Friday, August 26, 2016

Intel + Black Grape Split Hoodie

The Split Hoodie was uploaded in gorgeous Black Grape at some point over night. Speaking of gorgeous color, I have some verified intel for you. Due to the awesome comment participation in this blog with all of the honest feedback you guys provide daily, a lead designer at lululemon has contacted me for further discussion on what we've been upset about. The subdued neutral colors we've seen over the past several uploads. I've reiterated that although neutrals are appreciated, we really miss seeing vibrant colors and patterns. When they where doing colors we where seeing repeats of Grapefruit, Very Light Flare, Flash, all extremely similar colors out all at once. I've been reassured that in future months, in addition to the neutral prints we will be seeing more variety of color and  'future deliveries will come in a more balanced assortment'. I very much look forward to further discussion with the design team to pass on your feedback and comments. I think it's amazing that they are listening to feedback and reaching out and not just acknowledging it but really considering it. This is also thanks to your very active involvement in the comments section here and your willingness to share your feedback.