Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Latest: Cranberry Bhakti Yogi Jacket, Cranberry Circadian SS Tee, Space Dye Twist Power Y, Zone Tight, Align Pant, Tight Stuff Pant, All The Right Places Crop

Cranberry Bhakti Yogi Jacket, Zone In Tight

 New Space Dye Twist Power Y

Circadian SS Tee in Cranberry, Align Pant

Tight Stuff Tight

All The Right Places Crop

Upload is up!!

Wow! Thanks to an awesome reader who tipped me off that the upload was up early! Thank you!! My upload email alert went out to subscribers at 12:44pm PST.

The US upload seems pretty bare. I wonder if because the upload was so early if there may be more coming later throughout the day. I'll keep checking.

That was a bit of a circus upload for me. I'm on day 1 of Whole 30 and feeling quite agitated and flustered without my regular coffee routine and a massive carb/sugar withdrawal headache so when the upload suddenly popped up while I was trying to cook lunch for my kids and get myself a paleo lunch after rushing to the store to try on the new NULU pants and throwing together a fit review post.... I had a moment. I wont say I cried but I almost did. Thank you lululemon for making me #choosefeeling. Anyways, I got the email alert up first, did my thing, then came back to the upload to post about it. 

I ordered the Wunder Under Crop High Rise in a size down (as motivation to keep up with W30) in the Sapphire Blue which I'm still swooning over. I then decided to try out the All The Right Places Crops in Cranberry since I didn't see those in store. They fit the bill of being a great solid color with no contrast waistband and if they are totally opaque I may just keep them. I'm back at my 6am Crossfit routine so I need all the motivation I can get.

I was tempted by the Mini Camp 'Lumberjack' Scuba, the Heathered Ultra Violet High Times Pant, The Sweaty Or Not Kit (why am I tempted by it?) and the Herringbone Vinyasa. 

Scuba Hoodie III (CAN/US)
I adore this color in the Scuba Hoodie III. It's not super saturated but it's gorgeous anyways.
Regal Plum for the US

Scuba Hoodie II (CAN)

Define Jacket (CAN)
You will have to cherry pick for the lines to lineup in the front

Wunder Under Crop High Rise 
I got these!! I love em'!

Ebb To Street Pant (US)

High Times Pant (CAN/US)

Vinyasa Scarf Herringbone (CAN)

Tight Stuff Reflective (CAN/US)

All The Right Places Pant (CAN/US)

All The Right Places Crop (CAN/US)
I'm tempted by these since they are all solid Cranberry. Ok I ordered them. 
US got Bordeaux

Zone In Crop (CAN/US)
Stay TTS in these!

Align Pant (CAN/US)

Sweaty Or Not Kit

Definitely Raining Jacket (CAN)

Power Y (CAN)

US got this gorgeous Power Y

Cool Racerbacks (CAN)

OM On Hoodie (CAN/US)

Bhakti Yogi Jacket (CAN/US)

Ta Ta Tamer III US

Twist Bra Long Line (CAN)

Free To Be Wild Bra (CAN)

Fit Review: Nulu Fabric, Align Pant, Zone In Crop, Tight Stuff Tight *Reflective, All The Right Places Pant

*Note on pricing I forgot to mention that all of these new pants come with significant price increase. I really don't feel that any of them are worth that increase except maybe the Align pant with a slight increase to accommodate the double fabric. The Tight Stuff probably can get away with the steep price since it is a new 'compressive' material that lululemon doesn't already have a bench mark price for. I suppose the Tight Stuff pricing is in line with other brands that specialize in compressive clothing. 

Align Pant - Nulu Fabric
The Align Pant where a pleasant surprise. They are very soft, opaque, thin and cool to the touch. I couldn't quite place what was going on with the fabric but I'd describe it as feeling sort of like a thin RULU material without the warmth or lack of compression. I tried these on in my size down which I can sometimes take in crops (my run crops and my roll down wunder unders) since I am starting the Whole 30 diet today and don't want new pants to be too big in 30 days. I was impressed that they were opaque in my size down and quite comfortable.

Looking at the fabric tag I can see that it's got a lot going on with the material. It's actually lined with a different material called coolmax (the jersey material lining many run jackets). The outer material is 81% Nylon 19% Lycra so I'm pretty sure this is a version of RULU (texturized luon). When I tried these on it did not at all feel like two different layers of material but I guess they've somehow fused the two. I'm curious about inner thigh pilling with these.

I will absolutely consider the Align Pant if it comes out in other colors or prints that are enticing. I'm not in the market right now for black leggings so I was able to pass on them but they are very soft and lovely on. 

Zone In Crop - Seamlessly Fabric
I so badly wanted these Zone In Crops due to the gorgeous Sapphire Blue color and the fact that I typically love seamless fabric crops. I'm a TTS 10 but take a size 8 in the In The Flow Crops and other like pants so I grabbed these in size 8 at first and quickly learned that it was a no go for me. I also tried on my size 10 which was an improvement but it didn't solve my issues with these pants.

They are the same knit material as In The Flow pants only tighter and denser knit (which is great for opacity) but  then there are bands of knit in these pants that are strategically placed that are not stretchy at as they are meant to lift your butt and other areas into place. If you are not curvy this is a very good thing as it will provide lift and coverage but the problem with them are that those bands of knit none elastic fabric have to sit just right in the exact right spot.  If they are off, you get pulling down in the crotch area and deformed lumps in your backside. These where so perfect looking from the front but in the back they were atrocious on me and gave me the worst butt I have ever seen. Think of it as an ill fitting bra for your butt. In the size 8's the butt band sat too low and squished everything up. Both the size 8 and 10 required the leg material to be hiked way up and the waist to be hiked up so that the inner thigh area sat right and didn't get pulled down low. When the inner thigh material was too low it felt like the material in the crotch area may rip because there is so little stretch to the material. 

I don't know. I need to try these on again but at first blush they were so disappointing. I really hated how these made my butt look and that made me have the sad feels. and that is not a #choosefeeling I want. 

Here are the pants reversed so you can see the bands of support in the under butt area. If you have a butt that fits within those constraints then yay. If your butt is larger than that area you will get a weird deformed Kardashian butt. Not the good Kardashian, the pregnant Kardashian in camel colored tight pants. 

Tight Stuff Reflective
The Tight Stuff Pants I grabbed in my TTS 10 and they were really nice on. Initially they felt like they where going to be too snug to pull up because the lower leg is so compressive but once they get up above my calves they weren't that hard to pull on and they felt supper comfortable on yet very compressive at the same time. Sort of the way your leg muscles relax when you wear compression stockings. These are Full-On Luxtreme with added lycra in them and I think if you are a serious runner or athlete that likes compression sleeves you will really like these. I would 100% consider these if I was training for a marathon through the fall and winter. They are definitely a snug TTS but I would not size up and I'd definitely not size down. I found them opaque and very smoothing. 

All The Right Places Pant
These were TTS 10 and probably the most standard of lululemon Full-On Luxtreme pants blended with regular luxtreme and 'technical fabric' with a bit of added compression. I really liked the styling of these pants with all the flattering seams and side holster pockets. They nip and tuck you in in all the right places without feeling restrictive.They were opaque and compressive and I'd definitely consider these for Crossfit if I was in need of a basic black everyday workout pant in a plain color with edgy design details. 

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