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by lulumum

Hey guys! I'm placing an order for Lorna Jane Tranquility Core 7/8 Tights since I need color in my life for spring, and these are speaking to me big time. I'm able to order these and distribute to my readers as well (I'm an authorized distributer) so if any of you would like to order a pair through me, let me know. Shipping within Canada and the US will be $16 instead of the $75AUD off the Lorna Jane AUD site, and if you are an American reader interested in ordering you can take advantage of our weak Canadian dollar - I think your savings would be almost 30% cheaper. 

Tranquility Core 7/8 Tight $98.99 CAD

Tranquility Core Tight $107.98 CAD

I ordered the Hot Like Agni Crop to try out since I love the embossed print on it. I'm also liking the Back To It Crew in Astro Blue which I tried on earlier today but I can't justify I sweatshirt at the moment. I wish the Astro Blue Crew was as dark in person as it is online, in person it's definitely a paler version of the color you see online. 

Did you order anything today? Have any of you tried the Hot Like Agni pieces in store today and want to let us know your thoughts?

This looks much darker online than it does in store. I do like it though.


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I'm a little bit heart broken about the Hot Like Agni Tights since I really liked them on (minus the giant patch of bare leg in the back) but they needed to be petite sizing for the leg detailing to look nice on me. The prettiest detailing on these pants are the light amount of mesh on the front of the shin and the dark cuff, but that completely gets lost in excess fabric when you are a short 5'4" like me. 

Here you can see the cute detailing. 

I don't even mind so much the side mesh but the rear mesh is way too exposed for me. The amount of  mesh in the back along with the excess material bunching at my lower leg looked really silly. 

You can see how much excess there is here that I had to rearrange in order to get a smooth look on the back of the leg. 

The crew neck is really nice and soft. If you are on the look out for a simple pullover, this one is great. I really liked it in this color. 

This bra has virtually no support in it at all, which makes it very comfortable and soft to wear but without any support, if you are larger than a perky C cup you are going to get sagging and a lot of movement. I don't know why they didn't use the more supportive reinforced band like the Energy Bras have - this bra certainly has enough coverage in the front for a larger bust, it's just really lacking in any structure or support. I did love the colors and the embossed print so if there is a tank in this material I would definitely consider it. 

These photos are thanks to Ms. K from her store.


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