but I really hate that this "strategic planning" leads to high priced items going on sale hugely discounted weeks later. My husband was shocked when I showed him the Stow and Go online at full price and then told him how much I saw it for in stores. He is my resource for all things reasonable and logical so I know this is crazy. I think as good as Facebook (and blogs) have been for Lulu's business in drumming up hype for new products it can also serve to have them really take a look at how these business decisions really affect how the customers feel about the brand after we continually get disappointed with inconsistent markdowns, unfair price adjustment policy, not correcting price tag mistakes until there is a virtual uproar about it on Facebook and of course not including cup inserts with tanks. That's like Nike not including laces with there runners. Please! One of the things I think Lulu does really well for us is the free shipping and I hope they decide to keep that because i only ever shop online if I'm not paying for shipping. It seems to me that there cutting corners wherever they can now and it would be a real shame for the free shipping to go next. I think what really ticked me off this week is seeing the Manifesto V neck on sale for $29 after I paid $88 only to have it ripped after the first use and then have a store pretty much tell me "too bad". Now it's on sale because the quality was so bad but still the sale prices vary from internet to store. *(June 24)I was just told by GEC after being asked to send a picture of the Manifesto shirt that unfortunately it does not appear to be a quality issue. This despite the feedback on the website which pretty much is made up entirely of people stating that the shirts have holes in them even as they are on hangers in stores and not with normal use. I'm really pretty pissed that they couldn't even refund it at the sale price. This will definitely have an impact on what I purchase from them in future.

I've decided to take a break from purchasing Lulu until we go on vacation to Seattle next month, and then the only thing I will get is a Stride II in Wish if I see it. For now though I think i'll just go in for fit reports and product notifications for this blog and ill have to make due with blog reporting for retail therapy. So sad.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stow and Go Jacket

This was on sale at the Metrotown store for $29 but regular price at Kitsilano for $78. Anyways, I tried it on just to see if I would like it for layering and I normally wear a size 10. Well, the size 4 was plenty big enough for layering a large remix hoodie underneath! just an FYI if anyone is waiting to buy this off of the website, the sizing on this is very strange.

Define Zipper Details

I tried on the new Define today in Wish Blue and Pig Pink and I have to say I'm officially in LOVE with Wish Blue. I didn't think I would love it this much but it looks so gorgeous on. Not at all close to Little Boy Blue. Very vibrant and electric. I was so close to buying the Define just for the color but stopped myself because the shape is not great on me. I really hope Stride II comes in you hear me Lulu? I know your reading this!

As for the zipper, it's not rubberized but it has that look. The teeth are thick chunky plastic and the toggle part is metal and no hair elastic. I think it looks good in the Wish blue but I don't like the strong contrast on the Pig Pink so much.
I also made sure to catch the inside of the collar on the Pig Pink picture because I know some of you don't like the flap of fabric on the inside and where wondering if that had been changed.

Look at how pretty Wish and Electric Orange look together.

Also Strutus crops in the background. Meh, on those ones.


The Pursuit of Happy Hips

I just got this DVD a few days ago (ya I know, I buy the one thing not on sale in the store) after reading the blog written by a Lululemon Educator from Briar Hill who decided to document her 30 day Yoga challenge using just Eion Finns DVD's. I was inspired to give this DVD a try because lately after running I've been cutting out the stretching portion because I've been short on time and I've been running longer distances. I've started getting a really sore left hip which I think is because the ligaments in that area where stretched to hell from my c-section and it's just reset in a tighter position than is comfortable. 

I've been really missing my Bikrams practice but that's just not something I can do right now with the kids, nor can I replicate the sauna effect in my living room. Usually I find it hard to do yoga from home because I don't get that relaxed meditative feeling that you get with a yoga studio and it ends up feeling like just a bunch of stretches so I was a bit sceptical that I would like this DVD. Not the case. The combination of the Vancouver Beach and Mountain scenes always puts me in a happy place anyways and Eions narcotic like dialogue really gets you in the right frame of mind to practice yoga at home. Doesn't hurt that he's kinda hunky.  My plan is to do this DVD during the kiddies nap times but my last two attempts have been with the kids awake so I was not able to do a whole series. The opening poses of Sun Salutation really had me warming up and sweating good and the next day I woke up with a pretty sore back so I think this was a good buy as far as Yoga DVD's go. Maybe Ill get to develop some upper body strength too and not just core and leg strength that I get with running.

Man I wish I could have time for Running, Bikrams and going to the Spa on a regular basis but that really would just be a life of leisure and not the point of being a stay at home mom. Oh well, Ill make due with my DVD and fitting my runs in when my husbands home from work and that should keep me reasonably happy and balanced. 

