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Monday, May 31, 2010

Bliss Tank 2 uses in.

I wore my Bliss tank this weekend and I really, really love it. I had one day were I had second thoughts after taking off the tags because the straps were so long that the girls felt a little bit too free. I readjusted the straps to fit shorter and also added in some cups (suggested by someone I think on FB, not too sure who) and it really made such a huge difference. Much more structured top and still perfect for nursing. I didn't find the bottom part too puffy at all for me.

I really miss wearing my favourite silk top by BCBG but I refuse to wear it with drooley little ones as I've had water stains on it before that I was very lucky to get of. So It's nice to have a new top that is pretty like my BCBG one and silky but that I can get it dirty and all it needs is to be thrown into the wash. I was impressed to find out that the silky material on the bottom (tencel) is a version of luon. Looked pretty cute with my Seek the Peek crops and got compliments from the hubby and my sister.

Hooded Sunblocker shirt

I didn't try this one on because I had two little crankies with me but it looks really cute on this girl and seem more forgiving in the waist than the other sunblocker top. Not sure about running with hoods though, not something I would ever pull up. Loved the button up neck part though because I always unzip my pullover  halfway through my run and I wear just my sports bra under it so I get some good draft going to cool me down

Gather Dance Strap Tank

This one had a strange back like the Mynah tank with the middle band and then the twisted straps up by the shoulders. Lulu had a new summer t-shirt dress and some t-shirts that were double layered with the bottom layer twisting away from the top layer off the shoulder. I did not like that one much.


Run: with it Jacket and new twist dress and t-shirts

I really liked this jacket as street wear with my jeans but I'm not sure this is something I would run in because hoods bother me when running. plus, if it's rainy bare skin is much better than any fabric unless it's cold in which case I would wear a long sleeved jacket. I haven't ruled this one out yet for running, I'm just not in a rush. It is darn cute with jeans though.

New print in the MODERN (not cool) racerback


Today is a shopping day!

I'm off later this morning to my Coquitlam store to see whats new. Keeping my fingers crossed for some Lux hoodies, swift fabric pants (maybe Ill try on the white Seek the Peek crops), running pants and I want  to  try on the new sunblocker hooded pullover that Cheryl had mentioned on FB. I do need a tata tamer eventually but a bra is such a boring purchase that I may hold off and buy more frivolous things today.

I've got a two year old high impact sports bra from lulu (bounce breaker) that is starting to come apart at the seems but it still works to keep these lactating girls plastered to my chest. Just a side note on lactating and sports bras, Dr. Jack Newman recommends not using high impact/high support sports bras if your prone to plugged ducts or mastitis and instead use a medium support bra but I don't like the feeling of them bouncing around as 90% of the time I'm a bit engorged so I use a high support one and make sure to put it on right before the run and take it off right away after.

Today was supposed to be a running day with hills training and not a shopping day but I have a really nasty blister on my pinkie toe from yesterdays run that I think I should lay off. I always feel guilty taking a day off running even though I know your days off are when you make your gains from your last run. Oh well, tomorrows run will be better, faster and farther.

Hopefully Ill get some pictures of today's shopping trip and there will be lots of new goodies for June.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Check out those Harem pants


Your Personal Lulu Shopper

How great! A Facebook group offering Lululemon personal shopping services and shipping. If you use her services please tip her so that she will continue this awesome service and also get to buy herself some nice lulu items once in a while. This is Nancy's description of her group:

I live in beautiful Vancouver, Canada where I have access to 4 lulu stores, the lulu factory outlet & the lulu lab. Send me your requests & I will do the shopping for you. Please keep in mind that we have 12% sales tax here.

Payment by Paypal is preferred. The only thing I ask is that you do not use your credit card as Paypal will deduct 2% as they consider me the merchant. There's no problem if you have a balance in your paypal acct, send the money to me as a gift or if you do a direct debit from your bank account.

The outlet & the lab have their own FB pages - I suggest you look at them in order to see what they carry.

