Friday, July 31, 2015

Sneak Peek: What We Love 'Fall Soft Launch'

Yay! Fall pieces! Monday is the BC Day long weekend so because of that this WWL edition is a bit delayed and sparse. Katelin mentions she will add a few items to this list on Tuesday if she can. 

Yay for Cranberry! I love this In Flux Jacket in Cranberry. I wonder how it compares to Bumble Berry. I have the Bumble Berry Dance Studio Jacket so this one cannot go on my list.

Butterflies are big for Lululemon this year. Liking this Biggie So Fly Butterfly Pizzaz Multi print. I like this print in the blues but not loving that pop of orange. 

OMG, Heathered Cranberry. This is on my *neeeeeed it* list. 

Another version of the Biggie So Fly Butterfly. I think I like it in this Fatigue version better. 

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