The Pursuit of Happy Hips

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hip Halter Pretty Detailing

I'm really getting stoked about trying these on. Especially since it's Luon light which I love. The more I see of the Pig Pink Halter and all the pretty detailing and the vibrant Wish blue the more I want it. I wonder if it will make it to this Thursdays upload considering there not in most Lower Mainland stores. Maybe there wont be any upload this Thursday except for Loot items.



Nothing at all new at Metrotown but some really awesome markdowns. Here is a list of what I saw:

*Run: With It Jacket $29!!! I tried it on because I really wanted it to be useful for running (pockets and all) but the sleeves were really annoying. Not because of how they looked but how they felt. It felt like when you put something on backwards and the sleeves are sitting on your shoulders funny.

*Half Moon Jackets, all colors $39. I never liked this jacket on me but the white one looked cute in some pictures.

*Run: Like the Wind Vest, $19, all colors. The pocket wasn't good for what I needed.

*Stow and Go Jacket, all colors $29. Didn't this just come out like two weeks ago? so crazy. $79 on the website right now.

*Manifesto Racerback (modal), White, Chirp and I think I saw passion (maybe that was the V neck) $29

*One slightly damaged Angel Blue Pima 5Yr T (didn't find the damage on it) size 6. Not sure the price as someone else was looking at it.

*Get Started Jacket (didn't see the price but it was with the half moon stuff)

As for pants, they had the Seek the Peek Pants and Crops, Elevate pants Energize pants all on sale but no Seek the Peek Shorts or Do it All shorts which is what I would have snagged.

I tried on the Coal Knotted tank in 2 sizes smaller and I really liked it on, however, I felt too exposed in the back which is not something I'm used to feeling. If you have a great butt shaped by, say, running or baseball  than this would really highlight that asset (hehe).

PS. They said they expect the new colored items to come in the first week of July. Would love to know if West 4th has the new products but I wont be going there till the weekend.

lululemon athletica, LULU-2382 Stow'N Go Jacket, shop.lululemon.comlululemon athletica, LULU-2292 Manifesto Racerback,

Weird Product Notifications

I'm getting some strange product notifications for Lower Mainland stores. None of the new products, just old stuff like the Seek The Peek, Manifesto Racerback, Run: With it Crops, Swiftly Tanks.

I think these are all mistakes as there are non of the new products and all the products listed I've received in notifications from them before. Plus, all of the Seek the Peek stuff is on sale everywhere.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hip Halter Pretty Detailing

I really love the detailing on this one so I think I can overlook the pale pink. It would be so much nicer to me in the cool blue with coal detailing. This is officially on my wish list and I think if it looks as good on me as I think it would ill get it ;D


New Stratus Crop and Hip Halter in Wish Blue

The color combo is so pretty but I'm not loving the stratus crop design. Maybe it's something that needs to be tried on first but the lines are not doing it for me. The halter in Wish Blue is very pretty and I've also seen it in Pig Pink with some pretty detailing in the bust area so I can't wait to try that on. Many have reported neck pain with this top so hopefully it's something that has been readjusted.

As for my trip to Coquitlam Centre...

That was a total bust. No new product whatsoever. Big markdown rack but nothing in it that I was interested in, just Seek The Peek stuff and the Manifesto V-neck. All items in a fair amount of size representations though so if your looking for deals this may be a worthwhile trip.

I saw a Passion Define Jacket and I'm not sure if that was an earlier release or something new. I saw a girl at Starbucks wearing it this past weekend and it looked really pretty on her which is what made me take notice of it today.

Thank you Mr. UPS

Got my SE Wunder Under Knotted Crops today and I LOVE them! These are my new favourite pants from Lululemon even though I have no plans on working out in these. Maybe a little bit of Yoga but these are meant to be worn out for me. Really great fit around the waist. I was worried after trying on the size 8 at Oakridge and having muffin top that I may have muffin top in even the right size but that is not the case. Also, no riding down as some of the other Wunders tend to on me.

These are now on the website in sizes 4-10 so I don't feel so bad about professing my love on this blog for something that may or may not be available.

LULU-2347 SE_Wunder Under Crop*Knotted, shop.lululemon.comLULU-2347 SE_Wunder Under Crop*Knotted,

New Colors

Electric Orange , Cool (love it) Wish blue (love it) Citron (maybe?), Pig Pink


New Define Zipper


Coquitlam Centre

Just waiting for the kiddies to wake up from there naps and then were off to Coquitlam Centre to see what's new at Lululemon and then have some fun at the kids playground. Today my plans are much delayed and changed because of an icky all nighter with the littler one in which at 4 am she decided to (on top of the feeding every hour) have a poop explosion all over her crib. Originally I was going to go to West 4th to see those new Defines, but alas there is no time for that today and I just have to hope it's not a waisted trip to Coquitlam with no new Defines to look at.  Check in a bit later and I'll post a list of what I saw and tried on and hopefully I don't spend any money today...except maybe an Eion Finn Yoga DVD. I've been thinking of incorporating some Yoga to balance out my running.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Official New Product and Looks like New Colors