It's around $2 for a bubble mailer (this holds up to 2 items). Canada Post is not as cheap as the US Post, unfortunately.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Give them a chance for some of the riskier designs

Lululemon has some really great fashion ideas that I hadn't given much of a chance before because things just look really different on a hanger than they do on. It's so easy to go strait for the basics or fall back on the trusted technical fabrics for working out in. I know the technical stuff performs, I use it all for high impact sports and I love it. But I must say I really love how Lulu is experimenting with different cuts and more fashion forward trends even though it may mean these items end up in loot or have customer reviews such as  "blech, or that's just weird".

Lulu can make all of their money on technical fabrics and a few design styles for tops and bottoms alone if they choose to because lets face it, anyone can wholesale purchase technical fabrics and create basic designs that work really well for people and then mass produce them in various colors and patterns. Groove pants, Power y, Remix and Remix lux. Why bother with something different that may not make everyone happy when you have a formula that works?

So the Harem pants may not be for me at all but I really admire the fact that they took an idea that is from Vogue Magazine and translated it into easy street wear when it's not yet in the mainstream here in North America. That takes guts. And the idea to have a Lululab where artists are working in the midst of customers traffic looking for accessories and they can design and make whatever crosses their minds is pretty cool too. I have a fine arts background and really admire what is going on with this company. Do you think they rake in oodles of cash at the lab? That is prime Vancouver realestate after all. So although I may not buy the harem pants Lulu designers, I may consider buying the Move Me Crop and slowly try it out as a Harem pant. That I guess is the end result of an idea produced at the lab and tweeked until it works for the main stores.

The outlet was well stocked today!!!

So I didn't get anything for myself today because I'm waiting for whats new on Monday in the regular stores but they had plenty of compression socks for those of you that were interested from my previous blog post on them. Also they had a huge selection of Devi pants and crops (white, black and fuchsia) and if I don't get anything on Monday at Coquitlam or Metrotown I'm going back for those black Devi pants. Very similar to my Seek the Peek pant (which I like better than the Devi but only by a little bit) because I love the fabric and I find them very flattering.  Leader of the track pants too which I didn't really spend much time on.

They had very cute Ivivva clothes that I wish came in my size or at least my daughters sizes, the revers able tube top dress/skirt in lagoon/chirp, fuchsia and black/white, Cheer gear, mesh headbands, a few nice bags great deal on undies as usual and a good selection of running pants. Bras were a very poor selection this time and I didn't even see anything in my size.

They had a really great deal on the Principal jacket (all colors and sizes available) and the Purity Jacket. Buy two for $65 or one for $39.

My nephew escaped from my sisters hands and ran into the back stock room exposing a huge inventory of not yet opened boxes so maybe a worth while trip on Monday
lululemon athletica, LULU-2072 Devi Crop, shop.lululemon.comlululemon athletica, LULU-2069 Principle Jacket, shop.lululemon.comLULU-2154 Purity Jacket,


Off To The Outlet Today

So Today I'm off to lunch with my sister and our gaggle of kids aged 3 months to 4 years old, eek. Cactus Club look out. From Cactus were going to the Burnaby Lulu outlet/warehouse store to see what they have. I'm on a mission for compression socks,  the Devi pants and perhaps a Power Y Bra. My sister is on the lookout for workout tops so I'll point her in the direction of the Run: Swiftly Racerback Tanks that they carry there. She's still thankful that I saved her boobage (breastfeeding boobage) with the strong recommendation that she use a sports bra during our Running Room Adventures last summer. So I'll post later today what I spotted there and hopefully provide some pictures.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Raddest 2 Lulu Hoodies Ever

The Free2Be is the most flattering style with the line/pocket details in the body and the very large off the shoulder hood that draws your attention up and to your face and neck. It looks best fitted so if you use two lululemon sizes I would go to your lower size. Fits nicely on the waist and when you layer it with a long t-shirt or tank it looks really cute. I got the black one a while back because I like layering it with all colors and it's been really versatile. Not a shleppy sweatshirt at all. Made of French Terry so it's a lighter weight cotton you can wear in spring/summer.
Free To Be Jacket
The Remix Lux is the same shape as the heavy Remix except it's very much thinner and cooler for summer use. It's made of Modal and lycra which makes it feel really silky almost slippery (not shinny though) and the inside is an almost  velour like version of Modal. The fit is pretty strait from hip to underarm and if you want a fitted look go a size down. Because of the type of material it is you don't have to worry about it clinging to luv handles or anything like that, just that it fits in the arms and torso. The Lux is much coveted and hard to find but Lululemon seems to have been putting a few out the last two Wednesdays and they go super fast. Either they're coming out with new ones or they're going to keep releasing old styles on the website.
LULU-1332 Remix Hoodie Lux,

Lulu Porn

Ordered the bag yesterday and it arrived today. The Remix Lux fits just like the Remix only it's thin, sits just at the hips and fitted through the body. I sized down and I'm glad I did because I like a more fitted hoodie to go with jeans. Love the pattern and yellow on this hoodie. Also the inside is really silky, it's a thin yet dense fabric so it really moderates body temperature.


