Monday, August 29, 2016

Fit Review: Spray Jacquard Outrun Tight, Define Jacket, Cool Racerback II, Maze Jacquard Wunder Under Crops

Sorry about the blurry photos today. It was partially the prints, and partially my iPhone having some weird glitch. 

I typically size up to a 12 in the Define Jacket and I remembered this last week after I ordered the size 10 Mauve Define. Luckily I was able to exchange the 10 for a 12 in another local store that is carrying the Mauve items (my store isn't!). The Spray Jacquard definitely feels looser and stretchier but it's also a knit material so warmer and with a different type of fabric drape. I don't care for this print at all. I find it very widening and if you are broader this will really accentuate it, especially in pants. 

This print was ok in a Cool Racerback but it just looks like a fur pelt to me. It's a knit material just like the Define. I'm not gravitating to it. 

This Love Tee Crew is the answer to those of you that haven't liked the deep plunging v of the regular Love Tee or just prefer a crew neck. I was surprised at how relaxed in fit this 10 was. I'm not sure what color this is but the code is 'HCHL'. I believe there was also a heathered navy and heathered black. I could be tempted in this tee in a unique color but for $64 I'm just not feeling tempted. I also prefer a v neck to a crew neck. 

These where a nice thick knit material with the print woven throughout as you can see in the below picture of the reverse side. It's a nice print but it's also visually widening, especially if you are broad, and it's very busy. I liked this print a lot more than Spray Jacquard but I see myself getting tired of this pretty quickly especially since it's so busy. I like a neutral print like herringbone where it is subdued and more quiet but this one is very loud for a neutral print. 

I hate these so much. I wanted to burn them. That circle seam detail over the thighs paired with the widening Spray Jacquard and black mesh paneling was just horrible. If you are long and lean this will look much less horrible on you but I just don't like this fur pelt print. Winter is coming.  It's very, very contrasted and very loud. I very much appreciate a black/white neutral print like herringbone or coco pique but I'm not loving these optical textured prints. I'm glad I was able to enjoy Mauve last upload and I'm sad I didn't order the Mauve Wuder Under Crops before they sold out.

Sneak Peek: Australia Upload

Outrun Tight/Spray Jacquard, and a sneak peek of a new vest that looks very Nike.