Hip Halter Tank&utm_source=productnotification&utm_medium=email&utm_content=womenproduct&utm_campaign=Flow Y Bra &utm_source=productnotification&utm_medium=email&utm_content=womenproduct&utm_campaign=Cool Racerback &utm_source=productnotification&utm_medium=email&utm_content=womenproduct&utm_campaign=

The Colors are Wish Blue, Pig Pink and "ctrn", "Elco cool ctrn pig". Any idea what those last few color codes are? The wish blue definitely looks like little boy blue. I wonder why Lulu does that with colors. They just introduced the WWA in Frisbee which is so close to Angel...I wonder if it's just to have some overlap

The Hip Halter Tank above comes in the Wish Blue, Black, White and Pig Pink. Sizes 4-10.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Arrrg new Define Jackets

So I was on West 4th today for a walk with the family looking for a place to treat my husband to a fathers day brunch and we walked past the Lululemon and I decided to be nonchalant about going in. just "whatever, there's a Lululemon, I don't need to go in" so that he wouldn't think I'm completely obsessed. Plus I figured there'd be nothing new till Monday. Now I see that they have new define jackets in Pig Pink and Wish Blue which I would have loved to have seen in person. Now, the Define is not my jacket mainly because I don't like the collar on it and I don't like the detailing on the back, but I do think it's a really flattering jacket on and I would have loved to see the new colors and new zippers in person so that I could report back to you. Apparently the zipper is a chunkier rubberized zipper (scuba style zippers?). The blue looks really nice, close to little boy blue. Maybe it's to Little Boy Blue what Frisbee is to Angel.
Ill probably head to the West 4th location on Monday to be guaranteed a look at these.

I wish the Stride would come in new colors as that is my new favourite jacket. I got the Angel Blue one a while back (the white zipper is actually ok, I can't imagine it would look as good all one color in the Angel) and it's been too warm to wear it or I just always go with my Free2be, but over the last few days I've been wearing it like crazy and seeing older versions of it around everywhere. I saw a girl at Oakridge wearing one that looked (probably from spring) like Heathered Wee Stripe with Chirp and it was soo pretty. I love it for it's length, not as structured as the Define and I love the hood.
Stride Jacket II by lululemon athletica.

SE Cool Racerback Tanks

I really, really like the Savage Green one. I don't think this will be available tomorrow anymore. The States got the Potion and Angel Swiftly tanks 3 weeks or so  before we got them so this will probably take just as long unfortunately. Or maybe that's a good thing and that way I can save some $$ for a little bit.



I would have never worn this while pregnant. Nothing worse than looking like a tent when your pregnant. But the back would be nice and cool in the summer if your expecting and feeling overheated.


Hip Halter

New top! Haven't seen any other pictures of this yet but so far so cute. the back strap probably wouldn't work for me...not now at least but I love the front of it.


Knotty Tank Layered with Coal

I love this color combination. I think the tank can be really great for layering as you get the peak in the back and the low front too. I wonder if there is a coal Flow Y bra out there because I can't seem to layer two tanks together without getting heat stroke. I do love the coal and angel blue combo though so I may end up getting this tank. It doesn't seem to look huge in this girl which is nice.

New Racerback Tank SE

This one (top left) has been out in the States this last week but I'm not sure about Canada. I think this is the Savage Green piece that I would get mostly because I like the white mesh detailing around the arms and neck. Hopefully it's not scratchy, but knowing Lulu it probably isn't. The only Savage Green I've gotten so far are the cute socks and I'm the only one that gets to see them because the only part you see above the shoe is a bit of white. Oh well, I know that there there and they look cute. Anyways, I think this special edition tank also comes in Angel blue edging on white and Potion Purple on Purple. The Angel Blue would be quite pretty but I just have so dang much in that and Potion that I need to really cool it.
I bet you this gets released in Vancouver on Monday.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Markdown Alert for Vancouverites.

lululemon athletica Park Royal Major Markdown Madness at lulu Park Royal!!! Come check out all the awesome product we have right now!!!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Lab Product

AHhh, I see. It's a Maxi dress.

I Love it and I wish I was tall enough to wear a Maxi dress, very glad it's coming out in black. Love the idea of a moisture wicking fabric dress in the summer.  And Hello...the playboy mansion? That's crazy town!

"Coming soon to the lab (in black)! The new luxtreme maxi dress (with pockets, built in bra- with removable cups and adjustable straps!) Oli will be sporting this special yellow version to the Kandy Land party at the playboy mansion in 1 week!"

New Lab Product

Not sure exactly what this top/dress is but it's caption is "adjustable straps for everyBODY". Great idea and the dress looks really cute from the back. Perhaps in another color for me as I'm not a fan of the Mac'n'cheese intense type yellows. I wonder if these straps actually work and are comfortable to wear.

Oh, and what a wild tattoo. very beautiful.
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