Cool Sporting Event memories

I kinda miss the Cool Sporting Event. Every time I see my red lulu hoodie and red Eh! pima t-shirt I remember the energy and excitement I felt during that time. Not just because of the sporting event but because I was very pregnant at the time and awaiting my c-section and little girl smack dab in the middle of the olympics and smack dab in the middle of downtown Vancouver. Yes, I delivered at St. Pauls hospital during that maddness. I almost named my daughter Maelle. On the day of delivery I walked in to the hospital wearing this red hoodie and red Eh! t-shirt and felt so proud to be having a little olympic baby. Not like there was much planning involved in that event ; )
The previous week I had three visits to the hospital so that the Dr.'s could determine the plan of delivering my darling little breech baby that just wouldn't turn around. I fought olympic traffic, getting stuck in the torch relay road closure and watching it run right past me, getting stuck in a flash mob of protesters wearing all black and looking very menacing and all of the locals and tourists wearing (mostly Canada red) all of their countries colors, the hike to the torch and having to find a washroom every 2 blocks.
After we were discharged home we were dealing with a very Jaundiced baby and had a phone call in to the hospital during the Canada/US Hockey game. Just before the Dr. gave us the results she said "hang on for a second" and we heard insanely loud cheering in the background at the hospital and the foreground here at home and down our street as we sunk the winning goal, and then, "oh yah, baby's results are great, no worries". So we had a little golden baby during our big golden moment.  So glad I ran all over town looking for the red hoodie that would just fit but wouldn't zip up over my belly. Everyone thought I was so crazy to buy one while I was pregnant and couldn't really wear it...but I did wear it and now it's the perfect fit for a cozy hoodie.

Fit Review of Dance Studio Pant -Courtesy of Anju

lulumum to a 2 and a half year old baby girl!
Height: 5"3
Weight: hmmm, don't really want to know
Body type: athletic
Lululemon Pant Size: 4-6

I live a kajillion miles away from a lululemon store so before I buy something, I have to read reviews from every angle to be sure of the size I'm getting. Not only is the international shipping pricey, the extra duties and taxes that I pay when my package comes in sometimes costs as much as getting another pair of crops! So, returning items is really not an option because after paying all the extra charges, I'm not willing to fork over more money to exchange or return an item.

I am usually a 6 in all lululemon pants and I can get away with a size 4 for some styles (most of the crop styles or if it's a really baggy fit, like the Devi Pants or the Be Still pants). I wasn't blessed with the long legs both my sisters have and I am not a naturally thin person (I need to work really hard to maintain my size). Although I am not very big, my thighs have always been on the more muscular side and have always been my biggest area of concern.

I was very curious about the Dance Studio Pants because of all the reviews I read about how flattering it was and how comfy. It just took me forever to decide because I wasn't sure whether to size down or stick to a 6. I finally took the plunge and bought the 4.

I am really quite happy with this decision, the pants are as comfortable as everyone says and they are surprisingly slimming... I am not sure if it's the drapes or the fabric - but whatever it is, I love it! I had to have 2" hemmed off because they are quite long (luckily, they were able to reattach the drawstring at the cuff for me so I can still tie them up if I want to wear them as crops), but these pants really fit like a dream, I love that they don't hug my legs and how light the fabric is. I bought these primarily for casual wear, pants that I could just grab without thinking and they really are pants that you can put on and know that you'll be comfy all day and would look nice. I think I will even use them when I play golf!

