Thursday, September 29, 2016

More Information On Ebates, And The Latest Lululemon Items

Sorry to spam you with the Ebates but since learning that Lululemon is now on ebates I've had more incentive to learn the ins and outs of how to use it, and I've had tons of questions about what it actually is. I had no idea that it is so easy to get a commission back on your own purchases. Ebates is essentially a commission based website that retailers participate in, and they give you a percentage back on your purchases much the same way bloggers can earn commission by using affiliate links. This is affiliate linking for blog readers and followers, not just blog authors. 

 I really kick myself for not using it during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The idea of having to first go to the ebates website to find out if the retailer you are shopping at is listed, and then to go through that website to get to your retailer in order to get your discount was a bit of a drag and very easy to forget about. Last night I noticed that you can get a plug in button for your browser (safari and chrome) and so when you go to a website that has Ebates discounts, you automatically get a pop-up reminding you, and you just click on it to activate your discount. For now, Lululemon Ebates seem to only be available on the US version of the site, but I think Canadians can still use US Ebates and just shop on the Lululemon Canada site. There are other awesome retailers that take part in this so it's worth your while even without Lululemon. Bandier is on it, and Nike, Athleta, Sweaty Betty offers 10% cash back!) You can even get ebates back on all your eBay lululemon resale purchases!!

Here is a referral button if you haven't signed up yet. If you sign up through me I get a small  bonus. You can then invite your friends to join and you would also get a bonus.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

This is what the Ebates button looks like on my browser. The E on the left. You can either click on it to get a mini drop down site, or it just shows and exclamation point when you have a discount available on a site you are browsing. To get the plug in you go to the ebates website and scroll to the very bottom of the page where there is a menu of items. It's under 'Ebates apps and tools'.

Here is my pop up I get when I went to and It gives me the option to activate the discount without leaving the site.