Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lululemon Ebay Purchases

My husband and I had a funny conversation the other day that resulted in my returning the First Mile Jacket. It started with me getting his opinion between two sizes, at which point he offered the irrelevant opinion that he didn't like the jacket. Whatever, boys don't understand. He didn't like it because it was military green and bulky. Several hours later, he sent me a text message (from another room in the house), which read 'was that jacket really $277?????!!'. He wasn't getting mad at me for spending that amount because I cover my miscellaneous spending, he was just judging me hard that I would spend that amount on that particular jacket. I ended up returning the jacket somewhat begrudgingly, in hopes that I would be able to snag one marked down.  This weekend I started shopping around on eBay looking for similar wintery items and I found two things for steals and it made me remember the great items Lululemon has put out in the past. Both items combined came in way under the total of the First Mile Jacket, so yay to that!

I tried this on years ago but it was so warm and thick because of the sherpa fleece that I didn't see myself ever wearing it. My kids where really little at that time and I didn't foresee the awfulness of soccer through the winter. Now, I need warm thick things. This is the perfect sweater to layer over a tee shirt and under a jacket. 

Run Inspire Pullover
I used to own this pullover and in a moment of weakness I sold it, and really regretted it ever since. That's 4 years of regret! Every so often I scour eBay for it but it always pops up in the wrong size. The other day I found it in my size, and someone local to me was selling it! It arrived two days ago and I am so happy. Reunited!