Worth the money (and all the extra charges for international shippers) Everyone should have a pair!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Real Harem Pants with cute Jelly shoes (lulu lab FB picture)


Move Me Crop as Harem Pant

The new Move Me Pant looks like it can be worn as a less extreme Harem style pant for those of us afraid to commit to the style on the lab page. Although Harem pants just as wacky as the Lab page have been huge in Spain for the past 2 years, so...why not if you like them.


Love the free shipping

I love the free shipping you get on With free shipping you would normally expect that it would take a really long time to get to you but my order last week came to me the very next day. Makes it pretty compelling to shop online.

On the fence about getting this

Going on vacation in July so I could use this but can't I just use my suite case? By the time I decide it will be gone I'm sure. Probably ok.

I don't love this one.

Don't like the colors and don't like the screen print on it. Looks like something you would pick up at Roxy.

Upload Thursday

Cute..but do I need it?
lululemon athletica, LULU-1783 Travel Pooch IV,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Look what I just found.

A Remix Lux on the Canada site
LULU-1332 Remix Hoodie Lux, shop.lululemon.comLULU-1332 Remix Hoodie Lux, shop.lululemon.comLULU-1332 Remix Hoodie Lux,

I have a feeling we'll be seeing some new ones tomorrow.

This is how you dress it up- Bliss tank and luon

From the Oakridge FB site. I really like how she's dressed up the bliss tank and luon pants. Very Vancouver.

This is my fav run top for cooler weather. And info on hemming at the lab..

I got this jacket (Run: like the wind pullover) back in April and it's had lots of use, more so than my running room jacket actually. I love the buttery soft Luxtreme and all of the sleeve features such as the cuffin and the thumbholes and also the back pocket for cell and id. I've used the cuffin plenty on 5am runs when my fingers felt they were going to fall off, and I've also used it to store my stopwatch. The only issue I had with it is that I sized up one to have it looser around the midsection (because I got the white one) and fit longer in the torso (because I have a super long torso) and so the sleeves were really long on me and bunched up. Last weekend I went to the Lulu Lab for the free one hour hemming and after convincing them to please not remove the cuffin and thumbhole (which is what they normally would do :C ) I got back my jacket with a weird poof pleat over the cuffs. Serves me right for arguing with them. I guess it's because of the taper to the arm and how much fabric was taken off. I still love my jacket but was annoyed that I couldn't just get the sleeve fixed from either the top at the shoulder or a better fix at the wrist...but I really need those features now that they've spoiled me with them.

Best running music for speed training

I had a really great speed training run last night which started as a "I really don't feel like running today" run. The magic motivator aside from looking good in my lulu's was Sergio Mendes on my iTouch. I think the best song was "that heat" with Will i am. Reminded me of summer and I was imagining running along a beach in Rio with hunky soccer players in the background and mohitos awaiting me as a reward. Today will be a down to business run outside with no music.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Seek The Peek Jacket in Angel Blue


Hiked most of the way up, and all the way down. And not a great picture.


Seek The Peek Crops. I LOVE!

So I decided to try on the seek the peak crops never expecting to like them or have them work for me and I am in LOVE love love with them. I don't even know where to start they are so great. Super comfy, very light and thin, casually dressy and sporty at the same time. Where would you ever wear these you ask? well I would wear them traveling/backpacking, camping, road trips, dog walking, mall walking, outdoor parties, the list goes on. I love the little frilly cuff at the bottom, it makes it a little bit more fashiony so you can wear wedges with them too. or maybe thats just me. Never expected to leave the store today with the seek the peek crop but here I am at home with the tags ripped off right away.
LULU-2273 Seek The Peak Crop,

Monday, May 24, 2010

I wish Lulu could replicate this and give it the lulu style...

I wish Lululemon could make a bag with the features of this diaper bag. Lots of technical elements like:

Antimicrobial inner lining (for dirty diapers/baby stuff or your gym gear)
Light colored inner lining so you can see your stuff easier
Insulated liners for your lunch or beverages
Stroller clips.
Elastic key holder so that you can pull your keys out and open the door without digging around for them

Really Lulu, you could make this so it appeals to parents or gym goers or a combination of both.

I would love this in the foxy potion purple print thank you very much. feel free to send me a prototype to test out for you :D


New Lulu stuff today...

