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by lulumum

Today's class was Clean and Jerks. We did a lot of technical work on Tuesday on the jerk part of the lift which is technically more difficult, so today was mostly power clean and jerk, and not too heavy. Power means that you are not catching the bar in a deeper full squat but you are catching it higher and landing in 'power position'. I find the power cleans easier than cleans. We usually alternate power clean and jerk, clean and jerk but for some reason today we only did power.  Power cleans are easier to me because I find getting down into a deep squat and catching the bar lower takes a lot of warmup and mental preparedness, and catching the bar in power position usually means it's lighter therefore you can catch it higher. I was the only girl in class today out of five of us so it wasn't as socially exciting, but I enjoyed it anyways and got to work through a few of my issues with my lifts. 

I really hate having my camera out for class so I do it discreetly, and I also try to only do it for a few moments so that it's not a distraction for me and for others. The footage you see is not going to be my best or favourite lift of the day because of it but you will get a little peek at what an oly lifting class is like and it will give my post a little bit of interesting content (I hope!).
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Snatch Day! This was last Saturday doing a light day of snatch drills. I think the highest I ever got this day was 20% away from max. I do olympic weightlifting twice a week and the lifts rotate. One week is Clean and Jerks for Tuesdays and Saturdays, then the following week is Snatch for Tuesdays and Saturdays.

The way the class is split up is we spend about 10-15 minutes doing warmup depending on what the lift is. We do agility ladder drills, back extensions, broad jumps, duck tag, and then a complex like a push press + sotts press + snatch jump + unweighted vertical jumps. Then we do the lifts working up to about 20% of your max, and at the end of that we try for max effort or PR's. If we have time we will sometimes do a lot of sit ups or planks.

This class was a lot of fun because a lot of my friends where here and it was a girl filled class. We even had a guest lifter from another prestigious olympic gym and her lifts where incredible to watch, and HEAVY. We all tried to emulate her 'head thru' and perfectly tempoed first and second position. 
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My WMTM order just arrived and I'm really pleased to say that the Heathered Dark Cobalt Cool Racerback Tank I got is really nice! I wasn't sure what to expect since this was a never before seen color, and I suspect many of these Cool Racerback where whipped together for markdown. This particular color has only ever been seen in the men's line. The material blend is 48% Nylon 44% Polyester so it's not an incredibly soft CRB, but it's thick and camouflages lumps and bumps, and the color is nicely saturated. It's definitely not one of the silky slinky heathered CRB's.


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