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You may remember that back in November I did a review of Deciem after having visited their flagship stores and factory in Toronto. I had experienced the brand before but this was the first time I got to see products up close and in person and purchase a large sampling. Since then I've become rather obsessed and have purchased items repeatedly - in the name of blog research of course ;). I'm not affiliated with the brand in any way and haven't been able to even squeeze a few free samples from them so this post is purely written as an obsessed shopper. For those of you mindful of your skincare, Deciem is cruelty free and all the products are made in their factory in Toronto. 

I love that the price point is so low you can sample many different types of products for the price of one conventional product, even cheaper than one drug store product actually. The shipping is great since it's free on orders of $25 or more, but I'm even more excited to see that has started carrying a few Deciem products. I was going to re-order my Sanskrit Saponins Cleanser from Sephora to take advantage of the beauty rewards and samples but unfortunately they where out of stock on Friday, so I went ahead and ordered off the Deciem site. 

Sanskrit Saponins Cleanser (the spent up tube at the bottom) is probably the most expensive item from Deciem that I own at $29, and it comes from their more complex (and expensive) line called Niod. I love this cleanser so hard. It is weird to use because you MUST keep it out of your eyes. If you don't it will burn for hours and you will look like you've been awake for 72 hours straight. It's a simple soap nut cleanser but it really strips the dirt and oil out of your skin so your pores disappear after a week of using it. You will not have any need for a clarisonic with this deep pore cleanser. Beware that this really does strip your skin of natural oils, but it's rebalancing. A few minutes after you've cleansed, your skin will start reproducing fresh, and clean sebum. It has not actually 'dried' out my skin at all which I tend to, irritated it or created excess oil production. You can use this as a cleanser (wiping it off with a wet cloth after washing your face) or you can leave it on like a mask and then wipe it off. This is definitely a repurchase product for me. From the Niod line I've also been wanting to buy the Copper Amino Isolate, but it's $60 and I'm having fun with the Ordinary Line which is much cheaper.

Another item I've loved is the Lactic Acid 10% $6.70. I use this on my face as well as on my arms to deal with Keratosis Pilaris. It's made a huge impact on my KP and has really smoothed my skin. It's gentle enough to use on my face without irritating my very sensitive rosacea skin. I've purchased two more of these since I use it on my body as well as my face and run through it quicker. I've since switched to the PRO Retinol Body Oil $20 for my KP and alternate it and I also really recommend that because it's smoothed out my dry rough skin and makes my skin really soft. Both are great, the body oil is a bit better because it moisturizes at the same time that it exfoliates.

I've been using the Advanced Retinoid 2% $9.80 and it's really changed the surface of my skin. I find this is the best at preventative anti aging, and if you have sensitive skin like me you should use this one over the Retinol 1% $6.70. I purchased the Retinol 1% recently because it's a more 'potent' form of vitamin A, but with just one use I had a very severe reaction. The reaction cleared up over night but my skin was extremely sore yesterday. Advanced retinoid gave me no reaction at all, and all the benefit of vitamin a. Retinoid takes a bit longer to see the benefits that you see with retinol but to me it's more worth having calm happy skin and getting results a little later.

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% $5.90 is another great one and if you have acne or sensitive reactive skin this is a great item to use along with your acne treatment. It's got really great skin healing properties, balances sebum production and reduces inflammation. If you want to matify your skin, zinc is great.

Other honourable mentions are the anti aging items like 'Buffet' $14.80 (chocked full of a variety of peptides, and Matryxl 10% $11.50 - both really plump up the skin and smooth out lines. I don't use these that often but I do like to use them if I'm going out somewhere fancy. I'm more into the age prevention products than the age correcting products.

I've also tried and so far love the High Spreadibility Fluid Primer $7.90 for wearing below my foundation. It's a high quality silicone primer that fills in lines and dryness and skin texture and allows you to spread your makeup quickly and evenly. I really like the way my makeup looks with this, especially my under eye area. The only negative I've seen is if you use slightly too much you do get a bit of makeup transfer (onto my phone to be specific) and it takes a bit longer to set. There is a second makeup primer meant for oily skin called High Adherence Silicone Primer - this one matifies and blurs pores.

Most of these products I've used are serum based and very easily layered together. The consistency is nice and light and feels slightly thicker than water and they absorb pretty quickly. They have information on their website on how to create a regime with these products and what order you should wear them. They pretty much all play nicely together except for Vitamin C and Niacinamide, in which case you either alternate days or do one at night and one in the morning. There are also oil products like Rose Hip Oil, Argan and Marula oil and those you would layer after your serums.

If you guys have any questions about any of the products here, or anything on their website you are curious about, let me know. I'm happy to discuss products in greater detail in the comments, but I wanted to share my skincare obsession with you in this post and give you a bit of a four month update since my November purchase.

This picture cracks me up. How's this for a beauty guru photo? 

I would normally really like this Daisy Dust print but we've just seen so many variations of this speckled print over the past five months which have all ended up on WMTM that I just can't get excited over it.


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