This is the new white Seek The Peek jacket from my local store. I took this picture off the Coquitlam Centre facebook page (Not sure if thats kosher...i'll have to wait and see if I get any comments from them). I saw an older woman try this one on along with the crops in coal and it looked really cute actually. She also tried on the black and white checked one which I preferred. Ill have to try the crops on myself one of these days because I think I got the wrong impression of them at first. They totally look to me the type of summer pant you can dress up a bit for a semi casual bbq or camping. Who wants to wear jeans in summer anyways.
By the way, does this lulu educator not have the killerist legs on earth??? she has the exact legs I strive for. Nice gams!

Nothing much new at the store today.  I was hoping to see the potion purple Run swiftly tank but it was not in yet. On another note, I tried on the Flow y bra and it actually works for breastfeeding. At least it does for me (36C), but they didn't have the white one in stock so this is on my wish list for another visit.

Compression socks, not just for runners

Years ago I was prescribed compression stockings for varicose veins in my legs. They weren't big veins or very noticeable to someone not specifically looking for them but I knew they were there and they bothered me. I never did use the stockings because, well, they were ugly and expensive ($100++). Now Lululemon carries compression socks for runners to support muscle recovery and leg drainage of lactic acid buildup. Here is what I love about my lulu compression socks:

1. Cheap! $25 and they work just as well for varicose veins as the prescription ones. very tight fitting yet comfy. I had noticeable difference after one use.
2. relieves achy legs after a run  in about 20 minutes for me. Also great when you get puffy, achy legs during PMS.
3. great for leg and foot swelling in pregnancy
4. They look much cuter than the pharmacy brand ones.
LULU-1887 W Ultimate Compression,


New Lulu stuff today

Going on a trip to Lulu today to see whats more about it this afternoon

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fresh Manifesto V Burnout fit review

lululemon athletica, LULU-2260 Fresh Manifesto V Neck Burnout,
Tried this top on yesterday because I love 3/4 sleeves and although I love it on the skinny gals the fit was kinda weird on me (I'm a 10 and I needed the 12 in this but it was still not perfect). Very snug in the arms and yet looser in the body. Oops, the burn out image was also ripped under the arm on the one in my size which goes to show how snug it is for most. The V neck was pretty low too but with a racerback tank under it, it looked cute. This one is a maybe for me. I may revisit after a few more weeks of working out and getting thinner if it's still available.

Shoes that work with Lulu pants.

I saw a girl wearing lulu crops with these shoes and thought they looked pretty cute. Low and behold they are Crocs which I used to hate. Pretty cute for sensible shoes. No stink even without socks and you can wear them rain or shine. It's an alternative to flip flops or runners. Hey and when you get preschool paint splattered all over them you can just wash them clean...unlike my Wear With All hoodie which now has a red spot on a pretty Lagoon background.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Running with cell phone and other running technicalities.

I've recently gotten back into running (using all lulu gear of course save for my runners and running room jacket), and carrying my cell phone with me has been an issue as I run in trails and whenever I can fit it in with my two small children (2 and 3 months) and I like to keep as safe as possible. My issue is I don't like carrying extra gear (fuel belt) or layers if I don't have to. On hot days when I'm wearing a tank and running crops I have nowhere to stash my big clunky Blackberry. Last week I purchased the running bonnet in white with a pocket just perfect for the blackberry, keys and id. Women runners, always always carry ID and your cell!!! Yesterday was my test run in that foul Vancouver wind storm we had and it worked perfectly. My worry was that the phone would be too big to carry in that pocket and the hat would fly off (I have a narrow head) or I would get torticulis from the lopsided hat. Well, the hat fit perfectly and was not at all uncomfortable for this very fickle runner. Despite the wind it did not blow off once nor did it need to be readjusted. All in all I had an excellent run.

Today I purchased a few bliss tanks at lululemon as I find them to be perfect breastfeeding friendly attire. Plus it is in fact a good tummy disguiser. Anything that is moisture wicking also seems to be breast milk, spit-up and drool wicking which is great. If your looking for a breastfeeding friendly bra to wear, the Layer me bra works perfect. easy access without clips and moisture wicking. Fantastic!

For those little love bumps you sometimes get with tighter fitting lulu pants, the astro pants seems to have this issue figured out with a smoother look. If you use these for high impact sports beware. I find with running I have to keep hiking them back up.
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