Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fit Review: Wunder Under Crop III Space Dye Twist Cosmic Teal Multi

While I'm at soccer watching my kids I thought I'd give you a quick impressions of the Space Dye Twist Cosmic Teal WUC's. I got to try them on 10 minutes before having to rush out the door again so good thing I snapped a pick. Sorry again for the formatting of this post - it's going up on an iPhone app.

The stripes line up perfectly front and back!! I got these in my size down (I'm dedicated dieting right now) and fully expected them to be too snug to wear right now and I was going to put them away for when they do fit. Actually, they are quite stretchy. I can see the tag a bit in a deep squat but I'm sure in my tts they'd be fully opaque. I'm not suggesting these are a size down at all because the 10's are still ideal for me, but these are a good stretchy fit and not overly compressive. 

I wish Canada had gotten the high rise because I definitely prefer that to these regular waist WU's. I'm going to hang on to these in hopes that we get the high rise but if not, I love the color and print and definitely want to keep these.

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